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Aim for GoosebumpsExplain science behind goosebumps



Be genuine, Be sincere, Be authentic



By understanding the personas and people we want to connect join and influence the conversation going on in your audiences hearts and minds

Identify the emotional drivers you candidates feel and experience; and put them into your stories,helping you connect through the power of personality

humanise and bring emotion into you marketing and your people propositions.... Share genuine, real stories - bring authenticity into your brand be genuine, be sincere, be authentic.

People love what you do and how you make them feel; you benefit from the greatest marketing channel of them all ... Word of mouth

People may forget what you said or did But the wont forget how you made them feel.3



Story of family walked into a restaurant and nobody even noticed them

Candidates are spending up to 2 hours research you as a potential employer

Think about the content marketing journey attribution model

What are they looking for? What questions are on their mind? What objections may they have?

What information are you providing? What and how are you providing it? where? When they want it?

Candidates want to get to know you before the apply how do you help them??

Content will help you tell your story

Its help you create feelings and thoughts towards your brands and its people


How much time do candidates spend researching a job?2-4 HOURS1-2 HOURSOVER 5 HOURS38%18%16%




A Brand is not what YOU say its isits what THEY say it is#TLCon


Stories can help you build you brand and people proposition

Its backed up further as MRI scans show that when we evaluate brands, we primary use emotions and how we feel rather than logic and facts and figures

It not what you think or say it is it is what they say it is

You cant control your brand, you can only influence it

Its what people say about you, when you have left the room

Your employer brand doesnt stop with pass or fail. It isnt just about recruitment.

Its retention, experience and communication from them moment they touch your brand for their life time.

Tell your brand stories through the people, those that reflect those that you want to connect with Let your people tell stories of how it feels to work with you

Makes sure that your telling the stories that resonate to what matters to you audience Helping you to get on their wave length and becoming a contagious and magnetic brand6




How much are people worth to youAverage value of a customerAverage value of a corporate sale / clientHow many people go through your process? How many hires?How many rejections?How many opportunists to piss people off?Ask the audience and play out with delegatesPut the figure in your minds and remember it.




And think about this in your digital experiences. The moment between the moments

ASOS catwalk videos and if you dropout of checkout and they will call you up with a call to actionTesco Opticians people want to try glasses on augmented reality has improved conversion

So what are you Moments between the Moments identify them, where they?

In your world, this would be the candidate experience

But for me this isnt the recruitment process, on boardin - Its the moment they touch your brand

It not when they apply, when they fail its the moment they touch your brand




How many people do you say no to every year?

Such a little word. But can cause a lot of pain

Virgin this little symbol raise expectations.

18% where customers

6% disconnected within month of being rejected gulp.

7.5k customers lost in 2015






Human Centered Journey mapping - how people feel and think

Customer JourneyTouch points in you process visualize or use other examples whats our versionWalk in their shoes

What are they feeling, thinking?How easy was it to do business at that point how effortlessWhat was my memory of that stage of the process

NPS scores have you finger on the pulse

Make it matter, make it meaningful





Explain concept and nuroscience study behind it

Separate areas of the brain lighting up.

Why do you think it was.??11


Coke works really harder through various content and different channels

The coke Christmas lorry

The Diet coke break

You dont ask for a Pepsi and coke its JD and Coke!

Creating moments of positive experiences and forging memories in our minds

Creating subconscious feelings towards how we feel and then think towards its brand (95% of our brains, decisions are done before we even thoughts about it!)

The MRI scans proves that feelings made the people in the second test choose coke not taste first12



Explaining CX mapping

If you think about it most of your candidates start their journey toward you digitally

Hint at Virgin work and empathy mapping






Design for Happiness

Design for Happiness happy but not by accident

good design and experience comes from principles of understanding the psychology of people

what they feel and think through the process during each moment and the moment between the moments

The best digital experiences create happiness

Happiness correlates in the likelihood to return and recommend

Happiness creates positive sentiment and likely hood to share

Greater happiness, greater engagement, greater results

Happiness = ROI


World Class ExperiencesOn and offlineEvery point they touch your brand



World Class ExperiencesOn and offlineEvery point they touch your brand


More Tech We HaveMore Digital We BecomeThe More Human We Must Be



Companies investing fortunes on technology, processNot enough on human and the capabilityWords matter a lotDevelop soft skills, coaching, sales techniques, It shouldnt feel like a factory production line




How you treat people across the process and the actors who are involved

Human centred, people focused approach before, during and after

Set expectations throughout the processTimeframesOnlinewhenWhat nextHow you might feelThe HM is like.



Make doing business less effort (also backed up by the FOGG modelLow effort journeyWorld class experiences Amazon one clickSimplification of process, communicationAutomationHow easy is it to do business with us?How easy is it to find us?How easy is it to apply?How easy is it?Simplification in all we do?

Its not all about the 30yard screamer help the team get simple tap-ins


Plan you attack and defenseDesign for happinessand unhappiness how do you make people, feel and think when it goes wrong???Maybe some link to tripadvisorGlass door (wonder if we can pull out some funnies from them bit of humor maybe good bad and ugly from it?




Plan you attack and defenseDesign for happiness and unhappinesshow do you make people, feel and think when it goes wrong???Maybe some link to tripadvisorGlass door

Service can actually create dis-service the more Defence and attackHow do we plan for things when they go wrong?Show list at 19.30 of what goes wrong


First Impressions Count



#TalentConnectBut it's not always the first time as many candidates have experienced the brand before.

So how do you nature peopleWhat's your boomerang planAlumni Nurture relationships


CommunicationLets us down



#TalentConnectCandidate may record a quick thank you, wow!

Nearly 50% candidates don't receive any update onto where they are in the processHow many actually get feedback?!





Capital 1 survey all candidates (pass and fail) 16 point questionnaire and employ a data analysts to slice and dice and look to improve the candidate experience - shifting their NPS score daily

Live chat

Hashtag hour

Ollie at LinkedIn access to his team prior to the presentation


Listen tounderstand

#TalentConnectWhat did I send Mark in email..

The biggest problem with communication is we listen to reply, we dont listen to understand

In retail and online we have something called VOC = vocie of the customer

Lets take onboarding do we listen I bet we dont even ask how the recruitment felt to candidates? What they thought? Asked an opinion in the recruitment process

Only 11% pf companies surveyed did this!25