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  • May 2016


    Focus School Stoke Poges


    School Lane

    Stoke Poges

    SL2 4QA

    Tel: 01753 662167

    Fax: 01753 662168

    T rip to Hamburg On Friday 31st March, the Year 13 class of Stoke Poges

    Campus, Mr & Mrs Ian Robertson and Mr & Mrs John Gulley left from Gatwick Airport destined for the city of Hamburg. We began the trip by visiting the St. Nickolai memorial. Here, there was a museum which provided very interesting information about the destruction of Hamburg in the Second World war. After this, we went on a riverbus which took us from one quay to another. We were all ravenous by the time we arrived at the other side and all had developed a fairly sizeable appetite for German sausage and chips with curry sauce. However, when we arrived, the restaurant had closed! So, we quickly caught the next riverboat and went and enjoyed sausage and chips somewhere else! On the second day, we had the opportunity of visiting the Neuengamme Concentration camp where we shown around by a tour guide. There were 6000 survivors when this camp closed down. They were loaded on two ships to be taken to safety but sadly, during the journey, the British accidentally bombed down the ships and this left only 450 survivors. We then went back into Hamburg City centre and enjoyed burgers from the 'Jim Block' Restaurant. The trip was both very enjoyable and educational and a huge thank you goes to Mr Ian & Mrs Jenny Robertson who organised this fantastic visit! Casey Markham Head Girl

  • Dear Parents, I am pleased to be writing to you as Head Teacher of Stoke Poges Campus in post. Having spent the past two and a half weeks in post, It is overwhelmingly evident this is a vibrant and supportive community where students thrive because staff, students, parents, trustees work tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence. In my previous communication to you I made reference to a new and exciting time; and I can truly say the journey to being an outstanding educational institution has begun and our staff and students are fully engaged in this process. I am honoured to be Head Teacher of Stoke Poges Campus, and to be leading what I believe is a school with huge potential. I am determined to secure an outstanding future for the school. As a result I have introduced the Pursuit of Excellence through four Pillars of Excellence. I have the very highest expectations of all staff and students and it is my intention to work in close partnership with you, in order to raise standards in every area. As a parent myself, I value the opinions of Stoke Poges Campus parents. I hope that together we will take the school forward making it the best it can be. Yours Sincerely Connery Wiltshire

  • The JETS ( Junior Executive Team)

    As part of our pursuit of excellence we have decided to introduce an additional level of student leader- ship and to strengthen student voice. This will also ensure our students development, the level of leadership skills required to succeed in later life. Students can apply to become a JET by submitting a letter of application for the role of their choice. See below for an overview of the ‘JET spec’. Applications will then be shortlisted and invited to interview. The interview panel will include a Community member and a Trustee, the Headteacher and a current member of the Student Council.

    School Event & Enterprise JET The School Event and Enterprise JET will be responsible for negotiating between Staff and Students in then organisation of school events that occur throughout the year. In order that everyone is properly informed about events , the JET will work closely with the Charity & Community JET.

    Student Voice JET The Student Voice JET will have the role od ensuring that the Student Voice is heard within the school and that any suggestions/ideas made by students to develop the school even further will be directed in the right channels and followed up. This will also be an active and responsible part of the Student Council

    Charity & Community JET The Charity & Community JET will be responsible for any events that may be related to charitable fund raising or giving. They will take an active part in elevating charity awareness in the school by organising different events throughout the year toast will enable the school to give to charity.

    Student Wellbeing JET The Student Wellbeing JET is answerable to any issues that may arise within the school relating to students behaviour, bullying or wellbeing. They will initiate strategies to assess the happiness and wellbeing of the students, i.e. by having ‘ R U OK’ box for students to anonymously express their feelings about the school and themselves.

    School Environment & Culture JET The School Environment & Culture JET will be responsible for that learning environment around the school to make sure that is appropriate so students are able to reach their full potential. Prefects who will be assigned to the SDL zones carry out their job properly. Rooms to be kept tidy and clean, lunchtime activities and clubs– this could be worked on with the Student Wellbeing JET.

    Every jet will be required to set 3 SMART goals for the academic year which will be combined together in JET mani- festo. At the beginning of each term, each JET will also set themselves 3 goals to build on achieving the long-term


  • Answers to last months quizAnswers to last months quizAnswers to last months quiz---how did you how did you how did you

    do? do? do?

    Round 1 - Cur- rent affairs Team Name:

    Number of people par-ticipating in this round Answers 1 Who won the Iowa republican caucus? Ted Cruz


    What is the pandemic, spread by mosquitoes, which originated in Africa and has spread to more than 20 countries?


    3 What animal is used in Afghanistan to detect mines? Rats


    Which famous politician’s wardrobe has been pledged to be donated to the V&A?

    Margaret Thatcher


    Who was the CEO of Volkswagen that has recently resigned over the VW emissions scandal?

    Martin Winterkorn


    What car did the Pope travel around America in, on his last visit? A black Fiat 500


    What is the name of the film that has recently been re-leased, in which the main actor was a former super model?

    Paper Towns

    8 Where are the 2020 Olympics to be held? Qatar


    What famous musician, actor and icon died in January 2016? David Bowie



    What colour suits are ISIS prisoners dressed in, in their video propaganda? Orange

    Round 8 - Pot Luck Team Name:

    Number of people participating in this round Answers


    What is the main ingredient in Worcester Sauce?



    In the popular nursery rhyme, what is Wednesday’s child full of?



    What are the names of the three light blue properties on the monopoly board?

    Pentonville Road, Euston Road, The

    Angel Islington


    What is the full name of William and Kate’s baby girl?

    Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana



    Who was the artist that produced prints of Campbell’s baked bean cans?

    Andy Warhol


    Which American party is represented by an elephant?


    7 What is sold in Bil- lingsgate Market?



    What film was the song ‘My favourite things’ written for?

    The sound of Music


    What is the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?




    What did Lot’s wife turn into a pillar of salt, in the Old Testament?

    Looked back when Sodom and

    Gomorrah were being destroyed

    by fire

  • Praise Card Winners –Spring term 2016

    Quality of Work Class Contributions

    Behaviour Attitude Total No of Cards

    Year 7 Jemma Gibson Orlando Greenfield Rhianna Bodman Jayden Hill Zenna Batts

    Year 8 Romiana Roy Willow Taylor Mackenzie Abernethie

    Courtney Robertson Rose Robertson

    Year 9 Adina Robertson Tiani Gilbert Alexia Robertson Koryn White Zena Markham

    Year 10 Alvin Gibson Chester Lyon Jessica Bodman Ainsley Robertson June Taylor

    Year 11 Year 11 Year 12/13 Year 12 Year 13

    GOLD 95% Hettie Hearn Lillian Baker Tabitha Robertson Selwyn Lindsell

    GOLD 100% Caitlin Stevenson Anya Edwards Ingrid Tennent Georgia Roy Greg Bodman

    Barry Lindsell Casey Markham Brandon Abernethie Lewis Tennent Toby Humphreys

    SILVER 90% Liam Abernethie Cindy Hearn

    SILVER 95% Marvin Haughton Daniel Stevenson Caspar Douglass Carlos Brown William Badder

    Cheryl Bedford Junior Lyon Elliot Robertson Rochelle Robertson Georgina Woolgar

    BRONZE 85% Harvey Robertson Layla Gibson Anton Hill

    BRONZE 90%

    Matthew Gulley

    On Thursday 2