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  • THE SISUNG GROUP is a New Orleans, La.- based conglomerate of related companies dedicated to providingsuperior services in the areas of investments, capital raising, real estate development, business development, consulting and project management services. The core services offered by The Sisung Group companies include:

    � Provision of fixed-income securities, equities and

    related financial services to private, non-profit

    and public sector clients

    � Investment management and advisory services to

    institutional investors and high net worth individuals

    � Alternative financing and capital to small and medium

    sized businesses

    � Consulting, project management and real estate

    development services to private, non-profit and public

    sector entities.

    The company was founded in 1985 by Larry J. Sisung, Jr., who continues to serve as President of The Sisung Group. Mr. Sisung had formerly served as superintendent of the 35thlargest school system in the United States. In this position, hemanaged an operating budget of over $200 million and raised over $500 million in capital for the school systems’ capital projects.Mr. Sisung leveraged this experience in finance, project managementand asset management to found The Sisung Group.

    Today the Sisung team includes professional staffand advisors comprised offormer government and financial institution officials and experts in the fields of business, economics, finance, investments and tax law.The group consists of fourcore companies that provide services to for-profit and nonprofit corporations, public sector entities, municipalities, foundations, high net worth individuals and trusts. The SisungGroup has served clients operating in the telecommunications, hospitality, print manufacturing, education, construction, healthcare,media and government service sectors amongst others.One of ourlarger projects has included administrative and investment management for a $175 million multi-facility capital infrastructureproject. The multi-faceted services and synergies provided by the various Sisung companies allow us to offer comprehensive and efficient one-stop-shop services to our clients.

    The full spectrum of services that we offer and our experience workingin the public, private, education and nonprofit sectors have allowed TheSisung Group to become one of the premier financial and developmentservices companies operating in the southeastern United States.

    a full service broker-dealerregulated by FINRA

    a full service investment advisoryfirm registered with the SEC

    a venture capital company licensed as a Louisiana CAPCO

    a real estate development, project managementand business consulting company

    The Sisung Group is comprised of four core companies:� �

    Sisung’s professional services build on each other, offering a myriad of complementary financial opportunities.

    R. Lane Sisung andLarry J. Sisung, Jr.


    Since its formation, The Sisung Group and its team of dedicated seniorexecutives have been able to provide professional services to countlesscorporations, individuals, institutions and governmental agencies. Sisung Securities Corporation (SSC), provides equities, fixed-incomesecurities and financial services to public, retail and institutional entities.SSC has participated in raising over $8 billion in capital for its clients.Sisung Investment Management Services (SIMS) provides investmentadvisory services to corporate and public institutions as well as high networth individuals throughout the United States. SIMS has managed over$1 billion in client assets. Sisung Capital focuses on providing alternative financing products to small businesses thus ultimately positively impactingeconomic development in the communities in which it invests. Sisung Capital has raised and helped fund millions of dollars in venture capital projects throughout Louisiana. United Professionals Company(UPC) offers consulting, business development, real estate development and project management services to clients from the public, private andnon-profit sectors. UPC has participated in numerous public and private developments ranging from public-private partnerships and privatization efforts to management of large-scale real estate developments.

    In the work that we do through each of these companies, our constant,bottomline focus is on creating opportunities for growth for the clientsthat we serve. It is The Sisung Group’s mission to service our clients totheir ultimate success and satisfaction and to be recognized as a leader inproviding financial, real estate, project management, revenue developmentand business consulting services.




    Financial Advisor


    Capital Raises


    Securities Transactions







    OUR PHILOSOPHYThe Sisung Group prides itself on establishing and maintaining close working relationships with our clients. We recognize that ourstrength lies in the partnerships that we form with our clients to assist them in achieving success. Our professionals have a broad rangeof expertise and a deep level of experience that adds value to every transaction, ensuring quality, efficiency and confidentiality.

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