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AIESEC Czech Republic TMP brand information

Transcript of Future talent booklet final

  • Imagine you are a student sitting in a pub with your friends. You are drinking a cold beer and someone asks you: What are these AIESEC internships all about? And you start describing Global Citizen and Global Talent. You start describing what partner countries they can go to, on what sort of projects or jobs and according to the sub- products. But what about membership? What would you say if they asked you what the membership program in AIESEC can bring them? Well, you can lead team, you can get some relevant skills in GIP, in OGX. Currently it is not easy to describe AIESEC membership in an easily understandable way for non-AIESECers. We are unable to set the right expectations during promotion and selection process of newies and we are not sure what can we offer them in the long run. What is Future Talent going to bring us: - Clear statement of what AIESEC membership program is - What is our unique value proposition and how to communicate it to the students - Better communication of our mission and purpose of organization - Allocation of our members in a more efficient way - Make our program more attractive to the external world
  • This is what we aim to change with Future Talent. Our goal is to truly understand what AIESEC can offer to students, promote it and deliver it. Future Talent is a brand that goes together with Global Citizen and Global Talent and will allow us to define our specific customers and offer them our value proposition. It is a membership program developed by AIESEC for young people who are looking for different opportunities for their personal and professional development in different areas. Future Talent booklet is here to help you to become acquainted with our new brand and give you the overview and resources necessary to understand it and work with it. As a result, new members (and also current ones) of AIESEC should realize what are they signing themselves into and what they will get out of AIESEC Experience. Even you are Future Talent. Own it, believe it, make it happen.
  • Future Talent is a membership program developed by AIESEC for young people who are looking for different opportunities for their personal and professional development in different areas. The members go through practical team work experience and have possibility to lead people. Being part of an international organization members have a chance to work on meaningful projects and meet other active students from all around the world. - Practical Team work experience - Practical hard skills development - Soft skills and self awareness development - Work experience in an International environment - Big network of people - Working on projects with Social Impact - Possibility to lead people Our customers are young people who are searching for opportunities for their future development, they are aware about environment around them and they are willing to take an action to change things. DRIVEN PURPOSEFUL COLLABORATIVE - Young people (university student with time for AIESEC) - Proactive and looking for opportunities for their development - Interested in their future (they are aware that they need to invest in themselves) - Interested in future of others and world - Social oriented (awareness of others, they care about other people, they care about things that are happening around them and they want to have influence on them) - Open minded, cross culturally and solution oriented
  • Future Talent Business program gives opportunity to get to know business environment of local market for young people, understand sales and networking techniques and communication skills. Sales is one of the most important activities in AIESEC and it is part of the JD in all our areas. Even though this profile of people we need mostly in iGIP, iGCDP and COMM functions. With this sub product we want to attract right people for this positions and to insure they stay longer in organization by choosing from different opportunities in career path and providing them with more precise options for their personal development. For AIESEC this means that we will keep the knowledge longer in organization and achieve bigger results by having people with needed experience and knowledge on right positions. - Selling and negotiation skills development - Account management experience - Market research experience - Contacts with companies and with other people interested in business - Fast thinking - Effective communication - Stress and emotionally resistant - Solution oriented - Result oriented
  • Scheduling meetings with companies Attending business meetings Introducing the possibilities of internship to companies Negotiating with companies Signing contracts Product delivery (helping company searching for suitable international candidates, customer care for both side the company and the intern tracking realization of internship) Scheduling meetings with companies Attending business meetings Introducing the possibilities of sponsorship and partnership Negotiating with companies Taking care of our partners and sponsors Product delivery - Organizing events for the partners (awards, workshops) Scheduling meetings with NGOs (schools, hospitals) Attending meetings with them Introducing them to AIESEC and possibilities of internship, introducing our projects Account management of NGOs Organization of the project (search and selection of interns, interns care during realization of internship, host families) Scheduling meetings with university and teachers Attending meetings with them Introducing them to AIESEC and possibilities of partnerships Managing relations with university and teachers Event management (Prvkoviny, Majles, university events we can attend) *this are the opportunities that are offered to members in this sub-product. Each member should create his own career path with the tendency to go through more positions and stays longer in organization. INTERNSHIP iGCDP Selling Member iGIP Member University sales member iGCDP TL iGIP TL University Sales TL VP ER VP iGIP LCP NST MCVP
  • Besides TM, HR process are taking big part in our exchange areas as well. With this sub product we are going to be able to present our operations much easier to external world and find members who see their future development in HR area. In this way we can insure they stay longer in AIESEC by following opportunities in career path. By this we are going to be able to provide them more precise and qualitative experiences and insure we keep the knowledge longer in organization, this will lead us to higher results in the future. Future Talent Human Resources program gives the opportunity to get practical experience in this field by running HR processes and provide students right opportunities. - Practical selection experience - Providing students international job offers/searching for the right foreign students for - projects in CZ - Education of members and students - How to work with CV and motivation letters - Customer care experience - Using and improving English - Empathetic - Open minded - Networker - Analytical - Organized and stress free
  • Creation of selection materials and running selection for students who want to go abroad Helping to find best internship for students (matching process), regular communication between students and companies Searching for information about countries (political and economical situation, current recommendations and warnings) searching for information for entry and visit countries (visa, vaccination) Making interviews with students in English Preparation of education seminars for students that are going abroad (OPS) Online care and support for the students who goes abroad Solving problems during internships Creating selection process for the incoming students Making Skype interviews with the incoming students, Choosing the right students for project Communication with trainees after getting chosen Insuring preparation and education for interns before start of the project Organization of the project (selling the project to NGOs, help with interns arrivals, interns care during realization of internship, manage host families, create events for interns) Helping with selection process of new members Participation on preparing of LTC Support the VP TM in tracking members and R&R. Creating and preparing of trainings and education Data collecting INTERNSHIP OGX Matching Member iGCDP Matching Member OGX TL iGCDP TL TM MANAGER VP iGCDP VP OGX VP TM LCP NST MCVP *this are the opportunities that are offered to members in this sub-product. Each member should create his own career path with the tendency to go through more positions and stays longer in organization.
  • Future Talent Marketing program gives the opportunity to get basic knowledge and experience in marketing and PR by running promotion campaigns for different products. With this sub product we are going to be able to target right profile of members for this positions and set up clear expectations for JDs in this area. As well providing our members with different opportunities we can prolong their stay in organization which will mean that skills and experience they gain will stay longer as well. Like this we are going to be able to reach bigger reach on our market, not repeating same mistakes and improving our approaches. - Presentation skills development - Social media marketing experience - Event management skills - Graphic design skills development - Copy write skills development - Self confident/self presentation skills - Not scared to speak in public - Effective communication - Creative - Analytical - Able to receive feedback - Software/Copy write skills
  • Creating proposals for our projects and internships, creation of graphic materials Taking care of websites, facebook or other sources of online promotion Promotion of our internship to university students (physical promotion) Guerillas promotion Market research INTERNSHIP Project Promo Member OGX Promo Member Promo TL VP COMM LCP NST MCVP *this are the opportunities that are offered to members in this sub-product. Each member should create his own career path with the tendency to go through more positions and stays longer in organization.
  • Future Talent Administration program gives the opportunity to get to know how to run the administration of non-profit organization and work in international environment. Future Talent Administration is meant for people interested in finances and legal issues but as well for the ones interested in organizing projects and administrating work for project. Career path in this sub product starts with XD member which JD is combining both things with possibilities to continue his career path in iGCDP area or F area. With this sub product we are able to insure stability of Finance membership pipeline and have people with previous experience in this area in higher positions. - Fundraising practical knowledge - Legality and visa issues - Budgeting and accounting - Financial reporting - Organization of events - Project delivery - Language skills and formal communication in English - Organized and structured person - Analytical - Through - High level of responsibility
  • Entering basic accounting transaction into the accounting programs Legal issue, financial management Fundraising, searching the various options of drawing funds Tax reporting Creating project and team budgets Basic financial planning Projects tracking Conducting on financial analysis Searching for information for entry the Czech Republic from different countries Visa arrangements and other important documents before arrival of trainees Communication with different offices Phone calls to embassy everywhere around the world Manage host families during the project Coordinate activities during interns stay organization of different events for interns, coordinate interns arrivals and departures, track interns satisfaction during internship Helping with other activities to organize the project (selling the project to NGOs, help during the search and selection of interns, interns arrivals) INTERNSHIP iGCDP XD Member iGCDP TL Finance Manger VP F VP iGCDP LCP NST MCVP *this are the opportunities that are offered to members in this sub-product. Each member should create his own career path with the tendency to go through more positions and stays longer in organization.
  • During selection process we already start to engage people more deeply with AIESEC. Therefore we need to insure they have clear understanding of our organization and opportunities AIESEC is providing to them. This is crucial part in which they already start their individual connection with organization by choosing the Sub product and JD they want to work on and set up their future development through AIESEC. To insure this process goes smoothly and brings us the best result here you can see how selection flow should look like: Basic questions (short CV), why they want to join, for which sub-product they are applying for - checking the basic profile of each applicant. Presentation about AIESEC and explanation of opportunities and questions - candidates receive a booklet with opportunities and based on this they need to decide for which 2 JDs they are applying for. With this we ensure that candidates are 100 % clear what AIESEC is about and what AIESEC can offer them and in that way set up clear expectations from the start and also make induction period more faster. Because of small number of people who can be included in recruitment process from LC side, AC is the first step of selection. Selection is based on general profile of AIESECer (how he works in team, with different people, his opinions...) and specific profile of sub-product he is applying for (how much the candidate is suitable for JDs he is applying for). It can be physical or phone selection based on general profile of AIESECer, expectations, motivation and final check about position he is applying for. Obligatory part of selection process. In case selected candidates dont show up they can not be accepted in AIESEC. August 3 weeks before school Monday Sunday Tuesday Friday Weekend Beginning of the school First (fake) DDL Second (final) DDL LTC Aplications Introduction meetings and first round of selection Second round and final selections Selection Selection process is ready. Time First week of school Second week of school Third week of school Promo Finish promo campaign, materials ordering. Online promotion Offline promotion Wednesday
  • With the career paths members can see what type of opportunities AIESEC can offer to them in their are of development. Using career paths it will help us to guide our members in the right direction during their experience, but also our members will be able to picture how AIESEC fits in their long term development plan and from the beginning plan their path in AIESEC. Each member should create his career path in the first month of his experience and update it in the middle and end of each experience. The main purpose of the Future Talent is to insure members individual connection with organization by providing them with customized and valuable experiences for their development. Recruiting according sub products will allow us to target and select right people for our positions. More important, during their experience we will know what we need to provide to each member based on the sub-product he is part of. We will insure members individual connection with organization and higher quality of experience we provide which will result on them staying longer, as well as the knowledge and experience they gain. With the sub-products, from the start we know what expectations our members have towards their experience in AIESEC and what we need to deliver to each one of them. We are able to customized our approach delivering them the right educations, trainings and future opportunities that fits to their profile and area in which they want to develop. This will also help team leaders in managing their members setting up clear picture how they need to work with each one of them.
  • Is Future Talent going to change our Talent Planning? Future Talent is not going to change the way how we do our Talent Planning. It is going to help us to easily find the right profile of the members for our positions, provide them with better experiences customized to their personal needs and deliver higher quality of our TMP program. This means that after regular Talent Planning each JD for open TMP positions needs to fit to some of the sub-products based on sub-product description and value proposition. By this we are going to be able to set up right expectations during promotion period and insure that the people can choose the JDs they want to work on. What if I dont have some of the JDs in my LC that are listed in the booklet? Purpose of the booklet is just to give explanations and instructions how to use Future Talent as our TMP product. Every LC will have customized JDs based on their needs and people they are missing, the same goes for the use of the sub-products (if you dont have need for one sub-product you dont promote that specific sub-product) Do I need to run all proposed selection processes? Proposed selecton flow is ideal way how selection process of newies should look like. Obligatory parts of the selection process are application and introduction meetings, while other processes should to be costumized by the LC Tier and capacity of the LC to run other selection processes. What if someone wants to change his career path? The ideal scenario is that member is part of the same sub-product during his whole experience by folowing the career path of the sub-product. Still, member is able to move to the other sub-products and with that, he should update his career path so we can still make sure we deliver him the best experience we can.