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  • FIND IT.


    BEAT IT.

    ANNUAL REPORT2012 - 2013

  • Dear friends,

    During this past fiscal year, your support of Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force has once again provided our clients with resources to face the significant challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your generosity, and more importantly, for your commitment to fight this disease.

    The fight against HIV is far from over. We may have the tools available to prevent the spread of HIV, but we still lack many resources to sustain prevention programs in our community. PATF needs your support to offer these programs, and more importantly, to continue a dialogue to build awareness about how HIV affects our community now and how to respond to the face of HIV in the future.

    With your support, I am confident that PATF can continue to find those infected with HIV, even in the most hard to reach demographic, and bring those who have been lost to care back into treatment. If, at the heart of winning the fight against HIV is preventing HIV, then the soul of the fight is all of us this community, in this region which must be strong, tenacious, persistent, committed and united in beating HIV.

    We simply cant do it without you. Your ongoing support will help us Find It, Treat It, Beat It.


    Bart Rauluk PATF Board President

    Dear friends,

    Greetings! I hope you will be inspired by Pittsburgh AIDS Task Forces 2012-13 Annual Report. This is our opportunity to share highlights and evaluation of our work over the past year with you. So many positive changes happened over the last year, including the addition of a Nurse Case Manager and the launch of our newest outreach program that seeks out individuals living with HIV who have not been in regular medical care or maintaining a healthy medication regimen. Research indicates that only about 25 percent of all people infected with HIV are successfully fighting their disease. Even more of those infected are unaware of their diagnosis. The best science is telling us that HIV testing is vital and should be a routine part of health care so that all people

    who are HIV-positive can know their status and access care. Research also shows that keeping HIV positive individuals in their homes and in treatment reduces the amount of virus in the body, making transmission to others less likely. Thus, our plan of action FIND IT, TREAT IT, BEAT IT!!

    Support from friends like you made all of this possible. We look forward to a new year where we continue our work together to Find It, Treat It, and Beat It.


    Charles L. Christen, DrPH, MEd PATF Executive Director


  • June 2, 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Kerry Stoner, one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. The oldest son of Dick and Marjorie, Stoner grew up on a dairy farm in Westmoreland County. After graduating from Washington and Jefferson University and coming out to his parents, he decided against his earlier dream of becoming an English teacher. Stoner moved to Pittsburgh and became the manager at the Crossover, a local gay night club. Kerry became very active in the gay community during the early days of AIDS, facilitating the communication between local bar owners and researchers at the Pitt Mens Study at the University of Pittsburgh. When the community advisory board of that study suggested the creation of a service organization for people suffering and dying from this mysterious disease, Stoner volunteered his services. In March of 1985, the first public meeting of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force was held. The all-volunteer organization was formed by Stoner and four fellow members of the Pitt Mens Study Community Advisory Board

    due to the lack of social support services and information available about the deadly disease named by the Centers for Disease Control as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome--AIDS.

    People were dying at an alarming rate, and there were little to no services available to them, with misinformation running rampant about the disease and how it was contracted. The founding members of PATF decided the organization should help all people affected by AIDS, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Eighteen volunteers, including doctors, nurses, therapists, clergy, laborers, artists and students formed the committees necessary to provide these vital services and to form the front line in the battle to educate the community on the nature of the disease and how to prevent the spread of infection.

    In 1987, Stoner was hired as the first executive director and led PATFs first annual benefit, titled Heres What Friends Are For, encapsulating the humble yet powerful spirit that drove the work of PATFs earliest efforts. The offering of case management, testing and counseling soon followed. A food pantry was added in 1992 and later that year Stoner released a statement that he had been diagnosed with AIDS two years earlier and was stepping down from his position.

    Kerry had become the face and the voice of the epidemic in the Pittsburgh region and he worked tirelessly, talking to anyone who would listen about the disease and its effects on the community. After his departure from PATF, Stoner was honored for his dedication and passion when the Pittsburgh City Council declared March 30, 1992 as Kerry Stoner Day.

    In 1993, Kerry Stoner died from complications related to AIDS at his home in Highland Park surrounded by his family and friends. He was only 39 years old.

    His legacy of caring lives on today through the many individuals that carry on the work of PATF, from individual staff and volunteers to partner organizations and the communities we serve. The spirit of Kerry Stoners passion and commitment to supporting and empowering those living with HIV/AIDS permeates all that we do and will continue until we have won the fight, once and for all, against this disease.

    In Memory of Kerry Stoner

  • Values

    In the tradition of PATFs caring founders, we will continue to employ these ethics and values: Compassion, Confidentiality, Courtesy, Dignity, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect for Diversity


    Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force will continue as the premier, community-based AIDS service organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We empower people living with HIV/AIDS to live their lives to the fullest as valued, respected, and participating members of the community. We are committed to stopping the spread of HIV infections.


    The Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force is dedicated to supporting and empowering all individuals living with HIV/AIDS and preventing the spread of infections.

    Through compassionate and caring work we respond to the disease in all its diversity by:

    Providing seamless, integrated services to individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS, including direct services, housing, referrals, and advocacy;

    Delivering innovative, targeted outreach and education programs to those at risk of infection;

    Taking leadership in collaborating with other organizations to achieve mutual goals.



















    PATF began testing and counseling

    PATF was formed

    PATF opened its food pantry

    A PATF founder and first Executive Director, Kerry Stoner, died as a result of AIDS

    New medications began to delay the onset of AIDS nationwidePATF began oral

    HIV testing in community settings

    Bob Feikema was hired as Executive DirectorPATF began

    providing housing for individuals living with HIV/AIDS

    Kathi Boyle was hired as Executive DirectorPATF began

    providing HIV prevention in public housing communities

    PATF relocated from Wilkinsburg to East liberty to better serve the communityPATF and Pitt

    presented results from regional HIV/AIDS needs assessment

    PATF launched the M2M Project

    PATF launched the Girlfriends Project

    PATF celebrated its 25th Anniversary

    PATF launched the Girl Talk Project

    Charles Christen was hired as Executive DirectorPATF launched

    a targeted rapid testing program at community agencies and centers

    PATF observed the 20th Anniversary of Kerry Stoners death

    PATF launched the Lost-to-Care Initiative

    PATF launched its 340 B pharmacy program

    PATF added a Nurse Case Manager and a Services Outreach Coordinator

  • FIND



    EAT IT.

    BEAT IT.Weve sharpened our focus:


    80% are male

    20% are female


    80%live in

    Allegheny County


    35%do not have

    adequate health care






    Knowing ones status, staying in treatment, and reducing the level of HIV in the body makes it much harder to transmit the virus to others.

  • FIND IT!PATF believes that finding those infected

    is the first step in beating this disease. This year, we extended our rapid testing hours to

    6 days a week and found new venues for testing in the community. PATF also

    became certified to train others in the community to be HIV testing counselors.




    2010-11 2012-132011-12

    Prevention!FIND IT! with PATF committed to filling in

    care gaps for the most vulnerable people living with HIV with the addition of Aaron Arnold, Services Outreach Coordinator. The Services Outreach Coordinator meets with HIV-positive individuals out in the community, many who are ready to become PATF clients for the first time, many others who are former clients that are

    ready to re-engage, and some others who are

    simply relieved to have someone else helping them to stay healthy and in medical care. Aaron works closely with many groups such as the House Ball Community, which largely consists of black MSM and trans-identified individuals, and builds upon PATFs relationships with these populations for both prevention and care purposes. Aaron has already scheduled many testing events at various venues and events, worked to take over case management of HIV-positive inmates and prevention activities in the Allegheny County jail, and collaborated with Operation Safety Net and Prevention Point Pittsburgh to increase testing rates among homeless and intravenous drug using populations.

    Aaron Arnold, Services Outreach Coordinator

    PATF added a Services Outreach Coordinator

    to bring HIV+ individuals back into care

    { }No words can express how thankful I am for your compassion...if you had not been as kind and thoughtul as you were, I would not have been able to get tested. I feel like I have my life back and there are not enough ways to thank you...

  • OVER 15,000 PEOPLE


    +11%Prevention and outreach efforts

    helped PATF educate and inform over 600 more people in 2012-13

    than in the previous year.


    Our signature outreach to young women, the Girl Talk

    Project, gained a new look and a fresh focus

    on its mission. Girl Talk is unique because it focuses solely on young girls in our community at the age when they are learning skills and gathering experiences that will inform the rest of their lives. There are no boys allowed, allowing girls to feel free to openly discuss sexual health. Often in schools there is a tendency to give more attention to male students, and it is so important to make sure girls are fully absorbing the information they need and have the knowledge to stay safe and healthy. We are able to show participants the difference between myth and truth surrounding STDs, high risk sexual behaviors, and domestic violence. We are proud and passionate about this program because we believe that girls need to understand how to keep themselves safe. By teaching a girl how to protect herself and how to think about sexual health, she will be able to talk with confidence about these issues with her friends and better educate her peers. She can empower herself by stopping the flow of misinformation. With this knowledge and support, she has the tools to grow up healthier and happier, creating a new generation of empowered women.

    Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force continued its Girlfriends Project, a nationally recognized ground-breaking program that empowers women, teaching them to protect themselves and their health. Headed by Pamela Smith, Girlfriends Project Liaison, our mission is to increase HIV awareness among African American women to reduce the rate of infection among that population and African Americans as a whole. How do we do this? Women volunteer to host informal, health- education parties for friends. The parties focus on: HIV/AIDS education; domestic violence education; information, referral and resources; free HIV testing and counseling; and offer incentives for party hosts and guests.

    Pamela Smith, Girlfriends Outreach Liaison

    PATF wrapped up the research part of its M2M Project, but will continue the project as an outreach to young black LGBT persons, providing a safe space that is reflective of who they are, to empower them in that identity, and to provide important health information and testing.

    Since 2009, the project enrolled over 400 participants with over half of participants completing all four interventions.

    60 percent of participants were black, with 70 percent indentifying themselves as any category other than white.

    By the end of the project, 98 percent of participants had been tested for HIV.

  • { }PATF served nearly

    650 clients in 11 counties in 2012-2013

    PATF gave out more than

    6,000 bags of groceries through our food pantry

    PATF provided

    approximately $70,000 in emergency financial

    assistance to pay for utilities or medical costs

    PATF provided housing to over 50 people living with HIV/AIDS

    and their families

    53% of clients were black, 42% white, 3.5%

    Hispanic, 72% identified as male, 34% as female, and 2%

    as transgendered. 57% identified

    as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

    PATF helped clients with transportation to their medical appointments as well

    as legal assistance.

    Client Services!

    TREAT IT! with

    PATF has always given me a safe place where I feel connected and respected

    PATF has made my life livable

    PATF has showed me that people do care

  • PATF added a full time Food Pantry Coordinator to ensure quality and consistency

    One of the most popular services offered here at Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force is our food pantry! Food products, nutritional supplements, and personal care items can go a long way in improving the quality of life for people living with HIV. It also offers us a great opportunity to spend time with our clients on a regular basis. We get a chance to talk about peoples lives and making healthy

    choices while providing people with things they want and need. People should be able to access good nutritional choices no matter their income. Our food pantry is an important part of our larger strategy to support those living with HIV in Southwest Pennsylvania.The PATF Food Pantry is open five days a week, closed only on Thursdays and Saturdays. Clients visit the food pantry once a month, where they choose from a selection of meats, cheeses, produce, and canned goods. In additional to food items, nutritional supplements and personal care items are also available, which is not the case at most food pantries. Case managers also deliver groceries to rural areas and to those too ill to visit the pantry themselves.

    Michael Sheets, Food Pantry Coordinator

    TeOnna Ross and Anitra Branch, Medical Case Managers, help unload a food pantry delivery.

    PATF added a Nurse Case Manager to better serve our more medically complex clients

    PATF added a Nurse Case Manager, Deb Gausmann, to provide greater assistance to medically complex clients and engage them in care as well as serve as a liaison with area HIV clinics. Deb works closely with the Positive Health Clinic, PACT, Childrens Hospital, and the Allegheny County Jail (among other organizations) to facilitate our clients active participation in care.We now have the option to offer basic services such as blood pressure monitoring, nutritional couseling, wound care, and health literacy counseling in our office as well as wherever clients may reside out in the community. Deb actively advocates for our clients care and teaches them to advocate for themselves as well as offering counseling on harm reduction practices and help with interpreting lab results. Our Nurse Case Manager meets the clients where they are and walks them through the stages of care from making the appointments, to attending appointments with them, to helping them follow through on their care directives.

    Deb Gausmann, Nurse Case Manager

  • Jennifer Ficarri, Sir Elton John, Charles Christen, Bart Rauluk

    PATF partnered with the Elton John AIDS Foundation for the 20th Anniversary of its Mylan WTT Smash Hits tennis charity fundraiser on Oct 16, 2012. PATF raised nearly $148,000 from the VIP auction at the one day event.

    PATF hosted Shavon Arline-Bradley, National Director of Health Programs for the NAACP for its 3rd Annual Prayer Breakfast on Oct 18, 2012. The successful event was a part of the FAITH Initiative to actively engage the faith community in HIV awareness and education.

    PATF celebrated its 27th Annual Benefit at Pittsburgh Opera on March 20, 2013. The event featured entertainer Varla Jean Merman and the music of Gary Racan and the Studio E Band. The event drew nearly 400 supporters and raised nearly $142,000.

    David Seman, Varla Jean Merman, and Keri Harmicar

    Charles Christen, PATF Executive Director

    PATF participated in the Pittsburgh PRIDE parade on June 15, 2013 to show support for the LGBT community as the hardest hit by the HIV epidemic. PATF decorated a marriage themed float, manned an informational booth, handed out safer sex kits, and offered free HIV tests to festival goers.

    Community!BEAT IT! with

    PATF partnered with the Animal Rescue League to help stock our food pantry with pet food and supplies.

    Mike Sheets, PATF Food Pantry Coordinator, and Levi Hahn, Marketing Assistant at the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

  • PATF hosted the 3rd Annual East End Community Health Fair on June 29, 2013, in observance of National HIV Testing Day. The succesful event featured booths from over 30 community health organizations, free HIV testing, and a food truck round up. PATF volunteered to help feed HIV positive members of

    Shepherd Wellness Community for their annual Kennywood Day.

    (Back L-R) Jason Herring, Charles Christen, Matt Ometz, Aaron Arnold, Doug Seng. (Front L-R) Lyn Chavis, Pamela Smith, Nicole Baer

    PATF, as a part of (Pittsburgh)RED, held an HIV/AIDS advocates rally and march for World AIDS Day on Dec 1, 2012. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and others spoke at the rally while over 250 people participated in the march. The march ended with a gathering that featured information booths from over 20 health organizations, music, food, and free HIV testing.

    Tony and Linda Bucci, the 2013 recipients of the Kerry Stoner Award for their long term support of PATFs Annual Benefit, attended the 27th Annual Benefit VIP party at Mansions on Fifth. The event featured food, music, and entertainment by the hilarious Porsche.

    PATF partnered with the Pittsburgh ballroom community to throw the World AIDS Day Ball in support of the young black LGBT community. The successful event is planned to be a yearly happening.

    John Easter, M2M Coordinator, and Dalen Ebony,True T Entertainment

  • The Founders SocietyIn 2005, PATF established the Founders Society to honor the brave volunteers who founded PATF in 1985, and to recognize committed friends for their annual, outstanding leadership contributions of $500 or more (exclusive of special events). These annual commitments provide a strong, flexible and essential foundation for PATFs prevention programs and client services. PATF would like to acknowledge these donors for their Annual Campaign gift of $500 or more during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. If you note an error or omission, please contact the Development Department at 412-345-0569.

    Visionary ($5,000 or more)Mr. Brian J. BoeglinMs. Susan Zitelli

    Guardian ($2,500 - $4,999)Elsie H. Hillman FoundationMr. Richard E. Rauh

    Champion ($1,000 - $2,499)Mr. Donald B. ArnheimMr. Duvall A. AikenThe Nina Baldwin Fisher Foundation, Inc.Ms. Jane S. Barnes and Ms. Charity ImbrieRonald R. Basso, Esq.Ms. Rhonda BauerMr. Conrad E. Bricker and Mr. Gerald PottsMr. James BroffTony and Linda BucciMr. James P. CassaroDr. Charles L. Christen, Jr.Mr. Allen D. ChristianJudith Cohen, M.D.Ms. Kim S. GunsallusDr. Lathe T. Haynes and\ Mr. Avram C. MachtigerMr. J. Randolph HillerMs. Gerri KayMr. Stanley KoepkeMr. Robert R. Lepre and Mr. Karsten Chorus

    Mr. Christopher J. NonevskiMr. Elliott OshryMr. Bart A. RaulukMr. John S. RuskowitzDr. Robert Schoen and Ms. Nancy BernsteinMr. Robert E. SetteMs. Michelle L. WildenMr. Joel P. Yuhas

    Advocate ($500 - $999)Mr. Ralph AguilarMrs. Toby AlaryMr. Kevin J. Altomari and Ms. Dawn GideonMr. David Blair and Ms. Marianne Bokan-BlairMr. John R. ClarkMs. Holly CorbettMs. Gwyn Cready and Mr. Lester PyleMr. Doug DantzerMr. Matthew J. DuganMr. Peter Ennis and Ms. Laura EllmanMr. Stuart FiskMs. Normandie FulsonMr. William E. GoehringMr. Patrick A. GrayMr. Christopher KingMr. Carl A. KoeglerMr. John KondratLarry Leahy, DMDMr. David Lombardo

    Dr. Michael A. Madden and Mr. Ronald K. SeneriusMs. Gina MannellaMr. David March and Mr. Randall KestersonMr. Jordan Paul MarckisottoMr. Lawrence MartinMr. James P. McDonald and Mr. Larry KarnoffJanice and Ernie MeadeMr. David C. MorganMark G. and Patricia J. OsanMr. Russell ParkinsonMs. Jeryl RaulukMr. Clark L. RexrodeDaniel and Bonnie SandmanDr. and Mrs. Martin I. SeltmanMr. Michael ShawMs. Anne B. ShearonMr. Robert W. TeittMr. and Mrs. Richard J. VollerMs. Laura Mae WallsMr. Robert T. WargoMr. Michael J. White and Mr. Richard J. LeBeauDr. Bruce L. WilderMr. Donald Wolfkill

    If you would like to become a Founders Society member, please contact the Development Department at 412-345-0569.

    Foundations, Corporations and Community OrganizationsPATF gratefully acknowledges the following foundations, corporations and community organizations for their most generous support during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. If you note an error or omission, please contact the Development Department at 412-345-0569.

    $100,000 or moreThe Heinz Endowments

    $25,000 - $99,999Elton John AIDS FoundationFISA FoundationGiant Eagle, Inc.The MAC AIDS Fund

    $10,000 - $24,999Horizon Properties Group, LLCBNY MellonBroadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

    Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE)

    $7,500 - $9,999Allegheny County Bar FoundationUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center

    $5,000 - $7,499American Eagle Outfitters FoundationCoury Financial Group LPinVentiv CommunicationsMARC USAMassey Charitable TrustThe Pittsburgh Foundation

    $2,500 - $4,999Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PCDollar BankElsie H. Hillman FoundationEMC CorporationFifth Third BankHighmarkNordstrom, Inc.Quest DiagnosticsTD Bank, N.A.Unity United Presbyterian Church

    BNY MellonDAllure TrendsGay-Straight AllianceHoncho

    Lez LiquorPittsburgh Taco TruckRiverside Design Group (Plates with Purpose)Root 174

    Steel City Derby Demons LLCSunset Hills United Presbyterian ChurchUrban CottageWashington County Economic Development, Inc

    PATF would like to acknowledge those individuals, community groups and companies who organize and conduct fundraisers, and awareness campaigns, on behalf of PATF. If your group or organization would like to host a fundraiser on our behalf or provide a portion of your sales to PATF, please contact the development department at 412-345-0569.

  • PATF would like to acknowledge the following generous donors for their cumulative giving of $500 or more during the 2012-13 fiscal year. If you note an error, please contact the Development Department at 412-345-0569.

    $5,000 or moreBill and Vivian BenterMr. Brian J. BoeglinMs. Wendy CameronMs. Susan Zitelli

    $2,500 - $4,999Mrs. Nadine E. BognarMr. John A. Martine, AIAMr. Richard E. RauhMr. Bart A. RaulukMr. Robert E. Sette

    $1,000 - $2,499Mr. Duvall A. AikenMs. Jennifer ArkettMr. Donald B. ArnheimMr. Michael BabichMs. Jane S. Barnes and Ms. Charity ImbrieRonald R. Basso, Esq.Ms. Rhonda BauerJohn and Cathy BlankenshipMs. Mary BockovichMr. Conrad E. Bricker and Mr. Gerald PottsMr. James BroffTony and Linda BucciMr. William BuchananMr. Robert E. ButterMr. Mark J. Caldone and Dr. Paul J. LebovitzMr. James P. CassaroMr. and Mrs. Gerald ChaitDr. Charles L. Christen, Jr.Mr. Allen D. ChristianDr. Lisa Cibik and Mr. Bernie KoboskyMr. John R. ClarkJudith Cohen, M.D.Dr. Ronald CypherMs. Debbie DemchakMr. Bob DenoveMs. Karen FadelyMs. Dawn FleischnerMr. Richard FultineerMr. Nachum Golan and Mr. Steve HoughMs. Kim S. GunsallusDr. Lathe T. Haynes and Mr. Avram C. MachtigerMr. J. Randolph HillerJanet and William HuntMr. Everette JamesMs. Gerri KayMs. Rose KutsenkowMr. Steve LaughmanLarry Leahy, DMDMr. Robert R. Lepre and Mr. Karsten ChorusMs. Dawna MartichMr. and Mrs. Joseph Massaro

    Mr. Robert W. McCutcheonDr. Joshua and Ronna NaginMr. Christopher J. NonevskiMr. Elliott OshryKathe and Jim PatrinosMs. Marina Persic and Mr. Kenneth LehnMr. Dan RizzoMr. John S. RuskowitzMs. Christine SchererDr. Robert Schoen and Ms. Nancy BernsteinRobert J. and Sheri E. SclabassiTuti B. ScottMr. Jeremy ShapiraMr. Rick SicilioMs. Pam WattersMs. Michelle L. WildenMr. Lawrence WosskowMr. Joel P. Yuhas

    $500 - $999Ms. Deborah AcklinMrs. Toby AlaryMr. Kevin J. Altomari and Ms. Dawn GideonMr. Marc L. AronsonMr. David Blair and Ms. Marianne Bokan-BlairStephanie and Michael BozicJane and Donald BurkeMr. William R. Caroselli and Ms. Dusty Elias KirkMs. Gwyn Cready and Mr. Lester PyleMr. Doug DantzerMs. Jo Ellen DillonJohn and Virginia DiPucciMr. Matthew J. DuganMr. Peter Ennis and Ms. Laura EllmanMs. Michele FabriziMr. and Mrs. Harris N. FerrisMr. Stuart FiskMr. William FriedlanderMs. Normandie FulsonMs. Mary GallagherThe Honorable and Mrs. Robert C. GalloMr. William E. GoehringMr. Patrick A. GrayMs. Keri Harmicar and Mr. David SemanMr. Jason HerringMr. David HillmanMr. and Mrs. Henry L. HillmanMs. Mary Irwin-Scott and Mr. Grant ScottMr. William JonesMr. Clyde B. Jones IIIMr. Christopher KingMary Ann and Bill KingDr. David J. KnezMr. Carl A. KoeglerDr. Elliott J. Kramer and Mr. William ModrakDr. Ronald and Mrs. Judith Linaburg

    Dr. Michael A. Madden and Mr. Ronald K. SeneriusMs. Gina MannellaMr. David March and Mr. Randall KestersonMr. Jordan Paul MarckisottoMr. Lawrence MartinKevin and Kristen McMahonMr. Tim McVay and Mr. David C. BushJanice and Ernie MeadeMr. Joe MineoMs. Mary MitchellMr. David C. MorganMark G. and Patricia J. OsanDee Jay Oshry and Bart Rack, O.D.Mr. Russell ParkinsonMs. Deborah PerryMs. Jeryl RaulukMr. Clark L. RexrodeMs. Anne K. RinghamDaniel and Bonnie SandmanMr. Theodore M. Sandson and Mr. Paul GeorgMs. Susan ScherlingDr. and Mrs. Martin I. SeltmanMr. Robert E. SetteMr. Michael ShawMs. Anne B. ShearonMs. Nancy A. Simpronio and Mr. Charles CulbertsonMs. Catherine SmithDr. and Mrs. James TaubergMr. Robert W. TeittMs. Thalia VitikosMr. and Mrs. Richard J. VollerMs. Laura Mae WallsMr. Robert T. WargoMr. Gene Welsh and Mr. David McAdamsMr. Michael J. White and Mr. Richard J. LeBeauDr. Bruce L. WilderMr. Donald Wolfkill

    PATF would like to acknowledge those individuals who gave generously of their time, talents and gift-in-kind support during the 2012-13 fiscal year:

    AlphagraphicsBill Chisnell ProductionsEngine House 25KDKA Turkey FundMansions On Fifth HotelMr. Robert E. SettePittsburgh MagazinePittsburgh OperaPittsburgh Post-GazettePittsburgh ValetVisivo Visual Design

  • Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted

    2013 Total

    2012 Total

    Support and Revenue Support

    Government grants and contracts $ 1,539,840 $ - $ 1,539,840 $ 1,546,596

    Contributions and in-kind donations 170,330 316,394 486,724 491,282

    Special events 302,957 - 302,957 156,646

    Total Support 2,013,127 316,394 2,329,521 2,194,524


    Pharmacy revenues (net of contractual allowances)

    2,333,849 - 2,333,849 2,410,481

    Provision for bad debts (31,751) - (31,751) (32,927)

    Cost of goods sold (1,130,405) - (1,130,405) (1,388,215)

    Contract fees (486,759) - (486,759) (502,917)

    Net pharmacy revenues 684,934 - 684,934 486,422

    Rent and miscellaneous income 58,338 - 58,338 43,803

    Total Revenue 743,272 - 743,272 530,225

    Net Assets Released from Restrictions

    246,572 (246,572) - -

    Total Support and Revenue 3,002,971 69,822 3,072,793 2,724,749


    Client services 801,013 - 801,013 783,667

    Prevention and outreach services 783,542 - 783,542 966,345

    Housing assistance 595,367 - 595,367 473,268

    Development 347,968 - 347,968 322,333

    Administration 186,501 - 186,501 110,698

    Total Expenses 2,714,391 - 2,714,391 2,656,311Total Increase in net Assets 288,580 69,822 358,402 2,656,311

    Net Assets - Beginning of year 737,458 194,708 932,166 863,728

    Net Assets - End of year $ 1,026,038 $ 264,530 $ 1,290,568 $ 932,166


    Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

    For the Year Ended June 30, 2013 (with Comparative Totals for 2012)


    Charles Christen, DrPH, MEd., Executive Director


    Aaron Arnold, Services Outreach Coordinator

    Nicole Baer, Senior Housing Medical Case Manager

    Karen Battle, Outreach Coordinator

    James Booher, Data Management Specialist

    Anitra Branch, Rural Medical Case Manager

    Audra Cannan, Director of Finance & Administration

    Lyn Chavis, Rural Medical Case Manager

    Cydney Daniel, Director of Housing and Client Services

    Tom Downing, Office Manager/Benefits Coordinator

    John Easter, M2M Project HIV Specialist

    Jennifer Ficarri, Director of Development

    Deb Gausmann, RN, Nurse Case Manager

    Scott Harrison, Medical Case Manager

    Jason Herring, Marketing and Communications


    Katherine Houston, Girl Talk Project Coordinator

    Alan Jones, Certified HIV Prevention Counselor

    Emma McAfee, Development Associate

    Gary McKillop, Director of Information Technology

    Vianca Masucci, HIV Prevention Specialist and

    Volunteer Coordinator, Health Corp Member

    Maria C. Philips, MSW, Medical Case Manager

    Ana Robinson, Medical Case Manager

    TeOnna Ross, Medical Case Manager

    Michael Sheets, Food Pantry Coordinator

    Pamela Smith, Girlfriends Outreach Liaison


    Bart A. Rauluk President

    Kevin J. Altomari Vice President

    Stuart Fisk, RN, MSN, CRNP Secretary

    Robert R. Lepre, CTFA Treasurer


    Conrad Bricker

    Mary Bockovich

    Linda Bucci

    Anne Davis

    Valerie Golik

    David Lombardo

    Michael Madden MD, FAAFP, CPE

    John A. Martine, AIA

    Rev. Dr. James H. McLemore

    Janice Meade

    Christopher Robinson, MSW

    Mike Shusko

    Matt Ometz, Pro Bono Legal Network Coordinator


    Editorial: Jennifer Ficarri, Jason Herring, Emma McAfee

    Design: Jason Herring

    Photography: Jason Herring and John Colombo

  • FIND IT.


    BEAT IT.