Genetics Buzzwords

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Genetics Buzzwords the set of genes (alleles) that an organism possesses physical appearance of an organism. when two alleles (gene types) are identical when the two alleles are different different forms of the same gene
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Phenotype. Genotype. physical appearance of an organism. the set of genes (alleles) that an organism possesses. Homozygous. Heterozygous. when two alleles (gene types) are identical. when the two alleles are different. Genetics Buzzwords. Allele. different forms of the same gene. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revision of monohybrid crosses

Genetics Buzzwordsthe set of genes (alleles) that an organism possessesGenotypephysical appearance of an organism.Phenotypewhen two alleles (gene types) are identicalHomozygouswhen the two alleles are differentHeterozygousAlleledifferent forms of the same gene

allele which controls the characteristic whenever it is present. Dominantallele whose characteristics only show up when it is present on both chromosomesrecessiveBB or Bbbb

Determining characteristicsIn pea plants, tallness (T) is dominant to dwarfness (t)A tall pea plant could have a genotype of:TTTtBoth combinations have the same phenotype- tall.A dwarf pea plant could only have the genotype tt Phenotype- dwarf.

homozygous dominantheterozygoushomozygous recessive

Gene combinationsThe simplest genetic cross involves one characteristic and is called a monohybrid cross.In this the parents (P) are crossed (bred) with each other, and the offspring (F1 generation) observed and counted.Follow the procedure on the board!!

This explains how the sex of a child is determined by X and Y chromosomes.gametesThis can also be shown and combinations worked out using a Punnett square:XXXXXXXYXYXYMotherXXXXFatherXYXYOffspring: Male or female?XXXYXXXYFFMM1:1 ratio male to female offspring

Task1. Complete the problems in the Monohybrid Crosses booklet


Always define the alleles

Always draw the Punnet square

2. Lets play Traits Bingo! (15 min)

Keywords reviewCan you match up the key words to the definitions?

You only have 4 min before the bomb goes off!

STARTER: Get your brains in gear!NO NOTES!!!A normal skin pigmentationa albino

What percentage chance is there of producing a child with albinism?

Tasks this lesson1: Finish the Monohybrid Crosses revision booklet (15 min)

2: Try the problems in the More Monohybrid crosses booklet! (20 min)

3: Lets play Traits bingo! (15 min)

STARTERWho is known as the man of 1000 peas?

How long has he been running his experiments for?

How many plants did he grow?

What did he notice when he first grew pea plants?

What field of biology has come about because of his experimenting on peas? Tasks this lessonFinish the More Monohybrid Crosses bookletAttempt the past paper questions (put the theory into practice!)Finish the lyrics!Tasks this lessonHave a go at the past paper question booklet Read the Mendels Laws booklet and answer the questionsThe genetics of skin colour TED talk