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Some reviews of people about todays films

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2. Tangled
A good and recommendedproposalforallthefamilythatdoesnt miss acction, music, humor and some drama in it.Colorful and witnentertainment, alsobenfitsitsrealism of thecharacters, theircaracter and theirgoodbuilding, especially of thehair and thevillian of thisstory
3. Isnotthebestwork of Clint Eastwood, because of itsthreestorys of unequalinterest . However, it has tobeenseenfor a good time of emotionswiththestrenght of itdramaticscenes and itsstaging, so its a goodtrieforsomeonesearchingthiscriteria
4. Black Swan
DarrenAronofskyappliesallhisvisual talentto and a script that in underlineand stressed in excess. In this drama story Natalie Portmanis simple incredibledissapearstogiveushergoodinterpretation in anyconsideration of hisdarkside
5. Sanctum
James Cameron wasteitsmoney in this terrible productionwithhiscolleagueAndre Wight in comparisonwithhisother films. An aquatic terror that quickly you forgot, poorly presented and interpreted without any conviction by a not a good cast of circunstances ( a bad cast)
The Coen brothers revive the classic Charles Portis in which the proposal appears to be more commercial. It's beautiful, classical,with action but the film is aware of the essence that necessarily make great movies of the pair of filmmakers
Sameargumentwithjigsaw and itsmacabre puzzle maintain their usual pattern: blood, guts and bad temper. Mind you, the worst in the series as its advance, although the high degree of visual savagery save the set.
The first chronicles of Shyamalan makes a pattern that aims to combine entertainment and some human depth popping filmmaker's own with this terrorfilm. Fun, easy, perhaps you reconcile with some of his detractors.