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  • 1. Teacher Student RelationshipsCreated by Kara WasylkModule 6 W200 The teacher student relationship is of utmost importance when entering a classroom. These next three articles discuss ways in which this relationship can be enhanced. The following three articles describe things such as classroom management, having a positive attitude, and controlling harassment within your classroom.


  • The Positive Teacher-Student Relationship
  • Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers
  • Dealing with Classroom Bullies

3. "Positive Teacher Student Relationship"

  • This article stresses the importance of a positive teacher student relationship in the primary grades to help facilitate a better learning experience.
    • Positive Teacher Student Relationship
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4. There are many ways in which children interact with teachers. This relationships can drastically affect the rest of the childs schooling. Dictating a classroom with an iron fist is not going to help many students adapt to the learning environment you are trying to present. This article stresses the need for positive, open communication between student and teacher. Discouraging bullying and encouraging importance of diversity are key components on a teacher behalf to enhance each childs learning experience."Positive Teacher Student Relationship" A teacher [then] needs to understand the value of the students sense of belonging, which can be of greater value and build self worth for minority students 5. * My Thoughts * At first glance, I thought this article would have been the basic speech about getting to know each student and their level, but upon closer reading I discovered that this article describes the way in which a teacher should present himself or herself in the classroom. ~ Light Bulb Moment~ I liked how the author stressed not getting rid of the poor attitude students, but instead work with them to make learning a fun experience! 6. Class management is one of the top priorities of teachers everywhere. Here are 5 basic tips to help maintain your classroom throughout your years teaching! ( Click the link below to explore the article!) Classroom Management for Elementary TeachersClassroom Management for Elementary Teachers 7. Classroom Management for Elementary TeachersThis article discusses 5 key tops for classroom management. Each includes a need for good student-teacher relationship. What is most stressed throughout this article is having a positive attitude in the classroom and being strong and firm in enforcing your classroom rules. Dont cut corners! The author stresses this point in tip #3.They are referring to enforcing the rules. I agree, I dont think you should let one time slide! Be firm and confident when enforcing your rules! 8. * My Thoughts * I found this article to be extremely helpful after I read it. I really liked how tip #5 stressed having a positive and enthusiastic attitude when it comes to dealing with the students in your class. That is my number one rule in life! So it just makes sense that it needs to be reiterated in the classroom. 9. When teaching in elementary school, every teacher is going to have to deal with a bully or two. This article states that dealing with bullies efficiently can help terminate the problem. They also suggest that prevention is key! Dealing With Classroom Bullies Dealing With Classroom Bullies Check out the full article below! 10. Dealing With Classroom Bullies Teachers need to cut bullying off at the beginning. An inventive way of attempting to decrease the amount of bullying is at the beginning of the year/semester, have students do an icebreaker. This gets the students familiar with one another and helps to avoid the awkwardness that bullying stems from. When dealing with bullying as a teacher, be confident! To control bullies in the classroom, make it clear from the first day of school that you will not allow harassment in your classroomHaving a strong front about bullying will help show your students that you mean business about not putting up with that kind of behaviour. 11. * My Thoughts *This article to me was a little obvious. I thought the majority of this article was common sense. I dont however think that all these tactics will help reduce bullying. I think bullying is a part of children growing up. I think as long as you have a strong relationship with your class, they will respect you enough to obey your rules and treat their fellow students with respect. 12. Casey, Megan. Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers. Retrieved March 11, 2009 from Danielson, Leif. Dealing with Classroom Bullies Retrieved March 11, 2009 from The Positive Teacher-Student Relationship Retrieved March 11, 2009 from Work Cited