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  • 1. Gamifying ANTs Womens Program for Cancer Prevention ANT ( = Italian Non Profit Organization for Free Medical Assistance and Cancer Prevention

2. GOALS obtain more funds ANT is currently funded with private and company donations and with the revenue from events like flower and handcraft sales. get more women to participate ANTs current cancer prevention program for women includes free gynecological visits in the few ANT centers available often they are far away and have no flexible hours. The visits are free for employees of sponsoring companies. 3. TARGET The Modern day Woman Whether she likes it or not she juggles the care for a family with two small kids, a husband, eldery parents and a dog with the stress of a fulltime career, the household chores, and the need to have clean hair, manicured hands and toned legs. At night she wakes up worried because she cant remember the last time she had a smear test or a mammogram and although she knows that Italys healthcare system takes care of most of the costs she dreads the enormous waiting lists for such visits but knows she better avoids (Italian) hospitals and therefor the importance of prevention and regular screenings. She also knows that tomorrow she will shrug and think she will take care of it Saturday between the laundry and the supermarket run. 4. APP The Modern day Womans disease prevention APP Instead of limiting the free screening to a registration on the website and a list of centers the idea is to create an app where woman can: see a lists of screenings they should do according to their age group watch videos regarding prevention and first aid manage their screenings inserting dates and types and next visits receive a notice when they need to schedule next screenings can look for the nearest ANT center or the nearest Medical Center and ring them with one click 5. Gamifying the APP Introduction Modern Day Woman are the decision makers in the household buying process Modern day Woman often sacrifice Best Friend or Sister Time Italys so called free healthcare structure is full of flaws and private healthcare is not too expensive and has no waiting lists and good doctors. Modern Day Woman are economically independent and worry more about lack of time than lack of money. Italys obligatory education system does not provide first aid and disease prevention lessons 6. Gamifying the APP Players Designing for Explorers Socializers 7. Gamifying the APP Mechanics Points Levels Leaderboards Rewards 8. Gamifying the APP Points Participants will get points when Registering Inserting profile/medical data Inviting friends to participate (and get their screenings on the same day) Creating Friend groups Sharing medical trivia quiz results and level ups on social networks Watching videos Scheduling doctors appointments Suggesting a new medical center Buying flowers and handcraft online 9. Gamifying the APP Levels Levels are related to the medical trivia quiz. The questions get harder the more you play and the better you get. 10. Gamifying the APP Leaderboards The leaderboard is not an individual leaderboard, it is related to the participants group (minimum 2 and maximum 5 players) Individual points of group members are added and at the end of the month we have one group that wins. (can be divided by location, in every province or city) Group leaderboards get reset every first day of the month. The group wins a sponsored outing like a dinner, spa treatments or small trip. 11. Gamifying the APP Rewards Individual rewards Points can be redeemed choosing products offered by the various sponsors which in turn get visibility in the App. Group rewards Every month one Sponsor offers the group prize against visibility in the app. 12. In the end who benefits? ANT - More participants - More prevention - Donations from Sponsors - Donations from Medical Centers - Visibility for the organization and its other causes Modern Day Woman - Keeping control of screenings prevention - Quality Best friend and Sister Time - Less ignorance on medical subjects - Free products Medical Center - supply of prevention or first aid videos with the centers logo - Visibility in the app as partner center Sponsors - Visibility with the household shopper decision maker - Database of product testers