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  • Jobs can be life changing

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    While working a state job I found my calling

  • Working with people is what I love

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  • Working for myself allows more creative freedom

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  • Lava Dog is about helping business and customer goals

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    Teamwork is what makes a company work


    A company is driven by its clients


    Online identities are important for companies


    Thriving online requires more than content

  • I am a Determined hardworking Leader

  • Customer service is my key to success

  • Customer goals become my goals and all need achieved

  • The workforce has been good and bad

  • There are proper ways to treat customers

  • Respect goes a long way as a professional

  • Self growth is important for people and business

  • Always make time for personal improvement

  • Think outside of the box to promote self-growth

  • Its not the quantity, but the quality

  • I learned customer service from my First job

  • Know how to speak to customers


    Know how to help even if the customer doesn't know what they want

  • Public safety thought me about customer needs

  • Ask questions to better understand customer needs

  • Don't let others frustration deter you

  • My second job in 9 years was Direct Marketing

  • Product prep can make or break your product

  • Know your products

  • Success isn't measured by money