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The presentation explains the reasons behind and the benefits of our game solution approach to various HR and marketing challenges. It's main focus is on improving employer branding, recruitment, and selection processes for multinational corporations.

Transcript of Gamification for HR and Marketing

  • Gamification for HR and Marketing
  • Existing challenges in the labor market Millennial and post-millenial generation entering the workforce need for new HR solutions Numerous companies require large numbers of qualified staff in knowledge intensive industries Talent acquisition is crucial, however, finding the right employees with usual methods is time-consuming Employer branding has become a key element in HR
  • Challenges with existing employees Compulsory trainings provide little motivation for employees Onboarding and traditional internal training methods require immense resources The efficiency of these trainings is hard to measure Feedback and training related administrative tasks are time consuming Little transparency is provided to existing employees about horizontal and vertical career paths
  • Show the path!
  • Our solution Enterprise simulation game WorkLike Reality Our complex solution provides a unique mix of: Employer branding Recruitment Employee selection Internal training & development Innovative: online game concept presents your organization and its real values Engaging: interactive, simulated environment with 3D graphics, multimedia, and social integration
  • Our solution Unique benefits: Trendy product capable of addressing and involving Generation Y and Z with gamified mechanisms Tried and ready, multiple award-winning simulation application experience and professionalism reduced production time Workplace presented as in reality The built-in AC assists the selection process
  • Our projects
  • Corporate simulation games Concept video link (click image)
  • MULTIPOLY: employer branding on its highest level
  • MULTIPOLY: employer branding on its highest level
  • I know IT: employer branding and recruitment
  • I know IT: employer branding and recruitment
  • Uniface: the online university simulation game
  • Immigropoly: the migration game
  • CSR and edutainment games
  • Stand out!
  • Your opportunity Focus on: the company as the employer, as opposed to traditional business games, which are based on case studies Novel approach: players face tasks and complex challenges from an unknown perspective: the actual work environment Mutual discovery: map the profile of your players while they familiarize with your organization, or gain deeper knowledge about your existing employees
  • Your opportunity Differentiation: interactive, unique, engaging simulation instead of one-way communication Target: international awereness and brand building among fresh graduates, which leads to early committment Added value: cost-effective, efficient employer branding and recruitment methods reduce levels of fluctuation during the on- boarding phase
  • About our team
  • Our team Extensive experience as online marketing agency: We developed to become the largest marketingcommunication agency of the South Hungarian region since our foundation 15 years ago. 70 plus large-scale projects, including 25 game developments and over 100 partners in 2013 Award-winning products and services locally, nationally, and internationally Strong cooperation with relevant university faculties Our HR expert with a multinational background provides professional guidance
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