From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal

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  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal


    From Glittering GoldTo Blackening Coal &Splitting TheIndivisibleBy Zeeshaan Khan

    A brief outline on the golden age of Islam, the reason for its decline and a possible solution. Byincorporating modern science and technological advancement, an attempt is made to merge thewisdom of the Quran with the field of physics. Lastly, an analysis of Mi raj and how modern science

    clearly demonstrates the physical ascension of the Beloved Messenger .

  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal




    f we were to analyse the progression of the Muslim world from the advent

    of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula brought by the Illuminating Sun of the

    world, the Beloved Messenger , we would notice a very peculiar pattern.

    The initiation of the modern scientific era was ushered in by the Holy Prophet

    . The ignorant Arabians, Persians and Romans trembled upon hearing about

    the revolutionary message that Islam had to offer. Read!!! The first command

    and message of Islam. Read, in the name of Thy Lord . These were the words

    that would change the world and transform mankind.

    It is true that after the physical veiling of the Holy Prophet from this world,

    companions had travelled far and wide to spread a message which today still

    holds true and fresh. With every moment of technological advancement, the

    constitution of Islam in the form of the Quran and Narrations of the Divine

    Messenger seem to be many steps ahead. It is as if a new facet of an infinite

    diamond reveals its beauty through paradoxical yet simple revelations. The inkof a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr was one of the messages which

    could have been the beginning of The Golden Age of Islam that was started by

    the Abbasid Caliphate. They had rekindled the flame of knowledge in an era

    which is named so poorly in the West as the Dark ages. It was the

    secularisation and segmenting of knowledge into 2 water-tight compartments.

    One of them been knowledge of religion belonging to God alone, and the other been knowledge of the world belonging to Man. It was this social disintegration

    and dissociation of the human personality which had resulted in a brutal conflict

    between the church and the forces of Enlightenment. This in turn had resulted in

    a war against the church and hence a war against religion and God himself

    forming the basis of atheism.


  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal



    Despite this conflict occurring between religion and science, there was a

    reigniting of knowledge in the Islamic world which was soon to become a

    beacon of light and guidance to scholars from all over the world including

    scholars of the West.

    From the Mathemical science of Euclidean geometry and algebra to

    Agricultural sciences such as farming, Muslim scholars were soon to become

    the fathers in all fields of sciences. Geber, known today as the father of

    chemistry had not only mastered and understood Greek texts but also

    improvised and devised a new form of science which we know as alchemy

    today. Avicenna, known in this modern age as the Prince of Physicians had

    authored countless books on Medical science which still holds true today. He

    had authored a masterpiece The Canon of Medicine which was used as a

    textbook for scholars in European universities up until the early 17 th Century.

    There are numerous other contributions made by Muslim scholars to all fields of

    science which require a book itself to mention.

    So, why the decline?

    There are numerous factors which resulted in the decline of the Golden Age of

    Islam. One particular tale would suffice to clarify this issue. With all the wealth

    that had been accumulated during this Golden Age, power had increased and

    this had produced greed which would soon devour the superpower of Islam. It

    was during the battle of Tours that the Muslims had been successful initially,and with the spoils of war been plenty, greed had taken control and this had

    sewn conflict in the Muslim army ranks which had quickly reached the ears of

    Western opposition. The army had returned to battle and with the disunity

    already evident, the Muslim army and the Golden Age would soon become a

    legend of the past. The other factors which also would have had a role to play

    would be the attack on the belief system of Islam and the removal of emotions

  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal



    from a religion which holds its roots firm in the soil of love for God and His

    Beloved Messenger and ardent followers.

    It is disheartening to note that today the Muslim world is quickly approaching

    the age of ignorance which was destroyed by the Holy Prophet himself upon

    entering Arabia. Our so called inheritors of the Ambiya today have sculpted

    Islam into a skeleton devoid of a heart and life moving only by a thread attached

    to its skull been manoeuvred by the superpowers of the West. This analogy

    might seem graphically disturbing and exaggerated but is the reality of what

    Islam has become compared to its Golden Age a few centuries back. We have

    reconstructed religion and formed it into a cult where Iman has become lip

    motion, Salah ritual gymnastics, Zakat petty cash giving, fasting spiritual

    starvation and the Pilgrimage emotionless motion. This deterioration of the

    Muslim world through the ages can indeed be called our very own dark ages

    while the West is now in its Golden Age. This Western Golden Age now enjoys

    fame due to the very own scholarly works produced by scientists of the Islamic

    Golden Age. Very beautifully and eloquently narrated by the Holy Prophet

    The slave girl has given birth to its mistress. However, one thing is certain:

    Islam had begun its golden age to prove the existence of God while majority of

    the Western golden age now attempts to disprove any Divine Intervention.

    We Muslims have fallen into the same abyss that the west had fallen into. We

    have secularised knowledge and confined religion to a few emotionless rituals.

    Worldly education has been deemed as unworthy and useless and the few that

    have undergone training in worldly education have used it as a tool for financial

    success at the expense of spiritual enlightenment. We have taken zikr

    (remembrance) and separated it from fikr (contemplation). We have failed to

    understand that these are 2 wings on a vehicle that will propel us to reach our

    Lord, Most High. Logically, if an airplane were to have a single wing, it would

  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal



    fail to launch itself and thus fulfil its purpose. The Holy Quran expounds the

    importance of these 2 aspects in a single verse:

    Indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night

    and the day there are Signs (of Allahs Absolute Authority) for th ose who possess

    constructive wisdom. These are the people who, remembering Allah, remain

    standing (as the epitome of submissiveness), sitting (as reverence incarnate) and

    (also keep) changing sides (in discomfort of love) and contemplate on (manifest

    lustre of His Eminence and Beauty at work in) the creation of the heavens and the

    earth. (Then acquainted with the pleasure of His gnosis, they call out

    spontaneously) O our Lord, You have not created (all) this without any rationale

    and strategy. You are impeccably Pure (of all shortcomings and obligations). So

    protect us from the torment of Hell. (3:190-191)

    Those who remember their Lord standing, sitting, and lying down and

    contemplate on the creation of the heavens and the earth (3:191). We have lost

    our power of intellect and enslaved our minds to the superpowers of this

    modern age. Our freedom of thinking has been jailed and we have created

    barriers around our minds and failed to polish the rust from the core of our


  • 8/13/2019 From Glittering Gold to Blackening Coal




    onventional teachings have thought throughout the years that the

    smallest particle known to man is the atom. In fact, the very term has

    been derived from the Greek word atomos : a -not and tomos -divisible.

    This was not to be as it was shown a few decades later that there are indeed

    particles within the atom which we know as protons, neutrons and electrons.

    This is currently where it stops at secondary level institutions today. However,

    this is far from what modern physics shows. There are indeed particles so small,

    which would make an atom appear as a basketball. These particles are known to

    us as quarks. This is not where the process halts. Recent research has asked this

    question: Where does the mass of subatomic particles come from? This has

    resulted in a quest for what is known among the media as The God Particle (The

    Higgs Boson according to physicists). They have hypothesised that all mass in

    this universe is because of a single entity which forms the basis of every

    fundamental particle known to man. It is important for us to take note of the

    technological advancements required to arrive at a stage where we are able to

    probe deep into the tiniest space in this universe