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  • 1. PRE K-12 @ AURORA WATER Free urces eso chers r R Tea ate ra W roFor Au
  • 2. Dear Educator,W ater plays a significant role in our economy, the environment and our quality of life. Teaching students about the importance of water is where we excel.Our program offers three types of learning experiences including classroompresentations, field trips and service learning projects. Whether you need apresentation, a tour of a water treatment plant, an opportunity for students totake action or all of the above, we can help provide your students with an in-depthlook at water.For more information call or e-mail us today to arrange a programthat works for you. We look forward to hearing from you! The Aurora Water Youth Education Team 720-427-6029
  • 3. FOREST TO FAUCETS: AURORAS WATER RESOURCESA ContinuingEducation ProjectWET and PLTWorkshop forK-12 Educators Looking for a continuing education pportunity? o Held each year in late June, this interactive orkshop w for teachers is all about water. Youll learn, first hand, where your water comes from. Youll xplore e our mountain watersheds, learn about the effects of forest fires on our watershed, conduct water quality studies, tour a eriscape garden and visit a water X t reatment plant. Youll walk away with the nationally recognized Project Learning Tree and Project WET curriculum guides, a better nderstanding of where u your water comes from and ccess to Aurora Waters a i nnovative ducational pportunities. To receive e o information about next summers rogram and an p application, e-mail or call n 720-427-6029.
  • 4. SERVICE LEARNING PROJECTS Household Chemical Round Up (Participants must be at least 16) The Household Chemical Roundup is an annual one-day household hazard- ous waste collection event held each September. Products collected at the event are recycled, reused or disposed of properly. Volunteers are needed to register participants, unload vehicles and staff collection stations. Call 303-739-7372. Students can take action on what they have High Line Canal and prevent trash from learned through Aurora Waters service entering Tollgate and Sand Creeks with projects. Staff will assist teachers to the release of spring runoff. This event is Ca 303-7 ll c omplete student projects such as storm scheduled at the end of March each year. 39-73 drain tenciling, native wetland plantings, s Volunteers are needed to help pick up trash to g et inv72 o weed removal, water pollution prevention, along the 11 miles of the High Line Canal in any lved these of or creating a school-wide conservation that runs through Aurora. projec campaign. To volunteer for a project Call 303-739-7372. ts call, 303-739-7372. Storm Drain Stenciling (Grades 5-12) Storm drains, found along streets and curbs, take rainwater from storms directly to local waterways without passing through a treatment plant. Volunteers are needed to assist in this important pollution prevention project by labeling storm drains around Aurora with the educational message No Dumping, Drains to Creek. Call 303-739-7372. High Line Canal Clean Up (Participants must be at least 8) The High Line Canal Clean Up is a community-wide effort to beautify the4
  • 5. C LASSROOM PRESENTATIONS In the following programs presenters bring fun, water-related models, games and activities into your classroom. In each of the following presentations, students learn where their water comes from, how to prevent water pollution and the importance of water conservation. Your students will also receive All About Aurora Water activity booklets and information on joining Auroras Water Wizards Kids Club. Presentations are offered free of charge to schools in Aurora and are correlated to the Colorado State Standards. Call 720-427-6029 or e-mail for more information or to schedule a classroom presentation. WaterKeep it Clean! We All Live Downstream (Grades 3-8) Protecting our Watershed The earth is about 77 percent water, but (Grades 6-12) not all of that is available for us to use as You have just inherited river-front property drinking water. Find out why through inter- and a million dollars. Find out all you need active games. Take a look at a watershed to know about Point-Source and Non- model to understand how kids can help Point Source water pollution. protect our water. Careers in Water Conservation Capers (Grades 9-12) (Grades 3-8) Learn about Auroras water sources andIf I Were a Fish Students learn more about the source of the types of careers involved in the water(Preschool-Grade 1) their water and conservation through three industry. Play Wet Work Shuffle and testWhat would you need if you were a fish? conservation capers. In the Wasteful Water your understanding of the water deliveryClean water! Explore the importance of this Charade they explore how water is used process.natural resource through movement and and wasted. With Water Flow Cup theysongs like H2O, If I Were a Fish and see how a low-flow shower head or sinkThe Water Cycle. Learn about the water aerator really works. With Conservation Kitcycle and the role that people play in it, Take Action students receive an Aurorahow we use water and how kids can help Water Conservation Kit to take home andprotect it. start saving water.Water Heroes(Grades 1-3)It ta