Get Smarter: Grow Your Hotel's Direct Bookings with Facebook Targeting

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Get Smarter With Targeting. Grow Your Hotel's Direct Bookings With Facebook Neimh McGlynn, Digital Marketing expert

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Transcript of Get Smarter: Grow Your Hotel's Direct Bookings with Facebook Targeting

  • Get SmarterWith Targeting.Grow Your Hotel's Direct Bookings

    With Facebook

    Neimh McGlynn, Digital Marketing expert

  • Advertising on FacebookAdvertising on Facebook is now an absolutelyessential part of any hotel's book directstrategy.

  • Facebook constantly updates their algorithm to givetheir users the experience they want.

    That's great news for users, but a challenge formarketers - the news feed is a more competitiveplace than ever!

    Organic reach - the reach you can get for free - hasseen steep decline due to the sheer volume ofcontent being shared every day.

  • Here's the good news: Facebook has an incrediblyadvanced ad platform for showing very relevant ads,and one-fifth of leisure travelers worldwide turn tosocial media to inspire them in their travel plans.

    That means you have the chance to engage travelbuffs and potential guests in your customerpersonas. What's the best way to do that onFacebook? Let's get started.

  • Key Takeaways:Identify & develop key target marketsUse Facebook advertising to target new &existing customersCreate custom audiences to reach guests whohave already engaged with your hotelReach customers at the right time in theirguest journeyRedefine targeting to increase relevance & ROI

  • What Can Facebook Ads Do?84% of marketers are using Facebook as theirtop medium for paid social advertising. Hereare the benefits they've discovered.

  • Brand Awareness: Facebook is an additional, andpowerful, touchpoint for increased brand visibility.

    This is true for past, present and future guests.

    Increasing Conversion: Communication on a personallevel through Facebook helps improve trust &


    Website Traffic: A strong Facebook presence willincrease traffic

  • Improved SEO: The major search engines all indicatethat they now look at social media for signals to help

    determine a page's ranking

    Retargeting: Facebook allows you to retargetpotential guests based on their email addresses,

    letting you create highly targeted campaigns

    Grow Newsletter: Your retargeted adverts canencourage your visitors to sign up for your newsletter

  • The number one benefit:

    Building a relationship with your potential guests.

    Social media channels give you a chance to create

    familiarity and loyalty on a broad scale, one that's

    difficult to achieve with just a website.

  • How Should You Target?Some targeting methods are better than over.Here's our guide to the absolute besttargeting options, to help you reach yourguests in a cost-effective way.

  • Facebook custom audiences allow you to reach

    customers you have already established a

    relationship with. These types of campaigns are very

    effective, and avoid the wasted clicks from a more

    generic audience.

    Here's 3 ways to make a custom audience:

    Custom Audiences:

  • 1. Database Retargeting

    Upload your e-zine or phone number database, and

    Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users.

    You now have an extremely targeted list of customers that

    you can deliver ads to. This is a powerful follow-up tool to

    complement your e-zine campaigns.

    Try to reinforce your message & the offers in your e-zine -

    familiarity with your brand will encourage bookings.

  • 2. Website Retargeting

    Website retargeting lets you target people who have

    visited your website or a specific page within your website.

    For example, you can target someone who's checked for

    availability on your website, but hasn't made a booking.

    The biggest advantage of remarketing is that people have

    already invested an interest in your hotel.

    Tip: Try targeting these towards people who have seen apage for a particular campaign, like the landing page for

    your summer getaway package.

  • 3. Lookalike Audiences

    Lookalike audiences allow you to reach new people on

    Facebook who share similar demographics and traits to

    your other audiences.

    For example, a powerful lookalike audience would be

    people who are similar people to those who have already

    made a booking on your website. Facebook will then

    match up the top % of users to display your ads to.

  • There are a number advanced targeting options that

    can be layered on top on one another, gradually

    making your audience both smaller and more

    relevant, driving down costs and raising ROI. You can

    use single or combinations of interests, behaviour &


    Here's 3 ways to do it:

    Advanced Targeting Options:

  • 1. Demographics Targeting

    Target people based on demographics like age,

    gender, relationship status, education & parental


  • 2. Interest Targeting

    Choose specific interests that are important to your

    target audience. Facebook will look at people's

    interests, activities, pages people have liked and

    closely related topics. When choosing interests, be as

    focused as possible. Know your target audience.

  • 3. Behavioral Targeting

    With behavioral targeting, you can reach people

    based on purchase behaviors or intent. This type of

    targeting takes users past behavior into account to

    help you determine your audience.

  • As you can see, Facebook has a number of robust

    tools that can help your hotel achieve direct booking


    Facebook's advertising platform combines the

    opportunity for a personal connection with lots of

    data, giving you a great opportunity to connect with

    your potential guests.

  • We recommend you try out any or all of the abovestrategies - find out what targeting options workbest for your hotel.

    Make sure to reference your customer personas when

    you build your campaigns so they're as relevant and

    powerful as possible!

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