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  • 1. Hayley Roberts
  • 2. Mind Map 1
  • 3. Mind Map 2
  • 4. Edith Maybin as a Fine Art photographer, mainly focuses on portraits. I find her images inspirational as she takes her images and uses them to create a story. She has nice washed out colours which is something I would want to do and takes her images outside and uses less lighting to make her images quite low lighting. I would like to focus more on facial features as well as the body but her images are a great inspiration for my portraiture work. Edith Maybin
  • 5. Ron Van Dongen is a Fine Art photographer but his images are mainly focused on still life and flowers. I like the simplicity of these images but how they have lots of different textures and details. I also like how he has changed some into monochrome and kept the colourful flowers in colour. He gets really up close to the flowers and he uses quite low lighting especially in the top monochrome images which bring out the shadows within the flowers. I also like how the backgrounds are completely one colour and there is no distractions. Ron Van Dongen
  • 6. I like the different and unusual aspect of Tierney Gearsons work. Her work is powerful and really fits in within Fine Art. She uses quite simple images but puts her own twist to them like the top three images have different coloured boxes around the main subject of the images and this helps highlight the subjects in the images. The right image is like a museum enclosure and the children are behind this glass with them and it is something you wouldnt see in everyday life and that is how she works. Tierney Gearon
  • 7. Mark Shaw is a Fine Art photographer who also focuses on portraits. He is quite an old photographer who photographed celebrities/models and their lifestyles. I like the simple and tidy look of his photographs and how he captures celebrities in their limelight. His use of monochrome and washed out colours are the tones of colours I would like to use for my portrait photos. Mark Shaw