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  • 8th April 2016

    From the Principal

    Term 1 of our Academic Year comes to a close. It has been a wonderful

    term for our students who have participated in the academic, service,

    sporting and cultural programs with great enthusiasm and zest. A highlight

    of the term was our 30th Birthday Plunge. The ripple effect of this amazing

    event is still being talked about and shared. It certainly was an event for

    everyone. Thank you and well done to all in our community for a positive


    Year 12 Commemorative 30th Anniversary Tie

    As part of our 30 Year celebrations all Year 12 students will be

    gifted a 30th Anniversary tie to be worn as part of their winter

    uniform. These ties were designed by our current Year 12

    students last year with the support of Mr McCoy. This tradition

    will continue with each Year 12 group designing their Year 12 tie

    each year. This year’s special 30th Anniversary edition is

    designed to be worn with both the boy’s and girl’s uniform.

    Para Swim Carnival – Sport in the Right Spirit

    It was an honour to be the host school for the Para Swim

    Carnival this week. Our students and staff are to be

    congratulated for their commitment and enthusiasm at the


    Singapore Soccer Tour – Kick Off

    We wish our students and staff a safe and enjoyable Soccer tour in

    Singapore over the holiday period. A wonderful program is in place for our

    students. Thank you to Mr Marius Ndiaye, Ms Krystal Skelin and Ms Sarah

    Fogliani for bringing this tour to reality for our students.

    Weekly Mass - Invitation

    A warm invitation is extended to parents, staff, students and friends who

    would like to attend our weekly College mass in the Good Shepherd

    Chapel. Mass is held on Wednesday mornings and starts at 8.00am and

    finishes promptly at 8.30am. Fr Joe and Fr Renald share this mass and it is

    certainly a nice way to start the day and take time out for 30 minutes.

    Everyone is welcome.

  • Thank You Ms Leck – College Leadership

    Thank you to Ms Fiona Leck for undertaking the role of Deputy Principal whilst Mr Watson has been on

    leave. Ms Leck is an outstanding educator and as always her professionalism, diligence and outstanding

    leadership is valued. Ms Leck will continue her important role of Director of Academic Standards as a

    Senior Executive role for the remainder of the year. In Term 2 we welcome Mr Watson and Ms Stibi back

    from their well-earned long service leave.

    Counselling Services – A Proactive Model

    In Term 2 we welcome our two new counselor appointments, Mrs Irene O’Neil and Ms Marianna Vlahov.

    They will join our staff to enhance our pastoral and socio-emotional support for our children. We are

    blessed to have two experienced people joining our staff. Over the course of the year we will work to

    develop a team approach to our counseling services.

    aCROSS the World Project - Update

    Our aCROSS the world project took an exciting leap this week with the first of the

    blanks going into the kiln. Dylan Walker proudly closed the lid to begin the first stage

    of production of the 2016 special crosses to be placed in one Catholic/Christian

    school in every country of the world. Many students and staff are now involved in

    the research and production process. The aim is to have all schools and countries

    identified and contacted in Term 2 with delivery occurring in Terms 3 and 4.

    “Beyond 30” – Strategic Directions

    Setting our path and vision for the next three years is very important. The College’s strategic plan, called

    ‘Beyond 30’, can be found on the College website for interested parents and friends. At our recent

    Professional Learning day all teachers discussed ‘Beyond 30’ and continued the process of refining our

    strategies to achieve the goals set. ‘Beyond 30’ aims to enhance the educational experience of our

    children. It has a clear intent to improve academic performance at a personal level, engage our community

    and provide improved transition and preparation of students from Year 9 into the senior years of schooling.

    Parent Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 26 April 2016

    These are important conversations highlighted by the fact we devote a day to them. It provides a time to

    connect with your child’s teachers.

    Class of 2023

    Interviews for Year 7, 2018 have now started. Parents of siblings are reminded that siblings still need to

    be enrolled. Sometimes this is forgotten. To avoid disappointment of not having a place in Year 7, 2018

    please ensure you have put an application form in for your siblings. The interview process is always

    enjoyable and it is an honor to meet prospective students and parents.

    Have a safe and happy holiday. We return to school on Tuesday 26 April with our first round of parent

    teacher interviews. Students return to school Wednesday 27 April.

    For your children

    Mark Antulov Principal

  • Parent-Teacher interviews will be conducted from 1.00pm – 7.00pm, with interviews of 10 minutes

    duration on Tuesday April 26. Please note that this is a pupil free day. Parental presence in the

    College enhances student learning and promotes understanding between home and school, and as such

    students are also encouraged to attend the interviews.

    The College welcomes all parental contact, however, we do request that where one teacher has the

    same student for multiple subjects that parents book only one time slot. In addition, it is not always

    necessary for parents to meet with all of their child’s teachers. It is up to parent judgement as to which

    teachers they meet, though the College believes it is imperative that appointments are made if a teacher

    has specifically requested an interview. Teachers who have had recent contact with parents may have

    chosen not to request an interview. Parents may however, still choose to make an appointment with

    these teachers.

    Bookings are made through the internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO),

    saving time for parents, staff and students. Using this system on any internet-connected computer, you

    will be able to book the interview times that best suit you. If you do not have access to a computer

    please do not hesitate to contact the College on 9307 2000. To access the system click on this link

    ( or the PTO icon found on the Welcome

    page in SEQTA Engage. The system opens for bookings on Wednesday 6th April and will close at 5pm

    on Monday 25th April.

    Once on the PTO site, please click on Obtain PIN/Password in the “Need Help?” box on the right of the

    screen. You will then be asked to enter your email address in the box to the left of the screen. This

    address must match the one currently held by the College. An email will be sent with a direct link

    to allow you to book interview times. (These instructions with screenshots/graphics are available on

    SEQTA Engage under Documents/Reports). Full instructions are provided to you after log in.

    Students and parents are reminded of the change to winter uniform for all students from the first day of

    Term 2. The College blazer is a compulsory item that must be worn to school in the morning until the

    end of PCG and home from school at the end of the day. Dresses that require alteration must be ready

    for the first day of term to sit neatly at the top of the knee.

    On Fridays during winter terms, i.e. Terms 2 and 3, students are required to wear the following.

    Years 7 – 11: Full College tracksuit with House shirt. The tracksuit jacket may be removed during the

    day but must be worn to school, during PCG, then on the way home.

    Year 12: House shirt with school shorts and leavers jacket. If students wish to dress warmer then they

    have the choice of either the College tracksuit or school winter uniform.





    Annual school photographs will be taken on Thursday 5th May by Academy Photography. All students

    must be immaculately attired in full College winter uniform, including blazer. The following grooming

    standards must be adhered to:

     Hair is combed and/or tied back if below the collar

     Red, black or white hair ties only

     Full winter uniform including blazer (College jumper not to be worn for photos)

     Polished shoes

     Correct jewellery

     Ties must be worn and top buttons done up

     Girls are to wear black stockings/tights

     All badges removed

    Students will receive envelopes during the following week and these will be individually named. The

    envelopes must be given to the photographer on Photo Day even if a student is not purchasing photos.

    Instructions to parents regarding the cost