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Section B BOBGEDDIE RONNIEGILLEY BY ANNE D’INNOCENZIO AP Business Writers JARRELLWALKERJR. JOSEPHR. CROSBY BY DANA WOLLMAN AP Technology Writer SALESTAX INCREASE INSIDE BY DORIE TURNER Associated Press BY MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer Source: See CONSUMERS | 4C get more for their mon- ey. At the supermar- ket, shoppers are buy- ing more store-labeled products, like no-name detergents and cereal, and not returning to na- See FOOTBALL| 4B Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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    INSIDEy Profiles of the 11

    people named in theindictments / 6-7A

    yA closer look at thecharges / 6A

    y Timeline of theinvestigation / 7A

    yYour comments / 4A

    Lobbyists among 11 accused of vote-buying schemeNAMED IN THEINDICTMENT


    In one of the biggest investigations of cor-ruption in the history of the Alabama StateHouse, federal agents Monday arrested fourstate senators, several powerful lobbyistsand Milton McGregor, who has dominatedthe world of Alabama gambling for a quar-ter century.In all, 11 people were indicted in a broad

    vote-buying scheme in which federal pros-ecutors allege millions of dollars in cam-paign contributions, a $1 million-a-year joband election-year assistance were offered inexchange for critical yes votes on a gam-bling bill that went beforelegislators last spring.Prosecutors said the ca-

    sino owners, legislators andlobbyists formed a corruptnetwork to buy and sellvotes in the Legislature. Butsome of the defendantscalled the indictment an overtly politicalmove designed to influence the outcome ofthe Nov. 2 elections.Announcing the indictments in a press

    conference in Washington, D.C., Lanny A.Breuer, assistant attorney general of theCriminal Division, said: The people of Ala-bama, like all our citizens, deserve to haverepresentatives who act in the publics in-terest, not for their own personal financialgain. Vote-buying, like the kind alleged inthis indictment, corrodes the publics faithin our democratic institutions and cannotgo unpunished.


    MILTON MCGREGOROwns controlling interest inVictoryLand inMacon County

    yOne count of conspiracy,six counts of federalprogram bribery, and 11counts of honest servicesmail and wire fraud.

    RONNIE GILLEYOwner of Country Crossing inHouston County

    yOne count of conspiracy,six counts of federalprogram bribery, 11 countsof honest services mail andwire fraud, and four countsofmoney laundering.


    aboutthoseindicted /6-7A

    JARROD MASSEYLobbyist and president ofMantra Governmental

    yOne count of conspiracy,five counts of federalprogram bribery, and 11counts of honest servicesmail and wire fraud.


    MiltonMcGregor, shown during a January interview, owns controlling interest in VictoryLandcasino and dog track. He was one of 11 people arrestedMonday in what federal prosecutorsdescribed as a broad scheme to buy votes on a gambling bill. A judge requiredMcGregor, whowas released on bond, to submit to electronic monitoring.

    TOM COKERLobbyist

    y One count of conspiracy,two counts of federalprogram bribery, and 11counts of honest servicesmail and wire fraud.

    KEEP UP WITHTHE is theonline home of TheBirminghamNews.

    y Read the full

    y See videos of thosecharged:

    BOB GEDDIELobbyist with Fine Geddie

    yOne count of conspiracy,one count of federalprogram bribery, 11 countsof honest services mail andwire fraud, and one countof obstruction of justice.

    Indictmentsmay shift powerinMontgomery


    political reporters yourquestions in a live web chaton the federal bingocorruption indictmentstoday at 11 a.m. Click on thelink at

    JARRELL WALKER JR.Spokesman for Gilley andCountry Crossing

    yOne count of conspiracy,one count of federalprogram bribery, and 11counts of honest servicesmail and wire fraud.


    Country Crossing owner Ronnie Gilley, left, stands with lawyerDoug Jones outside the federal courthouse inMontgomery onMonday afternoon. Jones contends the indictments, released amonth before an election, are politically motivated.

    By STAN DIELNews staff writer

    The indictment of 11 people, includingfour sitting state senators, in a federal probeof gambling legislation will set off waves ofnegative campaign advertising and couldchange the balance of power in Montgom-ery, political experts said Monday.While it wont be clear what it all means

    until the votes are cast Nov. 4, its certainthat it will affect the election, and its likelythe Democrats have the most to lose, theysaid.This is a big deal. This is a blockbuster

    development, said Glen Browder, a formerDemocratic congressman and an emeritusassociate professor of political science atJacksonville State University. Coming onemonth before the election, this has to playinto that election.

    See FALLOUT Page 4A


    yOne count of conspiracy,two counts of federalprogram bribery, onecount of extortion, 11counts of honest servicesmail and wire fraud, andfour counts ofmoneylaundering.


    yOne count ofconspiracy, twocounts of federalprogram bribery, twocounts of attemptedextortion, and 11counts of honestservices mail and wirefraud.


    yOne count ofconspiracy, one countof federal programbribery, one count ofattempted extortion,11 counts of honestservices mail and wirefraud, and one countofmaking a falsestatement.


    yOne count ofconspiracy, twocounts of federalprogram bribery, twocounts of attemptedextortion, and 11counts of honestservices mail and wirefraud.

    JOSEPH R.CROSBYAnalyst with theLegislative ReferenceService

    yOne count ofconspiracy, one countof federal programbribery, and 11 countsof honest services mailandwire fraud.

    Gardendale raises sales tax Bessemer, Mtn. Brookdecide runoffs todaySALES TAX

    INCREASEThe Gardendale CityCouncil approved aproposal Monday night tochange the city sales tax:

    y Current sales tax:3 percent city sales tax;9 percent total sales tax

    y Sales tax starting Jan. 1:4 percent city sales tax;10 percent total salestax

    y Expiration: Theadditional 1 percentagepoint will expire onDec. 31, 2014.

    Divided councilvotes to raisetotal rate to 10%By ANNE RUISINews staff writer

    Sales tax is rising in Gar-dendale to a total of 10 per-cent beginning Jan. 1, after adivided City Council onMonday voted to raise thecitys portion.City sales taxes will rise

    from 3 percent to 4 percent,which means a total salestax of 10 cents on the dollar.County and state taxes add

    another 6 percent to the to-tal sales tax. The resolutioncalls for the citys additional1 percentage point to expireDec. 31, 2014.Council members Alvin

    Currington, Peggy Tumlin,Gary Morris and FaithHarper voted for the tax in-c r e a s e ; Mayo r O the l lPhillips and CouncilmanWendell Phi l l ips votedagainst it.The vote came in a stand-

    ing-room-only counci lchamber after the mayorpermitted about a dozenpeople who wanted to speakto address the council. Mostof those said they were

    against the sales tax in-crease.These are bad times . . .

    people have to make themost of every penny anddime they have, said MistiBoackle. It will hurt a lot ofpeople in this community.Gardendale business

    owners such as Jerome N.Cantrell of Mutual Financesaid sales taxes can hurtbusiness and noted the up-coming Christmas shoppingseason can make or breaka business. Production iswhat youve got to look at,not sales tax, he said.

    See SALES TAX Page 4A

    Voters in Bessemer andMountain Brook go to thepolls today for municipalelection runoffs.Bessemer residents will

    choose their next mayor andcouncil members for threedistricts.Two-term incumbent

    Mayor Ed May is trying torecover from a second-placefinish on Aug. 24 behindchallenger Kenneth Gulley,who previously served as anassistant to former Besse-mer Mayor Quitman Mitch-ell. Three Bessemer City

    Council seats also are stillup for grabs. The candidatesare:y District 2: Chester Por-

    ter, Sherrina Rice.y District 5: Ron Mar-

    shall, Albert Soles (i).y District 7: Earl Cochran

    (i), Cleo King.In Mountain Brook, Amy

    Carter and Temple Tutwilerare in a runoff to replaceCouncilman Bob Moody,who chose not to seek re-election to Council Place 1.

    Polls in both cities areopen from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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    Colleges allow students to borrow carsCar-sharing program saves universities parking spaces

    Students like Wayel Alwayel utilize the Zip-Car program that his college campus has instituted. Universities encourage students to use cars.

    Tiara Dees Associated Press

    BY JESSIE L. BONNERAssociated Press Writer BOISE, Idaho (AP) On a campus where stu-dents outnumber park-ing spaces nearly three to one, Boise State Uni-versity has finally con-vinced 23-year-old Wayel Alwayel he no longer needs the car he brought to campus with him as a freshman.

    The new hybrid car parked near the student

    union building this fall, available for $8 an hour, sealed the deal. Behind the wheel of the rent-al, Alwayel realized just how tired he was of pay-ing for his own gas, pay-ing for his own insur-ance.

    Everybody was l