Get started with Microsoft Azure @ socal code camp 2014

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Transcript of Get started with Microsoft Azure @ socal code camp 2014

Getting Started with Windows Azure

Get Started with Microsoft AzureVishal Narayan Saxena,7 [email protected] |

*parts of slide deck taken from msdn. credit:

1Welcome2Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Azure)Certified Scrum MasterCertified Scrum Professional

follow me @vishalishereconnect: is Vishal?3Introduction to new Azure Portalsteps to get startedIntroduction to DevOps with new portalbrief preview of Windows App studio4and you are?5Objectives1Answer What is Microsoft Azure?2See how to get started & build your first app6Cloud ComputingPackaged SoftwareStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeYou manageInfrastructure(as a Service)StorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeManaged by vendorYou managePlatform(as a Service)Managed by vendorYou manageStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataSoftware(as a Service)Managed by vendorStorageServersO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataNetworking

7Microsoft AzureCloud computing Platform (public and private)Azure is a IPSaaSInfrastrucure -Servers OS via VM (MS and not MS) , no client OS Offered in gallery yet !Platform - Web service, Web site, blob storage, Mobile service alsoSaaS - SQL Azure, SQL Reporting, AD, Media Service, Sharepoint, CRM, Office3658Microsoft Azure Data Centers

North & Latin America Region Europe Region Asia Pacific Region 11 datacenters across the globeSimply select your data center of choice when deploying an application North Central USSouth Central USNorthern EuropeWestern EuropeEast AsiaSouth East AsiaEast US, VAWest US, CASouth BrazilEast JapanWest Japan9What is Microsoft Azure ?

Cloud servicesWeb sites

Virtual machines

Mobile servicesMedia services

11What is Windows Azure?Comprehensive platform for developing cloud appsHost and execute your code in the cloudProvides application managementIncludes services for storage, access control, etc.

Key BenefitsAbstraction & flexibilityDesigned for Massive scalability & high availabilityOpen & InteroperableMix and match servicesConsumption based pricing model

12Windows Azure Scenarios

Common Application Scenarios:Web SitesCompute Intensive appsDevice ApplicationsWeb APIsSocial GamesMedia Based Apps & ServicesStart-ups (fail fast or scale fast)Ideal for applications needing:ScalabilityAvailabilityFault ToleranceHigh ReliabilityGlobal PresenceRedundancy and RecoverySaaS applicationsApplications with variable loadApps with short unpredictable lifetimeApps that do parallel processing 13So how do I get started?1Sign up Free one month trial2See how to get started & build your first app sing-up, get $200 credit first month to spend on all Azure servicesMSDN Subscribers get up-to $1,800 per year of additional azure services.New portal if you do not have Subscription, just login with your Microsoft id and you can still have a reasonable experience 14Lets get starteddemo15SummaryCloud platforms are here and are here to stayWindows Azure is comprehensive platform for cloud appsBest available cloud platform that works

Designed to be open & interoperableEnables a variety of scenariosSeveral building block & data services

16Thank You17