Fundraising on Facebook

Fundraise on Facebook The return on your investment in social media



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Page 1: Fundraising on Facebook

Fundraise on Facebook

The return on your investment in social media

Page 2: Fundraising on Facebook

Online activity drives microdonations

Donations drive activity, awareness, and engagement

Our Platform: Apps, reports, easy campaigns. Effective, efficient fundraising 

Who is HelpAttack?

Page 3: Fundraising on Facebook

Step 1: Ask ThemPeople give because their friends give, because there is a need, and because they are asked     @helpattack

Page 4: Fundraising on Facebook

Pledges are Magical"Give a small amount each time you update Facebook"

• Ties habit of using Facebook to habit of giving• Giving $1 twenty times feels better than giving $20

once• More touches, stewardship opportunities, and posts per

donation• Brings new supporters to their first donation     @helpattack

Page 5: Fundraising on Facebook

Sharing is SeamlessSupporters post to their walls, where their friends (your new fans) are:

More pledges are created from these shares, extending your reach

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Page 7: Fundraising on Facebook

Step 2: Thank Them   We make it easy• Real time reports• Copy and paste text for thank-yous• See everything about each supporter

Thank yous from your Page continue to drive interest in campaign, and show you value the support!  

Page 8: Fundraising on Facebook

Step 3: Above and beyond  

• Gamify Your Fundraisingo Set goals and deadlines to create a sense of

urgency & purpose o "Can we get to 100 pledges today?"o Pledge your Facebook updates to be our

supporter of the week!• Keep building

o Giving with Facebook activity => Natural recurring donations

o Reach out via email, ads, sponsored stories

Page 9: Fundraising on Facebook

Solidify Support with Tab Apps

Pledge appGuides supporters to give with Facebook updates

Donate appSimple, secure donation form

Add these to capture drive-by interest

Page 10: Fundraising on Facebook

Keep Your Supporters• Real time reports

o Donation and contact infoo Social media append data

• Your branding front and centero Add to any webpage (iFrame)o Messaging features your logo and your missiono Fully customizeable     @helpattack

Page 11: Fundraising on Facebook

Proven ROI

Averages• $1+ per unique visitor• $25 average donation• 72% share automatically, more than once

Strong recurring behavior on FacebookBuild house file with new, engaged contactsNo up front cost, low staff time 

Page 12: Fundraising on Facebook

Let's Get Started!

• Free, 5 minute signup• Sample campaigns,

messaging, and case studies: On us

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