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Transcript of Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Function Number O Time Rel

    BTS1073 B BSS1

    BTS Performance BSS10104 B BSS10

    BSS10104 B BSS10

    BSS20870 O BSS13

    BSS10104 B BSS10

    BSS11134 O BSS11

    B BSS10.5ED

    BSS20494 O 2Q/07 BSS12


    BSS10069 B BSS10

    BSS11073 B BSS11

    Extended Cell BSS6037 O BSS6

    BSS20094 O BSS13

    BSS20882 O BSS13

    BSS21277 BSS13

    BSS20094 O BSS13BSS21270 O BSS13.1

    Radio Channel B


    Control Channels B BSS1

    BSS7036 O BSS7

    BSS21113 O 3Q/07 BSS12ED1.1


    Radio Channel


    BSS5290 BSS5


    BSS11136 B BSS11

    Frequency Hopping

    Hopping BTS2013 B BSS1

    BSC3050 B BSS3

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    BSS7094 O BSS7

    BSS11052 O BSS11.5

    BSS21081 B 3Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    BSS21146 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1

    BSS21161 BSS14

    BSS 10068 B BSS10

    BSC2801 B BSS1


    BSS7009 B BSS7

    BSS7022 B BSS7

    B BSS1BSC2307 O BSS1



    BSS8123 O BSS8

    B BSS2

    Power Control BSC2703 B BSS1

    BSC2707 B BSS1


    BSS 9021 B BSS 9

    BSC3151 O BSS3

    BSS 12158 O BSS 11.5

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    BSS5220 O BSS5

    BSS4013 O BSS4

    GSM Services

    Paging BSC2201 B BSS1


    BSC 2213 B BSS1

    Basic Voice BSC1001 B BSS1




    SMS BSC1003 B BSS1

    BSC1005 B BSS1

    Cell Broadcast BSC1006 B BSS1

    B BSS1

    BSS7002 O BSS7



    Segmentation BSC2301 B BSS1

    BSC2337 B BSS1BSC3910 O BSS3




    BSC3140 O BSS3

    B231 O BSS2

    B221 O BSS2

    BSS11149 O BSS11

    BSS11149 O BSS11.5

    BSS20998 B 3Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    BSS20869 BSS13

    Speech Codecs

    Full Rate BSS1

    Half Rate BSS5010 O BSS5

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens



    Enhanced Full Rate BSS6071 O BSS6

    AMR Full Rate BSS10004 O BSS10

    BSS20048 B BSS11.5

    BSS20974 O 1Q/08 BSS12ED3.1

    BSS21154 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1

    BSS21114 O 3Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    BSS20776 O BSS13

    BSS20872 O BSS13

    BSS20588 O BSS13

    BSS20485 O BSS13

    BSS21120 BSS14

    AMR Half Rate BSC.790 O BSS10

    BSS21154 O 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1

    Wideband AMR BSS20960 2Q/09 BSS14

    BSS21218 BSS14

    Circuit Switched Data BSS1019 BSS1

    BSC1019 B BSS1

    BSC1017 B BSS1

    BSC1015 B BSS1

    BSC1013 B BSS1

    BSC1011 B BSS1

    BSC1436 B BSS1


    Data 14.4 kbit/s BSS7037 B BSS7

    HSCSD BSS7003 O BSS7

    GPRS BSS9006 O BSS9



  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    CS3/CS4 BSS11088 O BSS11.5


    EDGE BSS10091 O 10.5ED








    BSS20459 BSS14

    BSS21228 BSS14


    BSS11156 B BSS11

    PS Data Common BSS9


    Dynamic Abis BSS10045 B 3Q/03 10.5ED

    PCCCH/PBCCH BSS10074 B 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    QoS BSS10084 B 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    BSS11111 O

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens



    NCCR BSS11112 O 2Q/05 BSS11.5



    NACC BSS11506 O 2Q/05 BSS11.5



    BSS20083 O

    BSS21045 O

    Gb Interface BSS20086 O 2Q/08 BSS13

    BSS11110 O 2Q/05 BSS11.5BSS20106 O 2Q/08 BSS13

    Performance B BSS9

    BSS11151 B 2Q/04 BSS11

    BSS20966 B 1Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    BSS20037 BSS14

    B BSS9


    BSS30065 B 2Q/05 BSS11.5


    Uplink PCDownlink PC

    BSS20084 O 2Q/07 BSS12

    BSS20089 O 2Q/07 BSS12

    DTM BSS20088 O 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    GPRS Trace BSS10089 B 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    GSM-WCDMA BSS10101 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5








    BSS20394 O 2Q/05 BSS11.5

    Prevent NCCR to WCDMA

    BSS11073 O 2Q/04 BSS11

    BSS10101 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    BSS11086 B 2Q/04 BSS11

    BSS20858 O 2Q/08 BSS13

    BSS20477 O 2Q/08 BSS13

    BSS20132 O 2Q/08 BSS13

    BSS20967 B 2Q/08 BSS13

    BSS21141 BSS14

    TD-SCDMA BSS30315 O 1Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    BSS30320 O 1Q/07 BSS12ED1.1

    GSM Frequency Bands

    BSS5050 O BSS5

    P-GSM900 B BSS1

    GSM/DCS 1800

    E-GSM900 BSS8085 B BSS8

    BSS21165 O 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1


    GSM800 BSS10087 B BSS10


    GSM 450

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    BSS5050 O BSS5

    BSS10087 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    BSS10087 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    Six Sectors BSS6139 B BSS6

    BSS10016 O 2Q/02 BSS10

    BSS10087 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    BSS10046 B 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    BSS20744 B 4Q/07 BSS12ED2.1

    BSS11155 O 4Q/02 BSS10.5

    Soft Capacity BSS4016 O S4BSS7005 O S7


    Microcellular B BSS3

    BSC4016 O BSS4

    BSS7005 O BSS7

    BSS8037 O BSS8


    B591 O BSS2

    BSS20082 O 2Q/07 BSS12

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Nokia Feature Name Number O Time Rel

    Receiver Diversity SF10016 B BR2.0

    SF10955 O 4Q/05 BR8.0SF10521 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    SF10520 O BR9.0

    SRC Intelligent Downlink Diversity SF10459 O BR6.0

    SRC Intelligent Downlink Diversity SF10468 O BR7.0

    Double Power TRX for Flexi EDGE BTS

    SRC; 4 Way Uplink Diversity SF10473 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Antenna Hopping

    Interference Rejection Combining (IRC) in EDGE TRX

    STIRC Space Time Interference Rejection Combining

    Synchronized BSS SF10956 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Recovery for BSS and Site Synchronization

    Extended Cell Radius SF10332 O BR4.0

    Extended Cell for GPRS/EDGE SF10963 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Extended Cell Range for Flexi EDGE BTS

    105km Extended Cell (Flexi EDGE BTS)

    Extended Cell for GPRS/EDGE105km Extended Cell Range for GPRS/EDGE

    Control Channels SF10134 B BR6.0

    Combined Control Channels

    Dynamic SDCCH Allocation SF10425 O BR6.0

    Increased Dynamic SDCCH CapacitySF10426 B BR6.0

    Maximum SDCCH Capacity SF10328 B BR3.7

    Radio Channel Allocation

    Radio Channel Allocation

    FACCH Call Setup due to SDCCH Congestion SF10245 B BR6.0

    FACCH Call Setup on Emergency Call

    TRX prioritisation in traffic channel allocationEnhanced TRX Prioritisation in TCH Allocation

    Baseband Frequency Hopping SF10140 B BR6.0

    SF10260 B BR6.0

    Frequency Hopping by RF Synthesizers SF10141 O BR6.0

    63 Frequencies in MA list

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Baseband Hopping

    Flexible MAIO Management BR3.0

    SF10962 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation (DFCA) SF10957 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    DFCA BIM Scaling

    DFCA RRM Power Reduction

    PS and SDCCH on DFCA TRX

    Double Mobile Allocation (MA) List Amount

    SF10143 B BR6.0

    Handover Algorithm

    Intracell Handover SF10144 B BR2.0

    Intra BSC Handover SF10145 B BR2.0

    Inter BSC Handover SF10146 B BR2.0

    Inter MSC Handover SF10147 B BR2.0

    SF10150 B BR6.0

    TRX Locking with Forced Handover SF10153 B BR6.0

    Save Calls by Forced Handover Prior to Cell Recovery

    Handover due to MS-BTS Distance SF10333 B BR6.0Directed Retry Handover Procedure SF10255 O BR3.0

    Direct Access to Desired Layer/Band

    SF10438 B BR6.0

    SF10155 B BR6.0

    SF10156 B BR6.0

    SF10157 B BR6.0

    SF10158 B BR6.0

    RF Power Control and Handover Algorithm SF10160 B BR6.0

    AMH BSC Initiated Traffic Reason Handover SF10436 O BR6.0

    SF10162 B BR6.0

    Handover and Power Control Algorithm

    SDCCH Handover SF10407 B BR5.5

    BTS Power Control algorithm at BSC SF10194 B BR6.0

    MS Power Control Algorithm at BSC

    Handover and Power Control Algorithm SF10195 B BR2.0

    Variable DL Power Control SF10451 B BR6.0

    SF10452 B BR.7.0

    Optimisation of the MS Power Level in HO SF10504 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Forced Handover

    IMSI based Handover




  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Fast Moving MS Handling in Macro Cell

    Chained Cells in Rapid Field Drop SF10437 O BR6.0

    GSM 08.08 Paging

    Paging Procedure

    Temporary MS Identity (TMSI)

    Paging DRX SF10121 B BR6.0

    Telephony (T11) and Emergency Call (T12)

    Mobile Originating Call SF10163 B BR6.0

    Mobile Terminating Call SF10164 B BR6.0

    Emergency Call SF10165 B BR2.0

    Short Messages MT/PP (T21) SF10166 B BR2.0

    Short Messages MO/PP (T22) SF10167 B BR2.0

    SF10116 B BR2.0

    SMS-Cell Broadcast (T23) SF10168 O BR6.0

    Cell ID Broadcast SF10493 O BR6.0

    Cell Broadcast Interface to CBC SF10085 O BR3.7

    5400 CB Messages Storage Capacity in BSC SF10416 B BR5.5

    Queuing of Resource Requests SF10406 O BR6.0

    Queuing IndicationQueuing and Priority (DR&TR PIE) SF10172 B BR2.0

    Queuing SF10101 B BR2.0

    Forced Handover SF10432 B BR6.0

    Forced Release

    IDR & TR as Per Priority Information Element

    Intelligent Directed Retry

    Improved Trunk Reservation

    Wireless Priority Service (IOC) SF10968 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Wireless Priority Service (FOC)

    Enhancement to Queuing and Priority and ITR SF10967 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    SF10513 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Market Expansion Toolkit

    GSM Full Rate SF10108 B BR6.0

    SF10177 B BR6.0

    GSM Half Rate SF10109 O BR6.0

    SF10110 B

    SF10099 B BR6.0

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Channel Rate Selection based on Cell Load SF10429 B BR6.0


    AMR Half Rate SF10430 B BR6.0

    Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) SF10327 O BR3.7

    AMR Quality and Coverage SF10423 O BR6.0AMR HO and PC Thresholds SF10524 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    AMR Power Control

    Separate Radio Link Timeout Parameters

    Radio Link Timeout Parameter for AMR HR

    Load based AMR Packing

    Progressive AMR Power Control Limited

    Progressive AMR Power Control

    Robust AMR Signalling (FACCH/SACCH) SF010525 2Q/07 BR9

    4Q/08 BR10

    TRAU Bicasting in AMR FR/HR

    Separate AMR UL/DL Link Threshold

    AMR Unpacking Optimisation

    SF10526 BR9AMR Capacity SF10465 B 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Channel Rate Selection based on Cell Load

    AMR Packing and Unpacking



    Load based AMR Packing

    WB-AMR with MGW 4Q/08 BR10

    WB-AMR with TCSM3i

    Circuit Switched Data

    CS Data Single Serv 9600 bit/s SF10129 B BR2.0

    CS Data Single Serv 4800 bit/s SF10130 B BR2.0

    CS Data Single Serv 2400 bit/s SF10131 B BR2.0

    CS Data Single Serv 1200 bit/s

    CS Data Single Serv 600 bit/s

    GSM Data Channel TCH/F SF10161 B BR2.0

    Mode Modify Procedure SF10117 B BR6.0

    14.4kbit/s GSM Data Services SF10405 B BR5.5

    High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) SF10405 O BR4.5

    SF10351 O

    SF10421 B BR5.5

    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) SF10420 O BR5.5

    GPRS coding Schemes CS-1 and CS-2 SF10420 O BR6.0

    SF 10444 B BR6.01

    GPRS Territory Method SF10443 B BR6.01

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Link Adaptation CS-1/CS-2

    SF10479 B BR7.0

    GPRS Coding Schemes CS-3 and CS-4 SF10454 B BR7.0

    GPRS Link Adaptation

    EDGE (EGPRS) SF10445 O BR7.0

    EDGE MCS 1-9 Downlink

    EDGE MCS 1-9 Uplink

    EDGE Link Adaptation Downlink SF10449 B BR7.0

    EDGE Link Adaptation Uplink SF10449 B BR7.0

    Incremental Redundancy Downlink

    Incremental Redundancy Uplink SF10501 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Downlink BTS Radio Re-transmission

    Robust EDGE Retransmission

    Downlink Dual Carrier

    Two way access

    EGPRS: Channel Request on CCCH

    GPRS/EGPRS Radio Resource Management

    Territory Method

    GPRS/EGPRS Multiplexing SF10446 O BR7.0

    Dynamic Abis Allocation SF10447 B BR7.0

    Gb Flow Control SF10448 B BR7.0

    Support of PCCCH/PBCCH

    Priority Class based QoS SF10455 B BR7.0

    SF10517 B 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Enhanced Quality of Service (EQoS) SF10950 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Gb Enhancements SF10512 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    EQoS: Allocation Retention Priority in PCU2 SF10506 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Autonomous Cell Reselection

    Network Controlled Cell Reselection SF10456 O BR7.0

    Intra PCU NCCR

    Inter PCU NCCR

    Network Assisted Cell Change (NACC) SF10952 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    NC0 Mode

    NC2 Mode

    Inter BSC Network Assisted Cell Change SF10508 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Inter System Network Assisted Cell Change SF10518 B 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Multipoint Gb Interface SF10503 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Gb over IP SF10965 O 4Q/05 BR8.0Packet Control Unit (PCU2) Pooling SF10969 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    PCU Selection Algorithm

    SF10507 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    N/A SF10502 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Delayed Uplink TBF Release

    Extended Uplink TBF SF10964 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Dynamic Scheduling for EXT UL TBF

    Improved Extended UL TBF

    Delayed Downlink TBF

    Dynamic Multislot AllocationGPRS Suspend

    GPRS Resume

    Packet PSI Status

    Uplink Power ControlN/A

    High Multislot Classes HMC SF10509 O 2Q/07 BR9.0

    Extended Dynamic Allocation (EDA) SF10951 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    Dual Transfer Mode (DTM) SF10953 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    System Level Trace

    Push to Talk

    GSM-WCDMA Interworking

    Idle Mode from GSM to UMTS

    Idle Mode from UMTS to GSM

    Handover from GSM to UMTS (Voice) SF10461 O BR7.0

    Handover from UMTS to GSM (Voice)

    Handover from GSM to UMTS (CS Data)

    Handover from UMTS to GSM (CS Data) SF10467 O BR6.0

    Cell Reselection from GSM to UMTS (PS Data) SF10483 O BR6.0

    Cell Reselection from UMTS to GSM (PS Data)Intersystem NCCR SF10954 O 4Q/05 BR8.0

    32 Neighbour Cells per Cell

    GSM-WCDMA Interworking Enhancement (Controlled WCDMA Access)

    GSM-WCDMA Interworking

    Support for Enhanced Measurement Report SF10469 O

    WCDMA Neighbour Cell Reporting Enhancement

    CPICH RSCP based Criterion for 2G to 3G Cell Reselection

    Mobile Specific Channel Release Message

    Coverage based ISHO in Dedicated Mode

    Load Aware ISHO Admission

    TD-SDCMA Incoming HO Support

    TD-SCDMA Interworking, Idle Mode

    Multibands Supported in BSC SF10234 B BR3.7

    GSM 900 SF10181 B BR6.0

    GSM 1800 SF10192 B BR6.0

    Tri-Band (E-GSM) SF10196 B BR6.0

    Single MA list for EGSM and PGSM

    GSM 1900

    GSM/EDGE 800



    SF10222 B BR3.7

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Dual Band 900/1800

    Dual Band 800/1900

    Dual Band 800/1800

    N/A SF10417 B BR5.5


    Six Sector Support

    Common BCCH 900/1800 SF10428 O BR6.0

    Common BCCH 800/1900 SF10961 O BR8.0

    N/A SF10961 O BR8.0


    Multi BCF Control SF10427 B BR6.0

    24 TRX per BCF for Flexi EDGE BTS

    Chaining of UltraSite BTS

    BCCH Super reuse

    SF10036 O

    Intelligent Underlay Overlay SF10036 O BR6.0Intelligent Frequency Hopping

    Hierarchical Cell Structure SF10330 B BR6.0

    Intelligent Underlay Overlay (IUO) SF10331 B BR3.7

    Intelligent Frequency Hopping (IFH)

    Enhanced Coverage by Frequency Hopping

    Double BCCH Allocation (BA) List

    Support for SAIC SF10551 4Q/08 BR10

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Siemens Feature Name

    Rx Antenna Diversity

    Uplink Interference CancellationImproved UIC (Uplink Interference Cancellation)

    Improved Uplink Receiver Sensitivity by Averaging over Multiple Bursts

    Transmission Diversity

    Transmission Diversity Time Delay

    FlexCU - Four Path Receive Diversity

    Antenna hopping

    Network Synchronization

    Extended Cell (Distance)

    Extended Cells for CS and PS

    Control Channels

    Smooth Channel Modification

    Set Command for Changes of Channel Combination

    4 SDCCH/8 on BCCH Carrier

    Direct Assignment on TCH

    Frequency Hopping (Baseband)

    Frequency Hopping (Baseband) Enhancement: Autonomous Frequency Redefinition

    Frequency Hopping (Synthesized)

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Starting Time Management for Frequency Hopping

    Multi Service Layer Support

    Dynamic MAIO Allocation

    General Requirements and Timing Advance Control


    Intra-BSC-HO (Inter-Cell)

    Intra-MSC-HO (Inter-BSC)

    Inter- MSC-HO

    HO Decision due to Basic Parameters

    HO Decision due to O&M Criteria (Maintenance Caused HO)

    Call Release for Excessive DistanceDirected Retry (SDCCH to TCH Handover)

    Introduction of "Level Handover Margin" Parameter

    General Radio Link Control Functions (acc. GSM 05.08/DCS1800)

    O&M Parameters for Radio Link Control

    O&M Flags for Radio Link Control

    General Functionality for Measurement Acquisition, Preprocessing

    Handover Comparison Process

    Handover Decision due to BSS Radio Management Criteria

    Supplementary services

    SDCCH to SDCCH Handover

    TCH RF Power Control

    TCH Handover

    Improved Power Control

    Service Dependent Power Control and Handover Thresholds

    Derived Handover Power


    Limitation of IntraCell HO

    Prevention of back HO

    Prevention of HO Failure Repetition

    GSM-DCS Handover

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Automatic Cell Layer Allocation

    Automatic Cell Layer Allocation (Speed Sensitive HO)

    Fast Uplink Handover

    Discontinuous Reception (Paging: Sleep Mode)

    11 Telephony: Mobile Originating Call (MOC)

    11 Telephony: Mobile Terminating Call (MTC)

    12 Emergency Call

    21 Short Message MT/PP, excl. GMSC/IWMSC

    22 Short Message MO/PP, excl. GMSC/IWMSC

    Simultaneous Use of Basic Services with SMS

    23 Short Message Cell Broadcast (from Service Centre)

    Cell Name Broadcast

    Interface to Cell Broadcast Center

    SMSCB Enhancement: 2200 Messages per BSC

    Queueing, Preemption and Directed retry for TCH

    Priority Access Classes (Basic Set)

    Priority Access Classes (Enhanced Set)

    Service Dependent Channel Allocation Strategy Step 1

    Wireless Priority Service

    Late Entry Notification for Group Call Listeners

    Group Call Broadcast Point in BSS - (Late Feature)

    Standard Speech (Full Rate)

    Speech Traffic Channels TCH/FS

    Speech (Upgrade from Full Rate to Full and Half Rate)

    BSS Full Rate / Half Rate Transition Prerequisities (via SW Download)

    General Rate Adaption Functions Full / Half Rate

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Cell Load Dependent Activation of Half Rate Channels in One Cell

    Enhanced Pairing for HR Channels

    Enhanced Full Rate

    Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codec (AMR)Fine Tuning for Quality Thresholds


    Repeated FACCH

    Repeated SACCH

    Reduced Muting Gap During BSC HandoverAdaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codec HR2



    Wideband AMR

    Data Traffic Channels: TCH/F9.6

    Data Traffic Channels: TCH/F4.8

    Data Traffic Channels: TCH/F2.4



    Data Services (Full Rate)

    Dataservices: In-call Modification

    14.4 kbit/s Data Service on a Single Timeslot


    High Speed Circuit Switched Data

    High Speed Circuit Switched Data Enhancement

    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

    General Paket Radio Services (GPRS)

    Packet Transfer on Non-BCCH TRX(s) W/O DL PC

    GPRS Automatic Horizontal Allocation

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Gb Streaming Enhancements

    Allocation Retention Priority (ARP)

    Network Controlled Cell Reselection

    Intra PCU NCCR


    Network Assisted Cell Change


    NC2 Mode

    External Network Assisted Cell Change (NACC)

    RAN Information Management (RIM)

    Flexible Gb

    High Speed GbMultiple PCU Pooling

    Central Network Service Layer

    Multiple TBF (Late Feature)

    Extended Uplink TBF

    Delayed Downlink TBF Release


    Support of MS classes 30-33

    Extended Dynamic Allocation

    Dual Transfer Mode (BR9.0)

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens



    Handover from GSM to UMTS

    Handover from UMTS to GSM

    Handover from UMTS to GSM for CS Services

    Intersystem Cell Reselection between GSM/GPRS and UMTS

    Intersystem NCCR from GSM GPRS to UMTS due to Sufficient Coverage

    Performance Measurement based on Enhanced Measurement Report

    Infrastructure Sharing: GSM and DCS BTSEs Connected to the Same BSC

    Frequency Band Characteristics, GSM (Primary Band)

    Frequency Band Characteristics, DCS

    Frequency Band Characteristics, GSM (Extension Band)

    GSM 1900

    GSM 800


    Multiband Operation

  • 8/4/2019 Feature Comparison Between ExNokia and ExSiemens


    Dualband 900/1900MHz: BSC Infrast. Sharing, HO, Roam


    Common BCCH for GSM900/1800 Dual Band Operation

    Common BCCH 850/1900

    Common BCCH 850/1800


    24 TRXs per Cell and Handling of GSM900/1800 Cells

    Automatic Cell Layer Allocation

    BSS Multi Cell Configuration: Underlay and Overlay Cells

    Hierarchical Cell Structure

    Concentric Cells

    Link Adaptation and SAIC Improvements