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Geek Speak 101 By: Bianca D.


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Geek Speak 101By: Bianca D.

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What’s “Geek Speak”?

Page 3: Geek speak

Everyone has to read geek

speak sooner or later,

but how can you possibly

understand it?!?!

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Page 5: Geek speak
Page 6: Geek speak

And remember, we are talking about abbreviations; it’s not like learning Egyptian

Page 7: Geek speak

If it doesn’t fit,

It’s not supposed to.

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Page 9: Geek speak


There is a time an a place for everything.So don’t use your new found knowledge of geek

speak in the wrong place!

Page 10: Geek speak




-Important figures!

Page 11: Geek speak

And if its official, geek speak isn't appropriate

Page 12: Geek speak


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