Final Costumes And Props

Costumes and Props (Final Draft) Emma Marshall Annamaria Noto Bridget Cardenas Pazmino

Transcript of Final Costumes And Props

Page 1: Final Costumes And Props

Costumes and Props (Final Draft)

Emma MarshallAnnamaria Noto

Bridget Cardenas Pazmino

Page 2: Final Costumes And Props

Character 1 costume (Amber)• The first character is the victim of the supernatural possession. She will be

wearing red to tie in with the fact she’s being victimised. However, the red will also symbolise that she is daring. We changed it from the first draft, now Amber is the daring one and her friend is scared.

A simple red dress to link the character to the fact she’s a victim but is also daring.

As well as a red dress, she will have simple eyeliner and red lipstick on.

She could also wear a red scarf just in case the outdoor filming is cold.

A leather jacket is going to be worn to indicate Amber’s more rebellious attitude.

Page 3: Final Costumes And Props

Character 1 props (Amber)

At the end of the opening sequence it will be revealed that Amber has been possessed and this will be communicated to the audience by the use of red contact lenses.As well as these, the character will also widen her eyes and use facial expressions which will also help portray the fact she has been possessed by the supernatural.

Amber will also have a mobile phone with her. She will be using this as a map (shown near the beginning of the opening sequence). This will help to inform the audience that Amber and her friend don’t know where they are/where they are going.

Page 4: Final Costumes And Props

Character 2 costume (Friend)

The character of ‘Friend’ will have simple make up such as mascara.

She will be wearing a dress too, but a different coloured one (not red) so the attention can still largely be on Amber.

A black cardigan could also be worn if it gets cold when filming as just a throw over.