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Transcript of Get More Traffic Using Niche Articles

  • 1. Get More Traffic Using Niche Articles
  • 2. What is the key to Internet business success? Its simple:
  • 3. Targeted Traffic
  • 4. Clever internet marketers have long used a variety of ways to herd targeted traffic to their web pages, such as: pay- per-click campaigns, email marketing, search engine optimization, and ezine advertising.
  • 5. However, there is a simple, effective method that many marketers have missed -- submitting brief, 400+ word articles, so that they appear all over the internet.
  • 6. Linking Readers Back To Your Website
  • 7. The time and effort you spend on these mini-articles is a shrewd investment. Here are a few of the ways widespread publication of your articles pays off:
  • 8. Every article you submit contains a link back to yourwebsite. Every link helps your website gain link popularity, one of the factors in your search engine ranking.
  • 9. If your articles content matches the content of the webpage youve linked it to, the search engines will regard this as a relevant link. Relevant links to your website are valued even higher by the search engines.
  • 10. And ultimately, the higher your site is ranked, the more traffic you will get.
  • 11. People Want Information
  • 12. It helps to keep in mind that people who use the searchengines are looking for information. If they happen uponone of your articles and find it interesting and useful, they will be likely to click on the link to your website to continue their research.
  • 13. The more places your articles appears, the more peoplewill find and read them, and the more traffic that will be funneled to your website.
  • 14. What Makes An Effective Article?
  • 15. How do you create one of these articles? Simple. Yourarticle should be around 400-800 words long and contain just enough information to:
  • 16. (a) offer the reader some useful facts,(b) motivate the reader to click on the link to your website for moreinformation, and(c) attract the attention of an ezine editor who may republish your article.
  • 17. A good article might contain 1 or 2 tips extracted from an information product you are selling on your website. You could also use paraphrased information from a web pageyou want the reader to visit. Also effective is a review of aproduct you would like the reader to purchase. The review would contain a link pointing to your affiliate page through a link tracker, or to a page on your own website where you offer more details.
  • 18. Get A Ghostwriter
  • 19. No time or inclination to write your own articles? Pay a ghostwriter to write them for you. Simply visit websiteslike Elance where you can post a description of the articles you want written, and writers will contact you.
  • 20. When your article is done, youll want to submit it to as many places as possible, including:
  • 21. Article Directories. They will run a quick content check, then publish your article. Once posted to one of these directories, it will likely be republished all over theinternet. Many publishers are routinely on the lookout forquality articles. You simply allow them the rights to re-useyour article and in exchange they leave intact the link backto your website contained in the bio at the bottom of yourarticle. You just gained another link without lifting a finger.
  • 22. Ezine Editors. Youll get lots of well-targeted traffic bysubmitting your articles to popular ezines that are related to your niche website. Ezines are always in need of new,good quality content. Once your article is published in anezine, you will get lots of publicity in return. Getting yourarticles in ezines read by hundreds, or even thousands of people is an excellent way to quickly increase traffic to your website.
  • 23. Your Own Article Directory. Many ezine publishers and webmasters dont realize that article directories evenexist. Once they read one of your articles from a directory, they will visit your website, which could prominentlydisplay a link to your own article directory. The link shouldmake clear the fact that your content is free for use in any website or ezine. "Free Content For Your Ezine" should appear in a link that is prominent on your directory website.
  • 24. Keep in mind: this is a huge win-win-win process for all involved.
  • 25. Authors get free publicity and links back to their website(s)
  • 26. Publishers get free information for their website(s)
  • 27. Readers get free quality information for their research and buying needs.
  • 28. Please visit: d=55349 for more info