FISH! Melissa Deacon Brie Beane

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FISH! FISH! Melissa Deacon Melissa Deacon Brie Beane Brie Beane
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FISH! Melissa Deacon Brie Beane. What is FISH?. Formative Assessment Inspect the Assessment Stations How about now?. Formative Assessment. Start out by giving the students a quick assessment. The assessment should be three quick questions/problems to solve. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of FISH! Melissa Deacon Brie Beane

  • FISH!

    Melissa DeaconBrie Beane

  • What is FISH?Formative AssessmentInspect the AssessmentStationsHow about now?

  • Formative AssessmentStart out by giving the students a quick assessment. The assessment should be three quick questions/problems to solve. The assessment can be on anything that you are currently covering in class.

  • Inspect the AssessmentGrade the assessment. How did your students perform?

  • Split Students into GroupsIntervention GroupStudents got 0-1 correct on Formative AssessmentTeacher works with this groupRemediation GroupStudents got 2 correct on Formative AssessmentMust be a paired activityAccelerated GroupStudents got all 3 correct on Formative AssessmentShould be as a group

  • Anchor!You will need an anchor activity that all students can do if they finish at their station before it is time to rotate. What are some possible anchor activities you can use?

  • Group 1Teacher provides direct instructionBack up to re-teach a more basic skill (common denominators instead of uncommon denominators)Use concrete manipulatives that students can relate to

  • Group 2Students work in pairs to complete activity that readdresses the same skill and content that they were originally taught when they go the whole group instruction

  • Group 3This is your acceleration group. You will plan activities for this group that are rigorous in nature, and will push them to higher levels of thinking.

  • ConsiderationsAny child can be in any level group depending on the objective being taught. EC or LEP or AIG makes no difference when fair formative assessment determines grouping.Classroom management skills

  • How do I organize this process?Use the FISH template on the next slide. You have a hard copy that you can use in your classroom.

  • Coaching/Support resource

  • Now whatUsing FISH in your classroom helps you groups students, provide one on one help, as well as enrich students who already know itSpend the rest of the time thinking about how you can use FISH in YOUR classroom. Use the form provided to plan your instruction