Federalism Part 1 State Governments & PA’s State Government.

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Transcript of Federalism Part 1 State Governments & PA’s State Government.

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  • Federalism Part 1 State Governments & PAs State Government
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  • Unitary Government Systems Strong national government with no (or weak) local governments Examples France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden.
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  • Federalist Government System Division of power between a natl and regional (state) govts, with both levels retaining significant powers. Examples US, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Switzerland
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  • Effects of Federalism * Decentralizes power (separation of power) * Citizens living in different parts of the country will be treated differently (different state rules) * More opportunities for people to participate in govt (multiple levels) * Tension exists between national, state and local levels about roles in serving the citizens. Thousands gather inside Madison Wisconsin's Capitol rotunda to protest Governor Walker's proposed bill.
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  • State Governments - Power of states are called reserved powers or police powers. (10 th amendment) - States generally have control over: elections police education highways/driving laws healthcare licenses (professional, hunting, fishing, drivers, etc) - local governments exist at the pleasure of the states and states have control over local govts - Ex- Norristowns take over by state after corruption charges
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  • State Governments All states have a governor, state legislature, separate state court systems, and state constitutions. State governments primarily get money from State income tax (in PA around 3%) Sales tax (in PA 6%) Federal grants ( increased due to amendment 16) Various other taxes on businesses, estates, and consumers (gas, cigarettes, tolls, etc)
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  • State Constitutions Explain how state government will work and protect rights of citizens in that state. May allow: Initiatives citizens propose laws that get voted on by the public ex- Oregons Death with Dignity Act Referendums legislatures put questions to the public for approval- often involve spending ex- Open Space Initiative, improving infrastructure such as roads bridges, sewers Recalls people vote to remove someone from office earlier than their term ends; different than impeachment ex- Cal. Gov recalled; replaced with Arnold Swarz. PA only has referendums
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  • Recent State Ballot Measures from 2010 Legalization of Marijuana (CA), or medical marijuana (AZ, and SD) Change state law so a fetus is entitled to legal rights. (CO) Add right to hunt and fish into state constitutions. (AZ, AR, SC, TN) Term limit questions for state employees (NM, OK)
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  • PA State Government - Executive Governor Current Tom Corbett (R) Began first term in Jan. 2011 Former PA Attorney General Cabinet Selected by Gov. to head states departments Example Sec. of Education, Sec. of State PA State capital is _________. http://www.governor.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/cabinet_officials/2995
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  • Governor Tom Corbett shrink state government eliminate the state liquor monopoly (private companies will sell alcohol- not state stores) reduce business taxes institute school vouchers for public schools pass lawsuit reform (medical) restructure public welfare reform the state legislature less money to local governments and school districts but also lessen mandates they have to follow
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  • Governor Elect Tom Wolf Marriage Equality Anti-Discrimination Law Progressive Income Tax Minimum Wage Increase Expanding Sick Leave Protecting Voting Rights Increase Women & Minority owned Businesses Strengthening the States Equal Pay law
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  • PA Legislature General Assembly House of Representatives 203 members from 203 districts 2 year terms Current majority party is Rep Local PA House members Daylin Leach (D) Mike Vereb (R) Senate 50 senators elected from 50 districts throughout the state 4 year terms Current majority party is Republican Local State Senator John Rafferty (R)
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  • What do PA State House Members and Senator get? 2 nd largest full-time, 2 nd most expensive state legislature in the country.- PA spends about 312 million on its legislature. ($25 per person) Californias is most expensive New Yorks is largest (including support staff) Only 9 states have full-time legislatures Salaries- average around $78,000 Benefits: Health insurance benefits (doctor and prescript.) around $17,000/yr Lawmakers only pay %1 of cost out of salaries (compared to 10-30% in general public) Office expense - $20,000- $25,000/yr Full-time staff (average is about 9 people) Other part-time legislatures may only have one staff member per elected official Car $7,800/yr Per diem costs of $143/day Pensions