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As presented by McKenzie Coco to the eTourism Summit 2011.

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  • Facebookis a community for people to share & engage with a brand and each other, while Twitter is a constant broadcast that is great for customer service.
    Facebookis cozy night on the couch with good friends. Twitter is a great party full of interesting people to meet.
    Facebookis a mini web portal for your business that can be customized to create a great user experience whileTwitter is an excellent research and broadcast tool for resources and linking to other destinations.
    Facebookis a community that encourages you to stay and explore. Twitter is a tool that sends quick info and links you to out to other communities.
  • Numbers
    37,541 Total Facebook Fans (+586)
    15,560 Total Twitter Followers (+652)
    799 Total Twitter Lists (+44)
    1,758 Total Flickr Group Photos (+44)
    195 Flickr Group Members (+5)
    480 NOTMC Owned Flickr Photos (+280)
    606 Total YouTube Subscribers (+22)
    105 Listeners (+2)
    FSC posts roughly 4-6 times every day on Facebook including at least 2 pictures
    In August we had 546 total posts or 17.6 posts per day on Twitter
  • Stats on New Orleans
    On Facebook, NOTMC has anywhere between 6,000 and 7,000 daily active users. In August, there were over 2,000,000 post views on Facebook and over 8,711 interactions on posts. This is according to Facebook Insights.

    On Twitter in the month of August 2011 NOTMC had a daily average of 42.5 interactions on Twitter. This is from Raven.
  • Highest Engagement
    Most recently the highest level of engagement was on a photo of Jackson Square - 118 likes and 23 comments on Facebook.
    Posts like this have the highest engagement levels because they resonate with people they touch something inside them that makes them yearn to be back in New Orleans.
    Anyone can post travel deals and information about the city, not everyone can give you a 360 degree view of your city from the inside out.
  • FacebookOptions
    Building Fans: NOTMC
    Facebook Ads

    • Method: NOTMC developed 50 Favorite Places in New Orleans a check-in leaderboard on Facebook that allows fans to check-in to their favorite NOLA spots and let everyone on Facebook know.
    • Targeting: People who were 21+ in US who are current fans, people in the US who were 21+ who are not fans, people in New Orleans who were 21+ and not fans
    • Duration: One month
    • Total clicks on the ads: 6,124
    • Total Impressions: 10,389,812
    • Results: Over 50,000 Checkinson the Facebook leader board in less than one month
    • Total Cost: $3,750