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Fundraising Campaigns 1 Fundraising Campaigns Part 1 Rich Dietz Nonprofit R+D [email protected] @nonprofitrd

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    Fundraising CampaignsPart 1

    Rich DietzNonprofit R+D

    [email protected]


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    Our Speaker

    Rich DietzFounder of Nonprofit R+D - Technology Training for Nonprofit Professionals

    Richard has over 20 years' experience working in and with a wide variety of nonprofit, political, and government organizations and holds a Masters in Social Welfare (MSW) from UC Berkeley.

    You can find Rich on his website or tweeting @nonprofitrd.

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    1. Review where we have been

    2. Fundraising Campaign best practices

    3. Worksheets and templates

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    Previous Webinars

    1. Online fundraising 101

    2. Abila Fundraising Online (2 sessions)

    3. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

    4. Website Best Practices

    5. Email Marketing and Welcome Series

    6. And on we go …

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    Online Hierarchy of Needs

    Need a strongFoundation

    *E.T. = Emerging Technologies

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    Fundraising Campaigns

  • Fundraising Campaigns7

    Fundraising Campaigns

    THE key to online fundraising.. Or any fundraising for that matter

    Fundraising Campaigns are the framework• You could run a successful campaign with just this info • Other Strategies and Tactics can then be added to this framework

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    Definition: Fundraising Campaign

    Most definitions something like:

    “a campaign to raise money for some cause”

    Our definition:“A coordinated series of actions that utilize

    • a specific goal• a clear call to action• a sense of urgency (Timeline), • a compelling story, and• part of a larger supporter cultivation system

  • Fundraising Campaigns9

    Our Definition

    Coordinated series of actions• Not a donate button or a single email• Multi-appeal (7 Touches)

    Specific Goal• Focus should be on a specific program or need• Monetary goal should be relevant to the need

    • Not just a number, but what that number will mean

    Clear call to action• What do you want them to do?• Tied to the specific goal

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    Our Definition

    Sense of urgency (Timeline)• Don’t let them put it off until later• Ex: If we don’t raise the money by Aug. 1st, then we can’t launch this school year

    Compelling Story (Storytelling)• Stories increase emotion and donations• Tie the story into all communications

    Part of larger supporter cultivation system• The donation is only a small part of the Fundraising Campaign• Continuous follow up and engagement – Long term benefits

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    Fundraising Campaign Cycle

    Traffic(Email, DM,

    Social Media)

    Landing Page(Website)

    Action(Donate, signup, etc.)

    Thanks / Follow Up

    Donor Engagement

    (Feed the Funnel)


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    Why Fundraising Campaigns

    Emotion >> Rationality• Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational• Buy based on emotion / Rationalize it later with facts• Focus on emotion first,

    • then give them the reasons why it was a good decision• Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

    What donors want to hear about:• Organizational Impact (80%)• Success Stories (74%)• More details about the organization (71%)• Info on financial accountability (43%)

    Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey

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    Dan Ariely – Money and Need

  • Fundraising Campaigns14

    Campaigns + Stories

    Campaigns (stories) are compelling… • Donation pages are not

    Create emails and campaigns with “stories” in mind• Individual stories• Across emails.. The Cliffhanger• Multichannel• Childhood Hunger vs. four-year old Marie

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    Fundraising CampaignWorkbook

  • Fundraising Campaigns16

    Fundraising Campaign Templates

    Fundraising Campaign Workbook

    • Planning Timeline• Campaign Planning Sheet*• Email Templates*• Sample Campaign

    * Includes Word versions for easy editing

  • Fundraising Campaigns17

    Fundraising Campaign Templates

    These are just guides• Designed to get you off the blank page• Think how they fit into YOUR organizations planning and materials• Make sure to write in your voice – much more compelling

    Basic three email series• Focus is on email since this is about online fundraising• You can integrate this with your direct mail campaign• Add more emails or communications as needed• Module on Strategies and Tactics will give more ideas on how to broaden and strengthen your campaigns

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    Let’s go check out theWorkbook

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    Your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

    • Review the Campaign Planning Workbook

    • Complete the Campaign Planning Sheet

    • Create 1-3 draft emails using the Email Templates

    • Send them to me and schedule a one on one to review

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    @nonprofitrd Rich [email protected]