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  • 1. You Have a WebsiteNow What? Perception vs. Reality Having a website I will conquer is just the start.the internet once my website is Getting traffic is built. People not easy & can bewill flood to it in expensive. the masses. Requires constant monitoring & iteration.
  • 2. But Wait! Theres Good News Free ways to get traffic (todays topic) Local search business listings Business directories Online classifieds Social Media Paid ways to get traffic Search engine marketing aka SEM (PPC, banners, etc) Free ways to get traffic (todays topic) Search engine optimization aka SEO (not always paid) Local search business listings Business directories Online aggregators (,, Online classifieds,,,
  • 3. Local Search Matters What is local search? A function in search engines and other sites that allows users to find what they want based on where theyre looking. Why should you case? Storage is local! People use it (millions) Simple (and free) to set up
  • 4. Create/claim your Google Listing (account required) Fill out basic fields Choose up to 5 categories Add additional details Verify via mail or phone
  • 5. List on on Other Search Engines List Other Search Engines Yahoo Create a yahoo account Fill out information (enhanced listing $9.95/mo) Bing Create a windows live ID Fill out information
  • 6. Best Practices Content is king Make sure to get reviews Add detailed descriptions about your facility Fill out as much information as possible Be consistent Make get traffic (todays topic) Free ways to sure all addresses & phone # are correct Local search business listings Match directories Business the information to your OWN website Online classifieds Be explicit (but not spammy)
  • 7. Local Listing Matter What are business listing? Onlinecity guides that help consumers find information about business, dinning, entertaining & more. Why should you care? Why should you care? Supplemental traffic (SEO) Supplemental traffic (SEO) People use reviews People use reviews Many listings have poor Many listing have poor info info
  • 8. Create/Claim Your Listing Check to see if your business is listed If there is no listing, make one If your facility shows up, claim it
  • 9. Add Basic Information
  • 10. Finish the Details Confirm Address Create login info Add business information
  • 11. Best Practices Be proactive! Get customers to leave you reviews Respond promptly to negative reviews Fill out as much info as possible (add photos) Test different offers Add yourself on other directories (
  • 12. Online Classifieds Matter What are online classifieds? Similar to newspaper classifieds ads, online classifieds are short, written ads that are grouped into categories by region. What should you case? Specificsections for storage People use it (millions) Simple (and free) to set up
  • 13. Section Dedicated forfor Storage Section Dedicated Storage Locate andclick on the parking/storage in housing category at top center.
  • 14. So Many Storage Ads This is where your ad will show up. To post an ad, click post in the upper right hand corner.
  • 15. Select Your Category First, select I am offering housing Second, select Second, select parking & paring & storage storage
  • 16. Lets Write an Ad Click Continue when finished
  • 17. Last Steps Accept Terms Confirm content Fill out captcha code Email verification Done!
  • 18. Best Practices Craigslist Create an account to post ads faster Wait 48 hours to post your next ad (dont spam) Test different content & promotions Post on other classifieds Similarprocess for most & ($ for links on kijiji) Always read follow terms of services
  • 19. Social Media (part 1: Twitter) Own your name! Community Promotions Outreach Advice
  • 20. Social Media (Part 2: FaceBook) Own your name! Community Promotions Outreach Advice Social tools Get Fans Like
  • 21. In Summation Local search/ads are important Sign up for every site you can - be everywhere With the explosive growth of mobile, local search is the way things are moving Be Proactive & Authentic Fill out everything and be explicit Reach out, engage with customers, get reviews Be careful Ranking factors are constantly changing and rules are getting more strict Dont be spammy! Dont be spammy! Dont be spammy!
  • 22. Thank You! Q/A Mario Feghali & Chuck Gordon, 512-705-6208Did I mention, dont be spammy?