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Fine Art Photography. By: Edd. What it is. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Fine Art Photography

  • Fine Art PhotographyBy: Edd

  • What it is. Fine art photography is defined as the foil of journalism photography. It is perceptively viewed as universal (being that the pictures can be of anything that the photographer thinks is art). OR It is just pictures of fine art.( paintings, sculptures, or even the human body)

  • The PioneersAlfred Stieglitz's photograph The Steerage (1907) was one of the first works of what is called modernism art. Stieglitz is reknown for introducing fine art photography into museum collections.

  • Scott SpecksHis art photography concentrates primarily on film-based pinhole photography, most notably of architectures and landscapes, along with some portrait work.

  • How To Take Fine Art PhotographyFine Art photography is defined as anything that is considered artistic by the photographer. So unless you have the creativity of a wet carrot YOU CAN BE A FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER All you need is a good idea and a camera

  • Peace!Slide Creator: Eddie AlvisoSlide Ideas: Eddie Alviso