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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    For Creatives, Event Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, & Authors

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    Dear Creatives, Event Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Authors,

    Delighted to be here with you! This is your lucky day. Life will never be the same. That’s what I aspire for you and my intention with our new connection.

    Regardless of which pivot you choose in your business due to the new economy, the golden nuggets I have for you all must be in place as you take action on your pivot plan.

    To begin, I highly recommend chunking down your business goals into 90-day increments where you choose a few pivots with goals to achieve and then implement what I am about to teach you.

    Before I launch into teaching and inspiring you how to achieve your one-year goals in 6 weeks in this new economy, I want to share a backstory to lay the right foundation for you to excel.

    Furthermore, this story will give you the authenticity of what I am teaching because it all came from my own breakdown to breakthrough.

    Inspired action not massive action helped recover my dreams, create more consistent income, brought me the most joy while serving my clients and healed my relationship with my creativity.

    As a result, my clients and I follow the same method resulting in earning more income faster and more efficiently while simplifying our business models.

    Backstory June 1, 2017 was the day my life expanded in ways I would have never imagined. After 20 years of denying my long-held desire to live and work in both USA and Italy (laptop lifestyle), I hit a wall in March 2017 that required deep soul searching for answers.

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    On June 1, I hired my coach for a private five-hour intensive to recover my dreams and desires. They were lost in the harried-ness of life far too long. I felt like a manufactured version of myself after nine years of running my coaching business. After a few hours of diving deep that had me crying, laughing, and imagining, my brilliant coach pulled out of me that long-held desire and helped me plan my first-time month-long stay in Florence, Italy. As a result, I was a woman on a mission to make it happen. I had not felt THAT alive and vital in years! 45 days later after planning my adventure, I took off for Rome and Florence, Italy to be transformed from the inside out. That desire was the seed that launched my new life. (Photo credit: Wendy Yalom, Florence, Italy 2017) Everything changed from that travel experience. I fell back in love with life. I trusted my intuition again. The feeling of being vibrant in who I was and how I showed up in life became my new normal. I spent days roaming the cobblestone streets of Florence experiencing the culture, food, people and incredible architecture. I lived like a local in my cute Airbnb only a 20-minute walk to the main Piazza. I worked my coaching business from my laptop and reveled in the ease and flow of play and work. I visited Tuscany wineries and marveled at the beauty of Cinque Terre during day trips! I created a new brand. I designed a new business structure based on ONLY what brought me joy, and composed new programs that were authentic to me. Three years later my life and business still look and feel completely different. Whenever I feel out of alignment with who I am or what I am doing, I do what I am about to teach you.

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    Creative Achievement Formula How often have you claimed an important goal and have it fall short? It was a goal that seemed highly achievable with the required focus and actions. But, alas, it didn't come to fruition and you felt defeated. Given the uncertain but dynamic road of the empowered woman, this scenario is common. We just pick ourselves up; dust ourselves off and do-it-all-over-again with a few tweaks. Right? I can almost guarantee you never knew or were told this one crucial element was missing. I certainly didn’t know until my coach taught me. The proven formula for success and fulfillment to feel completely spiritually aligned in a high vibration zone is this: Desires + Goals = Results. Desires fuel the goals. Our desires are made from our fire, passion, free-spirit, and non-negotiable traits. Desires are the heart. Goals are the logic. You cannot achieve a goal faster without the desires fueling the goals. Goals alone for women entrepreneurs will leave us burned out and unfulfilled. Do you have desires you have long held in your heart without giving them the light of day due to fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry of financial, and/or lack of time? Back in 2017, my goals were to make money with joy, feel deeply authentic and happy in my business changing lives, and respectfully let go of anyone or anything that was not aligned with this new high frequency life. This became my new normal.

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    What kept me going in times of uncertainty while sustaining my perseverance back in 2017 was my desire to live and work in Italy for years to come; it wasn’t the goals themselves. See the difference? When we give our loyalty to our desires, have faith and trust these desires can and will happen, they lead us in the pursuit of our goals. We are not trained and imprinted as young women to go after our desires. We are told they unattainable or unaffordable. Practicality sets in. But it is our desires that help withstand the demands of our focus and actions to see the goal complete. Desires are the fuel to keep the fire lit in your heart to see it through to manifest. What long-held desire have you been holding off? I know you are completely capable and powerful to take the leap of faith and begin the process. Ok, let’s move onto the two must have strategies in order to achieve your one- year goals in 6-weeks.

    Two Must Have Strategies Inspired Action vs. Massive Action and Raising Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion.

    These are the secrets behind collapsing your time frame from one year to 6 weeks. Before I go dive into details of those strategies, let’s look at what happened to two of my women creative entrepreneur clients who were recent graduates of my Money Transformation Program.

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    Their results reconfirm the truth that anything is possible in a short time frame given you implement effective mindset strategies, intention, and actions.

    Watching their swift transformations in as little as 4-6 weeks never ceases to amaze me and I have been guiding creatives and professionals to collapse their time frames on goals for 12 years now. Chelsey, brand + web designer, and business coach to entrepreneurial women, started her business at 19. Almost 10 years later she’s a sought-after branding and web designer expert placing women brands on the map globally. Chelsey enrolled in my Money Transformation 6-week group program this year (2020) to breakthrough her resistance to being in relationship with her numbers (cash-flow), break her money glass ceiling, and attain her BIG goals in 2020. What soon happened within a few weeks will astound you as much as it did me. “My husband and I started to discuss money goals that to me felt unattainable. As a business owner I didn’t love looking at my cash-flow; it made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I also had a hard time trusting where I was investing in my business.

    But then it happened. In the first week of Marla’s program, I paid off two credit cards!

    AND, one of my big goals was to buy a home. We set the timeline for that by the end of the year. We actually accomplished this goal by week 4/6 of the program!!

    Marla’s coaching clarified what I wanted which made me feel confident about the ways I wanted to invest my money in my business and helped me recreate my relationship with my cash-flow so I can be more conscious about not only where I’m spending but where I’m saving or supporting others.” – Chelsey Marie

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    © Copyright 2020. Marla Diann Mentoring International. All Rights Reserved.

    Michele Harvey is an outstanding filmmaker based in Miami. Co-owner of Modern Love Productions, she and her partner, Osiris, are a married wedding videography team – where they create authentic, artistic, and deeply personal wedding films.

    I was delighted to have her in the program after meeting Michele at Wedding MBA, an industry conference, during my breakout session about wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion.

    I can honestly say she embodied that very result due to her loyalty to the Money Transformation program and being a very coachable!

    Her transformation also occurred in a short-time frame where she attained several financial and mindset goals that up-leveled her wedding filmmaking business within two months!

    “My old money story/relationship was based on what was demonstrated and ta