GB Shipyard prepares for cruise ships

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Transcript of GB Shipyard prepares for cruise ships

B2 | The Nassau Guardian | Monday, March 4, 2013


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GB Shipyard prepares for cruise ships


raham Couser, senior vice president of sales and marketing at the Grand Bahama Shipyard, released a mid-year report on the yards 2012/13 season and was optimistic for the balance of the year and the continued quest to be a one-stop shop shipyard. During September 2012 and through to April 2013 the yard is expecting to work on 17 cruise ships. The Carnival Dream docked in September 2012, followed by Carnival Conquest and Carnival Glory; each having the Captains Suites added to the top of the bridge/wheelhouse. The Grand Bahama Shipyard performed these rets as a turnkey project, stated Couser. This turnkey approach has been in development with Carnival Cruise Lines for a few years and is now coming to full fruition. Couser noted that the turnkey projects are a result of a successful work completed on the Carnival Valor in 2011 at the yard. The year 2012 nished with Emerald Princess of the Holland America Line as well as the Zuiderdam and Ryndam, all visiting the yard for routine maintenance dockings. Simultaneously in 2012, we were a part of the Princess Cruises ADG (additional diesel generator) pro-

From September 2012 through to April 2013 the Grand Bahama Shipyard is expecting to work on 17 cruise ships.FILE

gram, noted Couser. A program designed to reduce port emissions. GBSY fabricated a hull section for the Coral Princess. to contain a Wartsila supplied diesel generator and a GEC supplied alternator (for electricity generation), secured to the fabricated block. Upon

the vessels arrival, a section of the hull of the ship was cut out and the new unit transported to the dock and successfully installed and welded back in place in 14 days. This major project which also included onboard revitalizing projects started 2013 at a

great pace at the yard and this continued with the Seabourn Legend, Holland America Lines Statenda and Carnivals Fascination and Fantasy the latter two projects included major steel replacements. We are now catching our breath and starting pre-fabrica-

tion of aluminium structures that will, when erected to position house some 40 additional cabins onboard the Celebrity Constellation when it visits the yard in April, said the vice president. This is the last of four such revitalization projects, with all being successfully

delivered by the yard on time. Furthering the overall goal of creating the one stop shop yard, the Grand Bahama Shipyard has introduced robotic blasting techniques and equipment, employing such methods effectively reduced time engaged in hull blasting, making the task safer and more ecient than traditional blasting. The units currently being used are the most recent evolution designed and produced by Chariot Robotics, GBSY is the rst yard in the world to use these units and Chariot is providing training on operation and maintenance of these units. In late April the NCL Pearl and the Holland America Lines Nieuw Amsterdam dock for routine maintenance programs. Regarding future yard developments, Couser was keen to note that the company is pleased with the development of the outt berth, formally known as North Beach. Construction of a new sea wall is in progress, he explained. With completion scheduled for late 2013 we will have a fullyserviced berth with 40 and 80 ton crane capacity and a large lay-down area suitable for prefabrication of outtted units.

CBL opens new GB data center


able Bahamas Ltd. just opened its new state-ofthe-art data center on Grand Bahama, the rst of its kind on the island. The facility, located in the heart of Freeport, complements Cable Bahamas' existing data center located at the Robinson Road complex in Nassau. The Grand Bahama Data Centre provides hosting facilities for clients as well as disaster recovery and business continuity services. Attracting clients from the nancial services industry, as well as government and private enterprises, clients welcome the new data center as it now gives them geographic diversity within The Bahamas. With data centers in New Providence and Grand Bahama, businesses based on each island can locate their backup servers and data storage on the other island. A natural disaster threatening their home base operation is unlikely to affect the backup systems located at the data center on the other island. Even though the data centers are more than 120 miles apart, they are connected by Cable Bahamas' own all-ber optic data network. This eliminates latency issues and allows companies to quickly and transparently switch to the alternate site should it become necessary. As Cable Bahamas owns and operates its own sub-sea ber system, within The Bahamas and extending to the United States, high-speed connectivity up to OC-48 speeds for offshore clients and up to 10Gb/s for onshore clients provides the unmatched reliability and securi-

ty that the company's clients demand. The Grand Bahama Data Centre provides 24/7 availability and the safe physical environment for mission critical data applications. Commercial Sales Director Andre Knowles said, "I am pleased to be a part of this historic event, where we can provide a facility of this kind to our offshore and onshore clients." Knowles said that a data center of this kind actually protects a business' ability to continue their operation when disasters strike. "A business with online operations and vital data processing needs which are most businesses today cannot afford any downtime. Our two data centers virtually eliminate downtime," Knowles said. The data center facilities are housed within a secure, concrete and steel structure. It is supported by dual UPS (uninterruptable power supply) systems, as well as backup generators, redundant water-chilled air handling systems and smoke and re suppression systems. Operations Manager of the Cable Bahamas Freeport oce Edris Wilson stated, "We are delighted that a data center of this kind is on the island of Grand Bahama. With its stateof-the-art design and infrastructure, our clients can feel safe and secure." The Grand Bahama Data Centre provides clients with full rack and half rack space options. The center was designed, built and maintained by Cable Bahamas' own Bahamian engineering team and is constantly monitored by the company's Network Operations Centre.