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F OSTER G RANDPARENTS OF SOUTHERN KENTUCKY Connecting our generations, serving our community Western Kentucky University - Byrne, Kersey, Laves, Phillips, Turner, Washer SPRING 2012

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Transcript of Foster Grandperents Planbook

Western Kentucky University - Byrne, Kersey, Laves, Phillips, Turner, Washer SPRING 2012





Connecting our generations, serving our community












OVERVIEWNonprofit organizations exist to help people. In their different forms, they help groups in the society that would otherwise suffer. For those in need they are a ray of hope at the right time. They are a sign that someone cares about more than money or the bottom line. For those fortunate enough to have time or money to give, nonprofits provide an outlet for compassion and caring. They provide a chance to do good in ones community and to be able to see the positive effect of ones accomplishments. Foster Grandparents is a nonprofit that helps children in the community reach their full potential. Through the one-on-one attention of the volunteers, children receive the additional help they deserve. These children deserve every advantage, but circumstances beyond their control have deprived them of things taken for granted by most. The amazing volunteers that donate their time also gain amazing experiences and fulfill a vital role in our community. And thats priceless.

OBJECTIVESDevelop an Identity Statement

Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky Connecting our generations, serving our community Foster Grandparents allows seniors to provide love, time and experience with children in need. Seniors gain self-worth by providing the kind of comfort and love that sets each child on a path toward a successful future. With over 100 members serving at 45 stations, we can make a big difference.

Create and direct traffic to Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky website to increase awareness.

Create Online Content

Utilize Wordpress, Facebook, and HTML e-mail newsletter to interact with the community. Online content will help generate visible growth in community awareness.

Create Consistent Message

Be certain that all digital and printed documentation uses the same particulars, logo, and identity statement to create a consistent message for Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky.

Increase Awareness

Using the evaluation step to measure increased awareness. -600 facebook likes from the Bowling Green Area will equal almost a 20% increase -Opening the survey again in 12 months and measuring difference, hopefully looking for an increase.

BACKGROUNDHISTORY The Foster Grandparents Program is a department of Community Action of Southern Kentucky, which provides services to residents in the Barren River area. Since 1981, The Foster Grandparents Program in Southern Kentucky connects up seniors with children who have special needs. These children are chosen by engaged faculty within public education. They may have trouble learning or participating in the classroom and Foster Grandparents help provide more individual attention they deserve. National foster grandparents programs began during the service movement of the 1960s and was generally connected with Senior Service Corps. It has not traditionally been linked to groups like Community Action. BACKGROUND Each grandparent provides individual attention and assistance fifteen to forty hours a week at different locations throughout Southern Kentucky. The grandparents receive forty hours of pre-service training and monthly in- service meetings. Pre-service training involves shadowing other grandparents to receive hands-on understanding of the children they may be working with. The grandparents are matched with children based on geography, availability, and personal preference. Again, the children are chosen according to needs evaluated by their educators.

CHILDREN HELPED BY FOSTER GRANDPARENTS 40% students from public schools in the area, mostly elementary school age 40% students from Community Action programs like Head Start 20% students referred through alternative education programs or other non-profit childcare facilities

Currently, about 105 Foster Grandparents serve at 45 stations, which include public schools, Head Start centers, and other non-profit care facilities. By years end the program amasses 82,000 hours of community service. Most of the volunteer Foster Grandparents work in the Warren County area, with the next largest concentration assisting in Barren County.

Foster GrandparentBill Jordan

LISTENINGThere are foster grandparents programs nationwide. In other states the press coverage is a bit higher, especially in local papers as compared to Southern Kentuckys program. Through press releases and a good relationship with local media, the programs are able to make the news. Floridas Foster Grandparents Program boosts coverage with owned content. Their blog highlights the program with posts targeting both the grandparents and the community. That blog seems to be unique to the Florida program.

News Mentions: A story in The Somerville News out of Massachusetts featured an award ceremony for the grandparents. A features story out of New York State is headlined Foster Grandparents come complete with hugs, love.

Existing Internal Factors Factual, accurate page on Community Action websiteCriticisms: Social Media links connect to only Community Action sources. The Community Action brand is highlighted more prominently than Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky. There is only one small photo. There is no logo on this page. It does not easily offer any way for the community to interact or learn how to donate.

The mission statement is very factual and lacks any emotional appeal. It is also a little wordy. It reads: The Foster Grandparents Program matches up seniors with children who have special needs such as abuse, neglect, physical, mental, or emotional disabilities as well as those who are in the juvenile justice system. They provide individual attention and assistance 15 - 40 hours per week. They attend 40 hours of pre-service training and monthly in- service trainings thereafter. Currently, approximately 105 Foster Grandparents serve at 45 stations, which include schools, Head Start centers, and other non-profit facilities.

Written Material has good contentCriticisms: Publications lack consistent use of the Foster Grandparents logo and type. The dominant focus of most publications points to Community Action first, not Foster Grandparents.

Budget is tied to Community Actions budget Funding comes from federal aid, United Way, and the Corporation for National and Community Service, but community donations are desperately needed.

STRENGTHS Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky has a strong group of ready and willing volunteers. As a group, they are open to try new strategies to make the community aware of their presence. Foster Grandparents provides a unique service

WEAKNESSES Lack of community awareness. Elevation of Community Action above Foster Grandparents program on most written documentation. No consistency of identity.

OPPORTUNITIES Potential for engaging narratives to share as self-generated content Bowling Green is a good location. Bowling Green is one of the three largest cities in Kentucky, and also it is a college town full of even more event opportunities.

THREATS More nationally branded non-profit organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, or United Way that may divert donations away from Foster Grandparents. Other local causes and groups looking for community donations


RESEARCHOn April 4, 2012, our group met with Mr. Robbie Chin, the director of Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky. With this meeting, our group hoped to narrow down the goals Mr. Chin wanted to achieve with this plan. The team started the meeting establishing the two challenges that Mr. Chin felt Foster Grandparents faced. (see boxes)

Foster Grandparents does not currently face any shortage of volunteers. This campaign wants to target awareness of potential donors. The emotional touch point that needs to resonate with the audience is the feeling of care and nuturing that one may associate with their own grandparent, and how that feeling is making a difference in their community. Mr. Chin decided that this campaign should develop a clear, concise brand identity. He wants this identiy to convey a positive emotion when anyone asks what Foster Grandparents is.

Adults in the community with disposable income, likely to donate to Foster Grandparents: This will be the hardest, most broad public, with the least return. The main ways to reach them will be through Facebook, Wordpress, and the media. Fundraisers will be a prime motivation for getting this group to give. Community members with children or aging parents: These have been allocated because they will be the easiest to target emotional ly with a branding plan. They will be able to relate to the work Foster Grandparents does, see the benefits and be able to relate that to their own life experiences. The prime objective is to attract them as supporters and encourage them to donate. The blog will be the best way to communicate the Foster Grandparents message because they will be able to relate to the stories and will be interested in the content. Current investors - individuals already donating to Foster Grandparents: These will be targeted on all levels: Facebook, blog, emails, newsletters, brochures, etc. This group through word-of-mouth will be beneficial to the community understanding of Foster Grandparents. Current volunteers - those working with Foster Grandparents that feel a sense of loyalty: This will be the easiest group to reach, as Foster Grandparents already is in contact with them. The main objective here is to make sure that this group understands the brand identity and is prepared to give a simple, concise, and consistent message about the program to any one who asks. Word-of-mouth is already being employed to recruit grandparents, we will give the current volunteers the right information to deliver about the program to maximize community understanding. Local media outlets - radio, TV, newspaper: This is an extremely important public, because third-party endorsement will lend credibility to the program. The main way to target this public is through Facebook and press releases, which could be written and distributed by an intern. Foster Grandprents programs exist nationwide, but as a whole it does not have any national branding. Local groups start out without the benefit of national branding that other non profits, such as American Red Cross


Foster Grandparents is not its own entity, but a department of Community Action and they can not pretend they are independent. Does that connection to Community Action help or hinder Foster Grandparents?

This campaign conducted a survey to evaluate current awareness of Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky. The survey was conducted online and was distributed to consenting adults in the Warren County community.

Key objectives: Gain a better understanding of the current public awareness of Community Action and Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky. Acquire numbers of those who interact with non-profits in the area and how they interact with them. Find out which ways the public would prefer to interact with Foster Grandparents

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Insights gained:

Community Action has twice as much awareness of Foster Grandparents. Foster Grandparents stands at 19% awareness in the community. The top four ways people preferred to receive information from Foster Grandparents were from: Facebook, a Foster Grandparents Website, Local Radio Stations, and E-mail newsletters. Currently the most people heard about Foster Grandparents through word-ofmouth but we did not gain enough responses to this particular question to project this number effectively.

ry r Sto p ap e News s Story _ w ____ ____ t V Ne Story ____ abou ___ T dio News _ ____ rmed Ra ____ u info s ____ ____ oster riend ep yo ____ F 5. Doto ke rP ___ ____ rochure o ys you interact ____ a ___ B r with or est w ____ undraise ________ donate the b F _ to non-pr ld be ____ ther: ___ s wou ly) ofit orga O ___ yes p ource ____ nizations tters) g res all that ap in in this ar s 6. le follow (check d new If so how ea? e nte do you or pri h of th arents? ic ___ no res interact 4. Wh Grandp rochu ite book with them ce ls (b s on Fa (check ____ M oster ateria nts Web F dM er all that aking do media re Twitt Printe apply) ocial n dp a nations ____ At ia on ____ r Gra parents s tending l med Foste Fundrais ____ D rand socia ____ oing vo ers ster G rents lunteer ____ R __ Fo r Grandpa r __ work eceiving oste Newslette F email ne ____ Fo ____ il r wsletters s llo E-Ma ewspape tation ____ Fo wing them ___ ____ lN TV s Insight llow _ ___ on Facebook Loca roadcast on ____ O ___ing __em on __ th ____ lb . a ds Twitter th ____er: ______ _ Loca cable, i.e ns __ ___ ______ l _ ___ ______ Loca statio ____ __________ ______ ____ l radio __ __ ______ ______ Loca ___ _ ______ ______ ____ You: ______ ______ ______ 7. At this Reach ______ ______ ys to time, yo _ ______ r Wa u may ____ Othe

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RESEARCHSURVEY RESULTSCommunity awareness of: Community Actionunaware 64 % aware 36 % Printed Materials (brochures) 31.9% Foster Grandparents Website 48.9% Facebook 6 1.7% Twitter 21.3%

Which of the following resources would keep you most informed about Foster Grandparents?

Community awareness of: Foster Grandparents

Email Newsletter 39.4% Local Newspaper 29.8% Local Broadcast TV Stations 34% Local cable 36.2% aware 19 % Local Radio Stations 44.7% Other: volunteer opportunities for students, billboards

unaware 81 %

SURVEY RESULTSDo you interact with or donate to non-profit organizations in this area?yes 57 % no 43 %

How did you originally hear about Foster Grandparents?

If so, how do you interact with them?

Newspaper Story 18.8% Radio News Story 6.3% Brochure/Poster 12.5% TV News Story 31.3% Friends 62.5% Fundraiser 12.5% Daycares 31.3% Worked for them 6.3% School Systems 12.5%

Making Donations 64.4% Attending Fundraisers 30.5% Doing Volunteer Work 62.7% Receiving Email Newsletters 23.7% Following them on Facebook 45.8% Following them on Twitter 15.3%

Other: work for them


FONT BOOK Geosans Light

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ? > < + = { }FONT BOOK Gill Sans MT

The above logo was the original logo Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky was using, however our creative team edited it slightly to even out the arms.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T UV W XY Z abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ? > < + = { }

Color PaletteCMYK C = 100 M = 82 Y = 34 K= 2 1 CMYK C=4 M = 26 Y = 86 K= 0 CMYK C = 42 M=0 Y= 8 1 K = 14 RGB HEX R=1 27 #77DD22 G=2 19 B = 42 RGB HEX R=0 #002288 G = 36 B=1 33

RGB HEX R=2 45 #EEBB22 G = 189 B = 36

One of the major goals of this campaign was to create consistency in message and identity. An easy way to develop a cohesive brand is to use the same type face, style, logo, and colors. Foster Grandparents required a color and type palette that conveys reliability and professionalism without seeming sterile or corporate. The typography needed to be clean but unique. It needs to reflect care, trust, and professionalism. A sans-serif font is also more convenient for printed materials, embroidery, and web type.

This logo is close to the same as the original logo used by the program before this campaign. The only difference was a few tweeks to the shape of the people and designating that the logo will be the above specific blue. The two chosen type faces were chosen for their clean presentation. Geosans Light is a more unique sans-serif font, while Gill Sans MT reflects a more traditional font.


Our creative team decided to implement five key sites to help improve the online presence for Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky.

Gmail was utilized as a free e-mail client because of the unlimited message storage space. Also, Gmail is a widely used server and is rarely rejected when a message is sent to a new inbox. Having a Gmail e-mail address allows the user the opportunity to extend it to a Google Account, allowing them to use all of the beneficial services Google offers. Also, because this is a free service, it does not cost Foster Grandparents any money and can be discontinued at anytime.

[email protected] password: FGgoogleemail was chosen as a free content management system for its versatility and ease of use. Wordpress free hosted sites are clean and simple to customize. The site can function as both informative and engaging to the target audience of potential donors. Free Wordpress site content can easily be downloaded and transfered to a paid-for site if the client ever chooses to move in that direction.

fostergrandparents.wordpress.comcurrent username: fostergrandparents current password: FGwordpress

Facebook is currently the number one social networking site in America. Not only is this a great social environment, Facebook is a wonderful public relations tool to connect with potential volunteers and even local media sources. Many news stations, radio stations, and publications have their own facebook pages and check community pages for events and occasions. These days, more people see if a business or group has a facebook before they even look for a website. It is important to have your information where your target is likely to find it. username: [email protected] current password: FGfacebook

Zoomerang/Survey Monkey are membership based survey creation sites. Not only do they help you create effective surveys, but paid members have access to target audience databases and statistical graphs of their collected data. Currently, this research project used the free version (linked with the facebook account.) This allowed for our team to collect 100 responses. We then created data representations on our own.

www.surveymonkey.comcurrent username: login via facebook

Campaign Monitor is a low-cost online marketing software available as a free trial. Our creative team utilized Campaign Monitor as an HTML Newsletter/Email builder. Engaging and well-designed e-mails are more effective than text only.

www.campaignmonitor.comcurrent username: fostergrandparents current password: FGcampaign



Foster Grandparents

Ourvolunteersarerecognized.Postedon April 23, 2012


Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky on Facebook

Over 100 Foster Grandparent Volunteers were recognized for their many hours of service. Each year these volunteers assist over 300 children who have special needs in the area. Thank you to these wonderful mentors and volunteers! Volunteers had a blast recollecting with other volunteers on their service work. Many of our volunteers were recognized individually. One volunteer, Sally James, said, Im glad for the opportunity to talk with my fellow volunteers. I havent met a lot of them, so its great to see what contributions theyve been making at other schools and head start programs. Another volunteer, Joe Smith, was just happy that they had received recognition, It always feels good to know that someone recognizes the good that youre doing. I know the children I work with everyday appreciate it, but its nice when the whole organization gives you a formal thanks. It just makes you feel good. Just under 100 volunteers were able to attend. The event included a catered dinner and guest speakers who discussed the influence of Foster Grandparents in Bowling Green. One speaker said, This program has been a true asset to the students and staff in our building. If it wasnt for the Foster Grandparents in our elementary school, I know of many children that would still be struggling.


CCC Conference Lice Advice CSBG Grant Available for Public Review 6th Annual Charity Golf Classic


Bethefirstpersontolikethis Non-ProfitOrganization Connectingourgenerations,servingourcommunity About





Interavtive HTML E-mail Newsletters

PRINTED MATERIALSFoster Grandparents Letterhead

To establish a consistent message, making sure that all printed materials are also created with the same stylle guide is very importnat.

Connecting our generations, serving our community

April 12, 2012 Dear Ms. Washer, On behalf of Foster Grandparents please accept this letter as a written consent to conduct primary research, including a shot survey, to asses the current public awareness of Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky. Sincerely, Robert O. Chinn Director, Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky

Community Action of Southern Kentucky Foster Grandparents P.O. Box 90014 Bowling Green, KY 42101-9014



Send us a message on facebook or send an email to

[email protected] your email address to recieve our email newsletters.



To make a financial contribution or to find out how you can help Foster Grandparents: you can reach us by phone or mail.

270-782-3162Community Action of Southern Kentucky Foster Grandparents P.O. Box 90014 Bowling Green, KY 42101-9014


:Connecting our generations, serving our community FosterGrandparentsSOKY

Foster Grandprents Post Brochure


STRATEGYEducate volunteers and staff on the new concise identity statement Assign duties relating to social media / online presence Set the Blog Posting Schedule

PR E - CA MPAIGNConcept: Show the strategystatement and headline: Connecting our generations, serving our community to all members associated with Foster Grandparents.

Concept: The organization should set a schedule for blog posts, deciding which volunteers to profile each week and what events need to be covered. We recommend that Foster Grandparents hire a public relations or branding intern to handle social media, press releases.

Concept: Set a schedule that allthose involved are aware of so everyone knows what needs to happen and when .

Rationale: This will lessen the stressof the blog and its components

Rationale: This will allow the volunteers andstaff to understand this campaign. It will allow for more consistency among members.

Rationale: Assigning early who is responsiblefor what will allow for social media to become a part of day to day business rather than an extra nuisance that comes up by surprise.

Anticipated Outcome: Setting aschedule will ensure that posts are regular and unhurried in their construction.

Anticipated Outcome: This will help create aclear identity for Foster Grandparents. Volunteers and staff will be well prepared in which aspects they should stress about the program, and will help to strengthen the identity in the publics mind. They will have a consistent message to deliver when asked about the program.

Anticipated Outcome: This will take somestress off of the added duties that this campaign will add to the staffs schedule. Interns are free and know how to use social media and should have experience with press releases.

Print NEW Written Materials

Launch Facebook page and Blog

LAUN CHConcept: Print the new writtenmaterials for distribution to advertise this new campaign.

Rationale: The new material stressesthe new identity and strategy statement and is targeted toward the new social media function and donors than toward gaining volunteers, of which Foster Grandparents already has plenty .

Concept: The launch and first post will introduce Foster Grandparents to a new audience. Both the Facebook page and blog should have a post on opening day explaining Foster Grandparents. Rationale: Launching them all on thesame day provides a clear goal and deadline for those working on the project and creates an atmosphere of Grand Opening! in an online space.

Anticipated Outcome: This will helpincrease awareness, contributions, and social media interaction. This will provide a clearer look at Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky.

Anticipated Outcome: The launch willlead to a first rush of likes, subscribes and hits. The traffic will get people interested and encourage them to learn more by returning to the facebook page or the blog.

STRATEGYConnect Facebook to local media sources to gain more media coverage Begin weekly meetings to discuss social media usage Use to create bi-monthly e-mail newsletters

LAUN CHConcept: Connecting our facebookpage with local media like WBKOTV, Sam100.7, WUHU107.1, WNKY, WKUHerald, and Daily News will help local media cover our organization more easily and more regularly.

Concept: These weekly meeting willkeep everyone on the same page with the campaign. Meetings will be a place to discuss potential story topics, any issues with the sites, and schedules.

Concept: This newsletter will providepertinent and engaging information to staff, volunteers, donors, and community members.

Rationale: E-mail newsletters can bevisually engaging. Bi-monthly conversations will help reinforce the brand identity and spread information quickly.

Rationale: Linking local media withour page will create an easy to use public relations connection.

Rationale: These meetings create anefficient way to keep the team on the same page concerning Foster Grandparents and the messages being distributed.

Anticipated Outcome: A welldeveloped and maintained scheduled newsletter builds an organizations credibility with the public.

Anticipated Outcome: This online relationship will lead to a higher chance of earned media coverage by local sources.

Anticipated Outcome:

Effective meetings will facilitate a smooth progression of this awareness campaign.

Use Wordpress Dashboard to view Analytics

Evaluate the number of Facebook Likes

Conduct the Survey Again

EVALUATIONConcept: The wordpress dashboard allows the user to view statistics regarding the website. It will show views and popularity of the site.

Concept: 12 months after the launch,Foster Grandparents should look at the number of facebook likes received in order to the campaigns success.

Rationale: By viewing the stats for theFoster Grandparents site we will be able to tell how successful the site has been at delivering content to the audience. They will have a better idea what posts were most successful and how successful the site was overall.

Rationale: If 600 Facebook likes aregained then Foster Grandparents will have close to 20% awareness connected with them on Facebook.

Concept: By conducting the survey again we will be able to measure our objectives to see if we have successfully met them. Rationale: The ease of comparingnumbers will show how much awareness has increased after 12 months have passed.

Anticipated Outcome: The organization will have a better idea of how their Facebook page is working to increase awareness and gain an identity with the public.

Anticipated Outcome: $0-99At this point, if Foster Grandparents agrees that this site is an effective tool, then they may decide to purchase the domain and more informative analytics.

Anticipated Outcome: This will help the program to know which areas have been successful and which areas have not. At this time they may make adjustments to the campaign and test out new strategies as needed.

STRATEGYLook at change in financial contribution

MEASUREMENTGain 600 Facebook likes in a period of 12 months: There are roughly 39,000 citizens over 18 inthe Warren County area as of the 2000 census. We want to increase awareness to 20%. If we take 39,000 and we subtract the 9,393 people who are 55 and older who will most likely not have Facebook profiles we will have roughly 30,000 people. In order to gain Facebook awareness with 20% of that group we will need 600 Facebook likes.

Concept: This audit will evaluatethe effectiveness of the campaign in relation to financial gains.

Post once/month for 12 months:Foster Grandparents should create at minimum 12 narrative blog posts over the course of the next year. gives the user statistics of users and visits on the dashboard. Monitor these figures over the next year to measure effecacy.

Rationale: This will provide clearnumbers and quantifiable evidence of the campaigns success.

Anticipated Outcome: The campaign efficacy should be reflected in an increase of donations over a period of 12 months.

Conduct Survey:A second conduction of the survey will allow Foster Grandparents to measure an increase in awareness.

CONCLUSIONSUMMARYOur research team from Western Kentucky University used primary and secondary research to understand the problem that Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky faced. The strategy created will allow Foster Grandparents of Southern Kentucky increase community awareness.

THE CAMPAIGN TEAMJacqueline Byrne Sarah Kersey June Laves Jordan Turner Taylor Phillips Julie Washer Advisor: Cliff ShalutaWKU Research in Advertising and PR