Final photo choices and justifications

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Final Photo choices and justifications

Final Photo choices and justifications

Mood board of the photo shoot

Front cover image

I went for this image as in the end as according to reception theory I can position my reader by incorporating accepted images. This is seen in the school uniform immediately a perceived image of BEX is asserted. Combined with the hand on her lips the symbol of a secret. This without even reading the title allows an audience to know this a school girl with a big secret. This is perfect for my star as BEX is indeed a young girl with a massive difference: her stardom.

Double page spread key image

The key reason I went for this image in the end was the chalkboard. The text reads I will not sing in school and I will sing on YouTube. These phrases personify the character of my star a rebellious girl breaking away from the norms in her music. This is a stereotype of many tweenagers the desire to be different. Furthermore she is also sticking out her tongue to emphasise her dismissal of authority in this case school authority.

Double page spread additional images

Here we see BEX in her a more normal setting, wearing casual clothes. The second image looks as if she is pondering. This fit well with the themes of the article based around BEX talking about her life as if the image was taken as she was talking to the article producer. The first image again incorporates the symbol of the find to the lips inciting that the article reveals secrets not previously shared.

Contents page images

The main choice reason I chose these photos was the colour of BEXs hat. This colour was identical to that of the text I had used making the page more appealing to the reader. Furthermore BEX is seen in a casual setting an exciting prospect for readers only used to seeing her in public appearances, this pushes them to explore the magazine more fully: crucial for a contents page.