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  • 1.Evil succeeds when good does nothing

2. The deliberate and systematic extermination ofa national, racial, political, or cultural group. 3. Time Period: 1915 -1916, Ottoman Empire. Campaignagainst Armenians living in the eastern portion ofAnatolia (modern day turkey). 4. Nationalism started affecting the Turkish mentality. The Turksplaced themselves above everybody else claiming they weresuperior. As the Ottoman Empire began to crumble, however,the Turks became frustrated and began to have conflictingviews with the Armenians. The conditions in the empire hadturned from their former glorious sate to chaos and failure.Young Turk leaders felt that the lack of environmental changeswas the cause of their issues. The only source holding theempire up was their European allies. Around this time, theOttoman empire had lost land in both Europe and Africa andthe Turks were embarrassed. The Turks had plans to expandtheir empire into a society that was completely Turkish andMuslim. 5. The Turks feared their empire was falling because ofChristian Armenians. The Armenians were obliviousto the attacks on their cultural group. They did nothingto try to stop the Turks harmful reformations thatwould soon put them at risk. The Turks were able toimpose their reforms and policies on the people withcomplete cooperation. 6. Scapegoats The Turkish government confiscated all of theIdentified Target Devalued-DehumanizedArmenian peoples weapons. Turks told the New IdeologyDeveloped Armenians that they needed their hunting weapons to fuel the war efforts. (WWI) The Armenians were loyal and worked to come up with as many weapons as they could, striving to meet the Turks ideal quota. The Turkish government used the large quantity of weapons to claim that the Armenians were devising a plan to rebel and the they must take action to stop the madness. The Turks began their three stages of extermination (discussed in the next section) to work towards a Turkish, Muslim, homogeneous society. 7. The Turkish Committee of Union Progress, or CUP, came up with a plan to Steps increase in Violenceexterminate the Armenians in order to change and expand their empire. Whatbegan as simple suppression of the Armenians with high taxes, isolation from Social Morals Lessen Toward the Muslims, and second class citizenship reached entirely new levels. TurksGroup decided to dispose of the defenseless Armenians in three stages to quicken thedevelopment of their reformed empire. Stage one included recruiting all men Perpetrators Selected between the ages of 15 and 45 to the army and then killing them in sets rangingfrom 50-100 innocent men. If the men were not killed they were worked to theirdeath. The second phase included the arresting of prominent political andmilitary leaders in Constantinople, or Istanbul. The leaders were arrested,tortured and executed. Lastly, phase three, was the extermination of elders,women, and even children. The leaders started pogroms and marches that weresaid to be relocations to camps, but instead ended in death. The innocentArmenians faced rape, starvation, dehydration, kidnappings, and murder by theKurdish during these relocation marches. Some marchers were lucky enoughto reach their destination of Syria and Mesopotamia, but were killed uponarrival. Some young children were given to non-Armenian non-Christianfamilies, and older children were forced to convert to Islam. 8. Nationalism The issues that occurred in the Ottoman Empire where triggered by Respect for Authority Monolithic Culturenationalism. The Turks agreed upon developing a Muslim, Turkish Ideologyempire that excluded the Christian Armenians, a homogeneoussociety. The xenophobic nationalists believed the multi- culturalsociety had led to the empires loss of territory and near collapse. TheArmenians remained unaware of the genocide and their relocation,they had trust in their Turkish government. They had no obviousreason to fear the Turks whom they had lived harmoniously with forsome time. They respected their rule, but the Turks were nowagainst this Christian minority and believed that their relocation,which turned into extermination, would turn the empire around intoa marvelous Turkish empire. 9. Public Support/EarlyOpposition The Turkish government would use the destruction of WWI Other nations to exterminate the Armenian race without the intrusion of Just World Theory foreign defenders. The allies did not intrude on the genocide and the Turkish government got away with their treacherous actions. Any foreigners who did witness the genocide did nothing to stop the massacre. Great Britain, France, Russia, and the US became aware of the genocide but did little to stop the cruelty. They simply "commanded" the Turks to stop the killing and made efforts to save the starving people, but not nearly enough to save the population. America was the first to know and took the most action raising money and working towards a resolution, but nothing truly took flight. Talat Pasa, a Turkish leader stated when the German Ambassador persistently complained about the genocide, "with a smileWhat on earth do you want? The question is settled. There are no more Armenians. 10. Leaders with Extreme ViewsLeaders speak to Core Values ofThe tragic genocide was headed by young Turks of variousSociety groups. They came together as one because of their desire for Followers Buy Inmodernization and reform. Three key leaders were Jemal Pasa,Enver Pasa, and Talat Pasa. Jemal Pasa was a militarycommander, Enver Pasa was a skilled military leader, andTalat Pasa was a telegraphist and member of the CUP whoworked in planning movements. The three men wereresponsible during the time of Ottomanization by separatingthe Armenians from the Ottomans and coming up with ways toeasily dissolve the group. "The Ottoman Empire should be cleansed of the Armenians... We have destroyed the former by the sword, we shall destroy the latter through starvation." -- Enver Pasha, May 1916 Jemal followed by Enver and then Talat 11. Execution by the State Power It was the Turkish government that headed theInfluences Socialization mass extermination. The Turkish leaders Elevate individual Actions envisioned a homogeneous society and abused their power in doing so. They oppressed the entire Armenian race, taking away their rights, and making them second class to all Turks. The "You are greatlyalienation was solely the governmentsmistaken. We have this responsibility, but they refused to accept thecountry absolutely under reality. They claim that the genocide wasour control. I have no simply an action taken by the government fordesire to shift the blameprotection.onto our underlings and Iam entirely willing toaccept the responsibilitymyself for everything thathas taken place." EnverPasa 12. There were around 600,000 to 1.5 million deaths. This number includesboth men and women and even children. Not one country was able tostop the cruelty. The Armenians whom had lived in the empire for over2,000 years were now nearly invisible. The Armenians that survivedpredominantly converted to the Muslim faith or fled from the empire.Some Armenians fled with Russians who were returning to Russia tofight. Later the battle of Sardarabad, other battles, the collapsingOttoman Empire, and Turkeys loss in WWI led to the end of thegenocide. There was mass destruction of the empire including towns,villages, churches, and schools. Today the Armenian genocide isremembered on April 24th, the day of the arrests in Istanbul. TheArmenian Genocide is a perfect example of a genocide, fitting into thedefinition of a mass killing of a specific group systematically. 13. Occurring during 1928, 1932-1933, and1936-1939 in the Soviet Union, Ukraine. 14. War A leader of this genocide had a vision for anEconomic Hardshipindustrialized nation. This man was Stalin Feeling Threatened by Violence Rapid Changes in Societywho devised a five year plan creating a Lack of Diversity in Society (Monolithic) socialist state free of capitalism, and with aprosperous agricultural industry. Stalinwished for the farmers to produce more foodin order for the Soviet Union to focus on anindustrial economy. He also wanted to sellgrain abroad to raise funds. Under Stalin,grain production increased by 150%, butother food production did not increase asmuch. Stalin wanted all peasants to farm onstate owned farms called collectives. Thegovernment would proved tractors,fertilizers, and seed for the peasants to farmusing modern techniques. They forcedpeasants to turn over their farm animals andtools to the collective. The state regulatedprices and access to farm supplies. 15. Sense of Self and Way Life Threatened Stalin became frustrated because some Feeling of Frustrationpeasants did not agree with his collectivepolicies. Many peasants were not in favor ofgiving up their land and selling their cropsat low prices. The peasants killed their farmanimals, destroyed tools, and burned crops.Stalin was furious and thought Kulaks, richfarmers, were leading this resistance. Thistriggered his plans for extermination. Stalinstated, liquidate the Kulaks as a class. 16. Scapegoats Identified Stalin was a totalitarian and wished to gain Target Devalued- Dehumanized complete control over the peasants and theNew Ideology Developed working class along with the Soviets. He produced propaganda and used terror as his weapon. Stalin eliminated any opposing ideas, forced Russian culture on all groups, and replaced religion with communists ideology. Stalin made himself appear as god- like. He used propaganda to increase his popularity. Radios, speakers, movie theaters, school, billboards, and posters encouraged his policies to all groups and ages. His new ideas were to be the only ideas recognized by the Soviet population. Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party. -Stalin 17. Steps increase in Violence Stalin used his weapon of terror on the Kulaks. He wished