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  • 1. Impact of the ASTC Diversity & Leadership Development Fellows Program

2. The ASTC Fellowship Program has made adifference in my work and career by helping mego deeper in my role as a science centerprofessional. The first way my participation hasdone this is by helping to equip me to move fromthe role of youth program coordinator to themanager of an entire Youth Program Department.As a manager, I now have the ability to use thetools that I have gained from the Fellowshipprogram to influence not just one youth programbut 3 youth programs in addition to an entireorganization. The organization that I came fromhad fully adopted the mission and values of theFellowship Program from the top on down.As an employee of that organization for 12 plusyears, I have never experienced an organizationthat is brand new and still growing and maturing.I feel like the Fellowship Program has trulyprepared me with the tools to be a catalyst of itsmission and values in a new organization.As a result of the Program, I have been able tomaintain a sense of solidarity within thefield, especially during the year that I was out ofthe field. 3. I knew I wanted to be a science educator, butI felt strongly that I also wanted to be workingwith the LGBT community.The Fellows Program was one of the ways thathelped validate and strengthen in methe knowledge that these two roles are notexclusive of each other. 4. Starting at NYSCI at the age of 17, I wasamazed at what science centers couldoffer our visitors and grateful to begiven the opportunity to work there.After years of professional developmentand support at my institution, and myown dedication to teaching the publicabout science, I was accepted as anASTC Diversity Fellow.The Diversity Fellowship programprovoked my interest in continuing myeducation and it was there where Ilearned that my position at NYSCI wasnot only a job, but a career. 5. Impact of the ASTC Diversity & Leadership Development Fellows Program 6. The ASTC Equity and Diversity LeadershipFellows Program has helped me to gain agreater confidence to be able to progress inthe science center and museum field.Mostly its given me the opportunity to giveback to the field by sharing my experienceswith new fellows and presenting at ASTCConferences. 7. The Fellows program reaffirmed andstrengthened my commitment and passion forinformal education and the science museumfield. Thats a lot of "ands" but thats becauseits so true!I expanded a network I rely on for advice tothis very day. I met great people who werefacing the same challenges and questions thatI was--I learned I wasnt alone and that was sovaluable as a young professional starting outin the field. If two heads are better than one,then becoming a Fellow meant I gained abunch of smart, funny, and passionate headsto bounce ideas of off.If there is one thing I could tell someone theywould take away from this program it is thatquality education is a team effort, and theFellows program drafts some great playersinto your team. That or you should alwayswatch out for glass doors....(Thanks Fellows inFort Worth, Im glad I could make you alllaugh!) 8. I have several pictures, but this one is posted on mybulletin board as a reminder of the courage, wisdom andsupport I have to get through all the challenges! 9. Impact of the ASTC Diversity & Leadership Development Fellows Program 10. My acceptance as an ASTC DiversityFellow in 2001 and my experience withthe program was the catalyst behind mydecision to approach my work in themuseum as a career and not a job.After nine years, I still love what I doand plan to continue in the museumfield. 11. The Fellows program taught me thateveryone has the potential to be aleader. Since becoming a Fellow, Iveincreased my leadership role in myorganization and I have a stronger long-term vision of myself in this field. I knowthat I have a supportive network of otherFellows who are behind me all the way! 12. IThe program helped me to see andunderstand how important diversity at ascience center is. It also gave me somegreat ideas to take back to Sci-Port:Louisianas Science Center. 13. Impact of the ASTC Diversity & Leadership Development Fellows Program 14. Being an Alumni Fellow, I have gainedconfidence presenting in front of myprofessional colleagues, learned how tonetwork with others in the ScienceCenter/Museum field, have had theopportunity meet and learn from a diversegroup of people, and have gained everlastingfriendships and mentors that helpguide my journey. 15. Through my 10 year journey with the DiversityFellows Program, I have learned that someonewho is truly passionate about the work they docan make a difference.Ive gained a network of supportive anddiverse professionals who have shown me thatthe greatest mistake you can make in yourcareer is do nothing just because you can dolittle. This has enabled me to create asupportive and inclusive environment in myown institution. 16. The Diversity Fellows program providedme with a better understanding of my roleas a leader in the museum world how Ican impact so many people and preparemyself for the growth andaccomplishments that await me. I amappreciative of the opportunity and willalways continue to support this cause. 17. Impact of the ASTC Diversity & Leadership Development Fellows Program 18. Through the Fellows program, I learnedto take responsibility for myself and mymuseum.If I want things to change, I have to stopcomplaining and start acting. 19. Although some days I feel like Imrearranging deck chairs on theTitanic, the fellows program taughtme 3 things: patience, persistenceand to have fun!