FREEZE: Consider Your Career

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Transcript of FREEZE: Consider Your Career

  • freeze
  • imagine being in Antarctica
  • a frigid place with no corporate headquarters or CEOs
  • you can hear your heart beating
  • you have time to think
  • but you are not alone
  • there are few words here
  • but plenty of emotion!
  • safety is an illusion
  • so what do you want?
  • to set out on your own?
  • to be accepted?
  • to have someone else show you the path?
  • to avoid sticking out?
  • or to surprise others with your speed and agility?
  • dont-just-go- through-the-motions
  • decide what you want and get it
  • nownow
  • Inspired by Ira Meyers breathtaking book, ICE: AT THE ENDS OF THE EARTH All photographs by Ira Meyer. Learn more at Created by Bruce Kasanoff. Please visit CREDITS