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  • 8/17/2019 Generate Commitment to Vision


    Generate Commitment to Visio1. Apply principles of recreationto the work associated with thevision: 

    1979Relaunch Chrysler; rebuild ourselves then custoers;!ach of the bein" a salesan #copetitive environent$; sellin" e%&''()'' il$*y +id(,anuary discuss role of suppliers and dealers. 19-

    /ee spoke about e0act tar"ets of & billion dollars.&. rovide opportunities forpeople to publicly coit to thevision. 

    19792erbali3e their coitent #what you have done to help this copaonths; put it down; read it to wife; throw away$;ut down the thin"s you plan to do for your copany 4 yourself in th 19-/ee told the '' hundred odd subordinates to transit the essa"e subordinates. 5e was stressin" on this vision transfer of the copany

    . 6nstitute a strate"y of sallwins.

    1979all wins with investent of 8A reopen contract settleents; et

    Canada '' il 19-'/ee entioned about aul 2olcker of =ederal Reserve and talked abouChrysler tea by puttin" a billion and half of country>s oney on this 19-&

    Reduction of ?0ed cost by half billion dollars; *reak even half of what

    ). Counicate the visionfre%uently.

    [email protected] Chrysler corporation;6t is up to all of us; spread it to faily ebers; eventually to custo 19-&

    /ee reinforced that the charter of copany was to build cars 4 trucksreason they "ot the /oan "uarantees;