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First Responder – Airbrush Art by Mickey Harris The First Responder Truck is a Chevy Silverado completely wrapped in the airbrush art of Mickey Harris. The display was held at the GM/UAW Summerfest, in Flint, Michigan, 2012. Both the hood and the rear cover are hydraulically lifted at timed intervals during the playing of Amazing Grace at concert volume levels. With the bed cover at full upright position, one can read the names of those who gave their lives trying to save others. Mickey has now completed numerous large vehicles, aircraft, building, and has art displayed in many museums, galleries, and several at the Pentagon. Contact Mickey for future events or Airbrush Classes at:

Transcript of First Responder - Airbrush Art by Mickey Harris,

  • GM/UAW Summerfest - Flint, Mi., 2012 Airbrush Art by Mickey Harris
  • First Responder truck being unloaded
  • First Responder Artist, Mickey HarrisFirst Responder Artist, Mickey Harris
  • First Responder - Tailgate
  • First Responder Tailgate and Cover The names of over 400 of the 9/11 first responders are included on the bed cover. The artist recounted that while at the Ground Zero display, an older woman, carrying shopping bags stopped and stood at the back of the vehicle, set her bags down, and reached up to touch the column of names. Naturally protective of the vehicle, he walked over to her to politely ask that she refrain from actually touching the images. As she looked up at the names, she said she could only reach out to the bottom of the column, on which her sons name was painted. This had a profound on Mickey, and that showed at the difficulty he had telling the story during the GM/UAW event. More than a few wiped away tears at that stories finish. Boasting a $30+ thousand dollar sound system, while Amazing Grace played at concert volume, the deck lid opened and positioned itself to allow viewers to better see and think about how each of these First Responders gave so much, so willingly.-Click anywhere to move to next page-
  • First Responder - Left side view
  • First Responder - Left side, detail
  • First Responder - Left side, detail
  • First Responder - Left front, detail
  • First Responder - Left side, full view
  • First Responder - Right front door, detail
  • First Responder - Right rear door, detail
  • First Responder - Right forward bed, detail
  • First Responder - Left rear bed, detail
  • First Responder - Hood in upright position. Where the hood ornament would usually be located is now an actual embedded piece of a window from the Twin Towers. This window fragment was given to Mickey Harris by a First Responder and was part of his personal collection, but he felt this was the proper place for it. (Click to move to next image)
  • Mickey Harris (center) and event organizers.
  • Group of First Responders stand with Mickey
  • Group of First Responders close up
  • Group of First Responders close up (02)
  • Group of First Responders and Veterans
  • Playing of the National Anthem
  • Artist Mickey Harris - Keynote speech
  • Airbrush Artist - Mickey Harris Web Site: Mickey Harris Art
  • Artist Mickey Harris - Live Airbrush demonstration during the event.
  • Event organizers
  • Mickey explains how to airbrush to some very interested young girls.
  • There just might be the next famous airbrush artist in this group.
  • And this young lady actually airbrushed a bit on the hood. A very intent apprentice indeed.
  • First Responders from Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas donated unit patches to be included in the display that travels with the First Responder Truck. Donated patches and insignia can be sent to Mickey Harris at
  • -Mickey Harris Art - Web Site: eMail: Presentation by: SatGraphics If you would like to enroll in one of the Airbrush Art student courses, or would like information regarding scheduling having Mickey create art for your special project, contact Mickey through FaceBook Twitter