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This are the launch creatives for GeloBronchial Herbal cough syrup from Pohl Boskamp Germany Marketed by Pharmalink UAE

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  • 1. GeloBronchial Creatives

2. A brand communicates specific information about an organization, product or service, distinguishing it from others in the marketplace.A brand carries a "promise": a promise regarding the qualities and particularities that make the organization, product or service special and unique. What is Brand 3. Brand is the sum of all impressions received by individuals resulting in a distinctive position in their mind's eye based on perceived emotional and functional benefits. 4. Pharmalink 5. Pre launch activityTeaser 6. Call me in card Name of Executive 7. Launch Visual Aid 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Reminder Card 15. 16. Spring ups 4 17. Backdrop with Projector Screen 18. Name Plate

  • Name Plate(Tent Shape)

19. Pen Tag

  • Pen Tag:

20. Launch gift To all Drs & pharmacist GeloBronchial