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  • Home Selling Tips

    For a Smarter Home Sale

  • Selling your home is an infrequent occurrence

  • Thats no reason to be in the dark

  • Here are some tips

  • To ensure your hard-earned equity...

  • ...ends up

    in your



  • 1 Never Pay for a Pre-listing Home InspectionSome real estate agents will try to convince you to pay

    for a pre-listing home inspection in the hope that you

    will fix any problems that it uncovers. Fixing all the

    problems certainly makes the agents job of selling your

    home easier.

    Unfortunately, a pre-listing home inspection can never

    save you moneyit can only cost you money. Save

    your money and let the buyer pay for it. After all, it

    benefits them to find hidden problems, not you.

  • 2 Do Pay for Professional PhotographyOne of the two keys to selling your home quickly and for

    top dollar today is to have beautiful photographs. It is

    the difference between having four families at your

    open house and forty.

    A professional real estate photographer will run you

    between $100 and $200 and it is one of the best

    investments you can make when it comes time to sell.

  • 3 Do Pay for a Professional AppraisalThe other key to selling your home quickly and for top

    dollar is to price it right. And you cannot price your

    home right without knowing its appraised value.

    Cant you just use a real estate agents estimate? No.

    Unlike agent estimates, a professional appraisal is an

    actual number a bank will use to decide how much

    money to lend on your home.

  • 4 You Will Sell Your Home for Top Dollar by Underpricing it SlightlyThe best way to sell your home for top dollar is to get a

    bidding war going amongst interested buyers, and the

    best way to do that is to underprice your home slightly.

    Buyers want a deal, so underpricing it will get more of

    them to submit an offer, and buyers are more likely to

    increase their bid once they have emotionally committed

    to buying your home.

  • 5 If You Already Have a Buyer, Do Not Hire a Real Estate AgentIf you already have a buyer for your home and the two

    of you have agreed on the price, there is no reason to

    hire a real estate agent.

    Instead, hire a real estate attorney and pay them by the

    hour to help you navigate the paperwork and the

    escrow process. There is no need to pay a sales


  • 6 Never Do Requested Home RepairsThe buyer of your home is going to request that you

    make some repairs to your home. Its no big deal, all

    buyers do. The trick is to not actually do the repairs.

    Once you decide on what repairs you agree are

    reasonable, rather than doing the repairs yourself,

    simply offer the buyer a cash credit so they can do the

    repairs. This way if the repair is not done satisfactorily,

    its their headache not yours.

  • So, now

    that you




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