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G-Eazy Website Research James Eagle

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Page 1: G eazy website research

G-Eazy Website Research

James Eagle

Page 2: G eazy website research

This is G-Eazy’s home page from his official website.

Page 3: G eazy website research

The simplicity of the website stands out immediately. The use of Black and White suits G-Eazy’s ‘bad boy’ image.

Page 4: G eazy website research

G-Eazy’s latest album is clearly visible and as it is in the centre it could be considered the focal point of he home page

His logo is clear and in the middle of the links to other pages

Other pages: • Music• Tour• Merch

There are three links to his current tour, listen and watch. The inks are put on top of images of G-Eazy which reinforces his brand image

There is a contact bar under the album cover with links to Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Tumblr

Page 5: G eazy website research

G-Eazy doesn’t have a news page on his website. Updates are posted on the home page below the main layout

For example his tour dates poster promoting his tour with A$AP Ferg can be found in a blog like format on the home page.

The use of a hashtag and link to tweet or put it on Facebook helps fans share G-Eazy updates

Page 6: G eazy website research

Music Page

Maintaining the narrow simplistic theme G-Eazy’s music page has every album he has released on it in order of when they were released

On the left of each album cover is a link to listen to it on Spotify.

The mini web player enables fans to listen to his music without leaving his website

On the right is the album cover next to the Spotify web player link

Page 7: G eazy website research

Tour Page

There is an option to buy tickets for every venue. There is also an option to VIP upgrade for each venue.

As expected the Tour page just features dates, locations and venues for G-Eazy’s upcoming tour

Unlike other mainstream artists G-Eazy does not have tour dates poster

Page 8: G eazy website research


G-Eazy’s store is obviously very important to him as it opens as a new site

There is a link to sign up for an account just to G-Eazy’s store not his official website

As with a lot of popular clothing stores such as Asos there is an image of someone modelling a new range of clothing and a link to take you to that specific piece of clothing

Page 9: G eazy website research

StoreOnce you enter G-Eazy’s store the layout is conventional and typical of artists fan stores.

Products featuring his name and him on are on the store with albums and posters

However G-Eazy’s store has in total 73 items. Which is a lot more than other artists have.

G-Eazy’s store even sells branded lighters and sunglasses

Page 10: G eazy website research


An example of G-Eazy’s conventional products: albums and vinyl's

One of G-Eazy’s less conventional products on his store: a branded lighter

The wide range and quality of products on G-Eazy’s store suggest a lot of time has been spent on developing the store

Page 11: G eazy website research

Links on G-Eazy’s website

Social media bar

SoundCloud link

Share FB and tweet Link

Consistent black and white theme

YouTube link