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A successful entrepreneur woman carefully selects best husband from three equally smart persons.

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  • Film: Substance Plot: A successful entrepreneur woman carefully selects best husband from three equally smart persons.
  • Scene-1 In New York office, Vanalee manages a data source company and is discussing strategic plan with assistant director, Timothy. We should tap overseas market especially China. I have developing new psychodynamics for mainland China, Timothy says. He shows a book, The Lighter Side of China. She knows that Timothy is interested in her. New York Vanalee Timothy
  • Scene-2 Timothy meets with his former employer in Abigail restaurant. Employer, Anthony asks about his love affair with Vanalee. Timothy says that he is learning Mandarin to win her heart. I have learnt Nihao and studying King Sunhao. After taking coffee, they depart to meet again on Christmas eve. Anthony New York
  • Scene-3 Anthony in his office in New Jersey is reading a book, How to Deal with 13 Difficult People. He doubts that Vanalee is from Hunan. His secretary, Lucy, comes in his room and he inquires about name of Vanalee. After a pause she replies, an adorable woman. Anthony appreciates her knowledge. New Jersey Lucy
  • Scene-4 Vanalee in her office is preparing draft of speech to be delivered at coming industrial exhibition. She is taking notes from some books. She includes a columnist, Lookman, in her speech. She reads out the draft and email it to Anthony for critical review. New York
  • Scene-5 Anthony buys flowers for Vanalee and writes a wish card. He calls in Lucy and shows her the card. Lucy informs Anthony that Vanalee is not only a Chinese but also a Muslim. How come you know?, he inquires. Through internet, she replies. She asks, Are you still interested in her? Anthony does not reply and leaves the room with bouquet. New York
  • Scene-6 In conference, Vanalee gives a short speech on future of digital media. Digital media is the greatest invention of humankind. What to speak of companies, it has made everyone a publisher especially photographers. We have to set criteria for content contributors. Conscientious consumerism is rising and we are mapping new frontiers of global economy. In the end ladies and gentlemen, let the freedom and tolerance prevail. Those who have left behind they will be on the knowledge highway. Thank you very much. People clap for fifteen seconds. Anthony walks toward her and gives her the bouquet. She thanks and promises to see him. New York
  • Scene-7 Timothy in tuxedo is driving the car while Vanalee is at the suicide seat. He points towards an elegant hoarding. Anthony asks to marry her. Vanalee says that you are a professional and good man but I cannot marry with you as I am Muslim. Culture is better than religion. Timothy convinces her about interfaith marriage. She receives a thank you call from Lookman and but does not inform Timothy. New York
  • Scene-8 At Abigail restaurant, Anthony and Timothy meet. Timothy discloses that Vanalee is a Muslim. Anthony remains calm and laughs over Mandarin learning. She discloses her faith lately, Timothy says. May be she is going to marry with columnist Lookman, Anthony suggests. We are smart, we have to win her love, Anthony says. Boss, you have to do something. Anthony pays the bill and they leave. New York
  • Scene-9 In the office, Anthony calls in Lucy and tells her about the situation. He requests her to arrange his marriage with Vanalee. Lucy says, give me some days to chalk out strategy for you. Anthony says, please it is urgent. Scene-10 Vanalee receives a call of her elder sister from Hunan. She advises Vanalee to marry as you are becoming overage. Vanalee says, I have selected a man and sending you photo of Lookman right away. New York New York
  • Scene-11 On Friday, Lucy visits office of Vanalee in New York. After greetings she openly tells about Anthonys intention of marriage. Vanalee says that I like Anthony but our marriage will create problem for the industry. After taking black coffee, Lucy takes her leave. You are very charming, Miss Vanalee, Lucy says. Thank you. New York
  • Scene-12 In a park, Timothy meets with a press reporter and gives him money to release love affair of Vanalee and Anthony. He advises the journalist that the story must portray that both businesspersons cannot marry because it will create monopoly for American consumers. Reporter takes money-envelope, glances at bills and says, do not worry, you will see results. New York
  • Scene-13 A short article appears in N.Y. Post about love affair of Vanalee and Anthony. The article gets highest comments for intriguing caption American Industry Becoming Family Business. Anthony arranges a press conference and discloses suspects. He says, though I like to marry with Vanalee yet the choice remains with her. Media community thanks him for being candid. New York
  • Scene-14 Police arrests Timothy and reporter from respective offices. One policeman reads out rights of a convict to the reporter. Scene-15 Vanalee invites handsome Lookman to office and offers him position of director. Lookman accepts the offer because it is on merit. New York
  • Scene-16 On 23rd May, marriage of Vanalee and Lookman is attended by dignitaries, Anthony and professionals from the Wall Street. New York
  • Characters Wanalee: Owner of Sucsh Timothy: IT professional working for Sucsh Anthony: Owner of 5andsunny Lucy: Executive Secretary at 5andsunny Lookman: Journalist Scenes and setting can be improved and changed. Proposed cast especially Gwyneth Paltrow and Pierce Brosnan are requested to produce the film. Key Credits Sajid Imtiaz: Expert Member CDKN, Member Pakistan Society of Criminology, Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Visuals: Google Feedback: Note: Writer is committed to donate 5% income from produced-film for establishment of the Takschschilla University.