Fifteen ways to help others

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Transcript of Fifteen ways to help others


2. 1.Visit individuals in ahospital and tell thestaff you would like tosupport patients.2.Visit next doorneighbour and talk tothem.2 3. 3.Eduate,teach yourfavourite subject fewhours a week.4.Tell your communitythat you want to beknown as the person whohelps.3 4. Kindness is more thandeeds. It is an attitude, anexpression, a look, atouch. It is anything thatlifts another person.C.NeilStrait 4 5. 5.Love Humbly find waysto love others, learn toshow your love.A kind word, spendingtime, showing littlekindnesses, a hug beingfriendly it all matters. 5 6. 6.Speak up for the needy.Many times the ignoredwant someone to speakfor them. You can makethe need heard.7.Place yourself inanothers shoes.Compassion has a strongreason to help someoneelse. It expresses othersthat you really care.6 7. 8.Be around If somebody known is inneed, chat, stay withthem.9.Praise someone it is agreat way to make themfeel better aboutthemselves. 7 8. 10.Patience helps. Manyindividuals have troubleunderstanding betweenright and wrong. Yourpatience can help them.11.Help someone who islow emotionally. Maybecall the doctor yourselfthrough the family andsave a life. 8 9. 12.Help someone in grief.Just a listening ear, a kindconversation, an embrace,a helpful hand will go along way when someonehas lost a loved one orsuffered a similar damage. 9 10. 13.Venting and talkinghelps. Often times peoplewho are angry, sad,depressed, or frustratedjust requires someonewho will listen. It helps toVent and talk over theissue. 10 11. We shall never know allthe good that a simplesmile can do.MotherTesesa14.Smile can change aday. A modest thing likethis can put a warmfeeling in someone elsesheart, making their daybetter as a result theypass it on.11 12. 15.Stopping can help. Ifsomeone on theroad/building is in needdo stop. Many times allthey need is a small push,or use your phone toreach their loved one. 12 13. I slept and I dreamedthat life is all joy. I wokeand I saw that life is allservice. I served and I sawthat service is joy. Kahlil Gibran 13