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a comprehensive formula 12 years on the market, safe and effective. Scientifically proven to increase the immune response.

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  • 1. Flu TerminatorHomeopathic FormulationR.T. Clement, MDBe Well [email protected] www.web-outpatients.com

2. Influenza Influenza is a highly infectious viraldisease that is particularly common in thewinter months. Conventional management options aremost often limited to bed rest andtreatment of complications such assecondary bacterial infections. The pharmacologic agents used forinluenza are Amantadine and Rimatandineand the neuroamidase inhibitors 3. Symptoms A moderate to high fever (between101F to 103F) and chills that developsuddenly and last for three to five days Joint pain, muscle aches and headache Dry cough Sore throat Nasal congestion or runny discharge Burning sensation in the eyes Loss of appetite Deep fatigue 4. Amantadine and Rimantadine Amantadine may be associated with CNStoxicity, and elderly patients who take thisdrug may experience seizures. 5. Neuraminidase Inhibitors The ineffectiveness of amantadine and rimantadine in influenza B infections and their association with clinically significant resistance have sparked the search for better ways to treat influenza. 6. Zanamivir and Oseltamivir The 2 approved NAIs are zanamivirand oseltamivir. Zanamivir is ananalogue of sialic acid, administeredvia inhalation. 7. Side Effects Nausea occurs in about 10% ofpersons taking oseltamivir test values. Zanamivir should be used with cautionin patients with underlying chronic lungdisease under conditions of propermonitoring and supportive care,including ready access to short-actingbronchodilators. Patients shoulddiscontinue the drug and contact theirphysician if they develop difficulty inbreathing 8. Dosage Oseltamivir is indicated for thetreatment of uncomplicated influenzain adults and children 1 year and older.Adults 75-mg capsule twice daily for 5days, beginning within 2 days of onsetof influenza symptoms. Zanamivir is indicated for the treatmentof adults and children 7 years andolder. The recommended dosage ofzanamivir is 10 mg (2 inhalations)orally twice daily for 5 days beginningwithin 2 days of symptoms. 9. Elderly and younger patients The drug has not been studied ingeriatric patients. Neither agenthas been adequately studied inpatients with hepatic dysfunction.Zanamivir has not beenadequately studied in childrenyounger than 7 years, andoseltamivir has not beenadequately studied in pediatricpatients younger than 1 year. 10. Homeopathy Homeopathy is a system of medicinethat is based on the Law of Similars.The truth of this law has beenverified experimentally and clinicallyfor the last 200 years. Widely used in Europe, patientssatisfaction with homeopathy is ashigh as 80% . 11. Homeopathy Be Well Homeopathics was created in2001 by Richard T.Clement MD Richard T. Clement MD has practicedMedicine in Europe, The Caribbeanand the Pacific . He has consulted for NIH on CAM He was the Medical Director forHeel/BHI and he has formulated forHeel and Arkopharma He is the formulator of the Be WellFormulas 12. Homeopathy Be Well Formulas are manufacturedaccording to the HPCUS regulation. Be Well Formulas are registeredwith the FDA. Be Well Formulas are not sold inHealth Food Stores The learning curve with our BeWell line is adapted to the busypractitioner. 13. Flu Terminator : 10Substances Gelsemium 3X (a dilution of Yellow Jasmine)Influenza,fever, chillsZincum Gluconicum 3X (a dilution of ZincGluconicum)Flu, feverZincum Metallicum 3X (a dilution of ZincMetallicum)Flu,feverAconitum napelus 4X (a dilution ofMonkshood)Infuenza, fever, inflammationEupatorium perfoliatum 4X (a dilution ofThoroughwort)Influenza,coryza,fever 14. Flu Terminator : 10Substances Sulphur 4X (Dilution of the mineral Sulfur) Fever, Cold Phosphorus 5X (Dilution of Phosphorus) Fever, Cold, Chills Asclepias vincetoxicum 6X (Dilution of vincetoxicum) Antiviral Influenzinum 12X ( a safe dilution of the virus of influenza) Fever, Flu, Viral infection Anas barbariae hepatis and cordis extractum 200 K (The ingredient of OscollicocinumTM of Boiron) Flu, fever. 15. Homeopathy is Safe There are no side-effects or adverseevents reported with Homeopathicremedies which have beenmanufactured under GMP. Flu Terminator is registered with theFDA NDC 66492-001-02 Flu Terminator is manufactured in aFDA approved facility under strictGMP. 16. Flu Terminator : 10 ingredients 2 OZ Bottle 10 drops sublingual every 10 minutes at the onsetof the flu then 10 drops three times daily Tablets One three time daily under the tongueOrder desk 1-877-438-3042 Fax 305-594-2174Email us for complete price list and other presentations:[email protected] 17. Study Miami Children Hospital For the first time in the world we were able todemonstrate that an homeopathic formula releaseCytokines from the white blood cells. The mechanism of action of homeopathic seemsto be not directly against the viruses butstimulation of the immune competent cells. 18. Be Well Homeopathics www.fluterminator.com www.web-outpatients.com