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Transcript of FastR+Apache Flink

  1. 1. FastR + Apache Flink Enabling distributed data processing in R
  2. 2. Disclaimer This is a work in progress
  3. 3. Outline 1. Introduction and motivation Flink and R Oracle Truffle + Graal 2. FastR and Flink Execution Model Memory Management 3. Preliminary Results 4. Conclusions and Future Work 5. [DEMO] within a distributed configuration
  4. 4. Introduction and motivation
  5. 5. Why R? R is one of the most popular languages for data analytics Functional Lazy Object Oriented Dynamic R is:
  6. 6. But, R is slow Benchmark SlowdowncomparedtoC
  7. 7. Problem It is neither fast nor distributed
  8. 8. Problem It is neither fast nor distributed
  9. 9. Apache Flink Framework for distributed stream and batch data processing Custom scheduler Custom optimizer for operations Hadoop/Amazon plugins YARN connector for cluster execution It runs on laptops, clusters and supercomputers with the same code High level APIs: Java, Scala and Python
  10. 10. Flink Example, Word Count public class LineSplit { public void flatMap(...) { for (String token : value.split("W+")) if (token.length() > 0) { out.collect(new Tuple2(token, 1); } } DataSet textInput = env.readTextFile(input); DataSet counts= textInput.flatMap(new LineSplit()) .groupBy(0) .sum(1); JobManager TaskManager TaskManager Flink Client And Optimizer
  11. 11. We propose a compilation approach built within Truffle/Graal for distributed computing on top of Apache Flink. Our Solution How can we enable distributed data processing in R exploiting Flink?
  12. 12. FastR on Top of Flink * Flink Material FastR
  13. 13. Truffle/Graal Overview
  14. 14. How to Implement Your Own Language? Oracle Labs material
  15. 15. Truffle/Graal Infrastructure Oracle Labs material
  16. 16. Truffle node specialization Oracle Labs material
  17. 17. Deoptimization and rewriting Oracle Labs material
  18. 18. More Details about Truffle/Graal [Thomas Wrthinger, Christian Wimmer, Andreas W, Lukas Stadler, Gilles Duboscq, Christian Humer, Gregor Richards, Doug Simon, Mario Wolczko] One VM to Rule Them All In Proceedings of Onward!, 2013.
  19. 19. OpenJDK Graal - New JIT for Java Graal Compiler is a JIT compiler for Java which is written in Java The Graal VM is a modification of the HotSpot VM -> It replaces the client and server compilers with the Graal compiler. Open Source:
  20. 20. FastR + Flink: implementation
  21. 21. Our Solution: FastR - Flink Compiler Our goal: Run R data processing applications in a distributed system as easy as possible Approach Custom FastR-Flink compiler builtins (library) Minimal R/Flink setup and configuration Offload hard computation if the cluster is available
  22. 22. FastR-Flink API Example - Word Count # Word Count in R bigText