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  • Wilderness

    getaway Vacation



    In the

    West Elk

    Wilderness “An Adventure”

    For Information and dates on the Wilderness

    Cabin/Lodge please


    (970) 527-3010

    Ferrier Outfitters

    Bar Diamond Ranch Outfitting & Horseback Riding

    Dellis & Linda Ferrier

    P.O. Box 688

    Hotchkiss, CO 81419

    (970) 527-3010 (970) 929-5362 USDA Forest Service Permit

    Colorado Outfitter-Registration #315

    A Note About Your Guides

    Dellis’ parents, Grant and Mamie Ferrier, started outfitting in 1937. Linda’s grandparents, L.E. and

    Kathleen Wheeler, started outfitting in 1940.

    Dellis and Linda Ferrier, of Hotchkiss, Colorado, have been hunting, fishing and camping in the West Elk Wilderness all of their lives. Raised in the business, guiding and outfitting is not just a part-

    time occupation, it’s the Ferriers’ only business.

    Activities: Hiking, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Photography, Horseback Riding,

    Pack Trips, and Relaxing!

    Trout Fishing: The streams are teeming with Native

    Cutthroat Trout and the lake is stocked with trout. The fishing is

    always good!

    Horseback Riding: Horseback rides can be arranged for

    all day, or overnight pack trips.

    Please call for rates

  • Thank you for your interest in our wilderness pack

    trips by horse. We hope you’ll come with us into a

    part of the Gunnison National Forest known as the

    West Elk Wilderness. With approximately 200,000

    acres, the West Elk Wilderness contains some of

    America’s most beautiful and pristine land set aside

    to remain so forever. From atop an “ol saddle

    horse” you can safely travel and enjoy this rugged

    and majestic area unspoiled by our so called


    From the top of 13,000 foot high West Elk Peak,

    you can see a hundred miles in almost any direc-tion. From high in the saddle, deer, elk and sometimes Bighorn Sheep may be seen grazing

    the high tundra like basins. Bald or Golden Ea-gles nest high up on the cliffs and may be seen soaring high overhead. Occasionally, Black Bear

    can be spotted lumbering along in search of a tasty grub or small rodent. You’ll find beaver dams and lodges very interesting and you may

    even get to watch a beaver at work cutting a tree

    or repairing a dam.


    We offer 4, 5 and 6 day trips on horseback. (We’ll be happy to organize any trip up to 12 days.) The 4 day trip is designed for those short on time but still want a true

    wilderness experience. The 5 day trip is designed for the family, while the 6 day and longer trips are designed for those with a true “pioneer” spirit and a sense of adven-


    All travel is by horseback. If you’ve never ridden or it’s been a few years DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU!

    We have very gentle, well trained trail horses and our

    experienced guides are ready to help “dudes” of all ages.

    Everything for the trip is packed in by mule train, plenty of tents are set up so each family or party has its own tent

    for sleeping quarters. A large tent is set up for cooking and dining facilities. Teepee tents are set up for toilet facilities. There is always hot water available for scrub-

    bing off that trail dust. Guests love the great outdoors,

    but we know they like to be comfortable too.


    If you like to fish, there are many clear, sparkling streams and alpine lakes

    where you can try your luck. Native Cutthroat and Eastern Brook trout are

    the natural fish and make a mighty fine meal. Sheep Lake is a popular place to

    catch big Cutthroat Trout. The scenery around Sheep Lake is breath taking and

    makes the trip worthwhile.


    Please plan to arrive the day before your trip is to start. If you plan to

    fly, rental vehicles are available at the Montrose or Grand Junction air-ports. We can help make arrangements for you at

    one of the local motels or at our Wilderness Cabin.

    You need to bring a good sleeping bag, a flashlight, a medium weight jacket, two changes of clothes, either

    riding boots or hard soled shoes (plus an extra pair in case of rain), good rainwear is also important. If you plan to do some fishing, bring basic fishing gear.

    Don’t forget your camera!