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8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/fad-scifi-wargames-rules 1/109 FAST AND DIRTY RULES FOR FAST AND DIRTY COMBAT by Ivan Sorensen [email protected]!"#$o %tt&'((gaes#grou&s#ya%oo#$o(grou&()astan**!rty( +t% EDITION ,ers!on -#./0 a*e 1!t% o&en sour$e too"s 1
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  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    by Ivan [email protected]!"#$o


    +t% EDITION,ers!on -#./0

    a*e 1!t% o&en sour$e too"s


    mailto:[email protected]://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/fastanddirty/http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/fastanddirty/mailto:[email protected]
  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules




    This is the fifth edition of the Fast And Dirty (FAD) game rules. Each version in the past have hadspecific aims driving it. In this case, the aim has een to e!pand the rules, try to retain the claim to

    eing one of the most thorough and complete games on the mar"et, and dramatically e!pand theoptions you have as a player.As such, in many cases, you #ill find multiple rules options availale. $hen this is the case, one #ille given as a default, #ith alternatives indicated.


    FAD have al#ays een aimed at futuristic comat, #hether near%future or highly speculative. It canalso e used for ultra%modern and &'th century gaming #ithout too many complications.

    The rules can e played #ith any miniatures that are individually ased. Team ases should e doale

    provided you have some #ay to mar" casualties.maller scaled figures, such as mm or 1*mm #ill generally have the effect of ma"ing the #eaponranges more fitting to the miniatures scale.

    Any miniatures can e utili+ed, and there are ample tools to help get them performing the #ay you feelthey should.


    ou are free to copy, print and distriute these rules in any non%profit fashion.If you #ish to use part of these rules for a pro-ect of your o#n, ma"e a translation or #ish to release a

    slightly modified version, you are #elcome to do so. lease give credit #here credit is due. /amesased on a sustantial portion of FAD (say, *'0 or more) should e non%profit.i"e#ise, you have complete permission to create supplementary #or"s, such as reference sheets,2uic" start guides, army lists, variant rules and so forth.


    If you are reading this, you already do#nloaded the game. The rules are availale on apay%#hat%you%#ant asis.If you play the game, en-oy it and #ant to have more developed for it, I3d encourage you to ma"e amoney donation to me via paypal ( rune2uester4gmail.com), send me some 1*mm miniatures, #rite a

    cool scenario and post it on the mailing list or something else, to #hatever amount you feel the rulesare #orth to you.


    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    The principal designer for these rules is Ivan orensen. ou can reach me at rune2uester4gmail.com5ver the years, a multitude of people have helped, some providing a fe# ideas, some providing a flood

    of them. ome have as"ed 2uestions, some made suggestions and some simply said they #ere playingthe game.articular than"s must go to teve /reen and Alan 6orey for more help than I can rememer.

    For use of photo3s, a ig than" you to7The 8edout http799doodleot.net9redout9 Toshach 6iniatures http799###.toshachminiatures.comictor3s tudio (cott erry : ;aime Fenimore) http799###.pictorsstudio.com6ichael http799mmfuar.logspot.co.u"Ian /arutt http799good%times.#eshots.com9alum9*1

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    Figure scae!1 figure 1 soldier, vehicle or #eapon.

    Ti"e scae! Each turn represents a fe# seconds of activity if comat is ta"ing place. 5n turns #herelittle fighting ta"es place, a turn may represent a fe# minutes. ?eavy #eapon attac"s tend to represent1 or & individual shots fired, #hile small arms or automatic #eapons attac"s may represent severalshots or short ursts.

    Gr#u$% scae! Depends on miniatures used. $ith 1*mm or larger, assume #eapon ranges arecompressed y a factor of &%@. $eapon ranges used all relate to effective engagement ranges in a rapidmoving situation.

    U$i&!The term unit in game terms can mean one s2uad of infantry, one vehicle, one independentcharacter or one heavy #eapon plus its cre#.

    Orga$i'a&i#$!Troops are organi+ed into units (typically "no#n as a s2uad or section). A numer ofunits form a BplatoonC, led y a commander. A numer of platoons form a BcompanyC, li"e#ise led ya commander.latoons and companies may have outside units attached to them. These are considered to e BsupportCunits, and for command and control purposes are considered to e under the command of everycommander in the force.

    Individual s2uads tend to range from

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    activations, the card options present a more varied turn se2uence to ma"e the game less controllale.

    S&a$%ar% &ur$ se)ue$ce! Each player rolls 1D to determine initiative. ?igh roller elects to move firstor second. layers then ta"e turns to activate and move one unit, #ith each unit activating once perturn.

    Si"*e car% se)ue$ce!>reate a dec" of cards, and dra# from them to determine the se2uence unitsactivate in. Each unit is represented y 1 card. $hen the units card is dra#n, the unit activates.

    E+*a$%e% car% se)ue$ce!se a dec" of cards, ut include the follo#ing cards as #ell7

    C#""a$%er 1 per commander. >ard must indicate a specific commander.The indicated commander may activate any unit under his command, that he has communications to.I$s*ira&i#$ 1 card for every s2uad leader rated as BgoodC.$hen dra#n, any s2uad led y a BgoodC s2uad leader may push his s2uad to do one of the follo#ing76ove @C. 8emove Bunder fireC status. Automatically pass ne!t morale chec". 8oll to recover 1#ounded trooper.Pas"a c##er 1 card in dec"Ends turn as indicated aove.Reac&i#$ uggested 1 card per commander (average if players are not fielded same numer)ut card aside and dra# ne!t card. If the ne!t card is a unit card, any opposing unit may react to itsactivation y either firing upon it, ta"ing a normal move directly to#ards it, to#ards cover or directlya#ay.The reacting unit must have line of sight.


    P,i#s#*,-sing a card ased se2uence ma"es the game much more random and unpredictale. This can e a lotof fun, and can model a #hole range of outcomes that a normal activation se2uence does not. 5n theother hand, it can also lead to some frustration. $e advice gamers to give it a shot.

    O*&i#$! Sei'e i$i&ia&i.e/If the initiative roll comes up a for one player and a 1 for the other player, the player rolling the isassumed to have sei+ed initiative. ?e receives one BfreeC activation, letting a unit act t#ice.

    O*&i#$! E+&e$%e% car% se)ue$ce/Each unit has & cards in the dec", letting it activate t#ice per turn.

    O*&i#$! Pas"a c##er/Add a Blasma >oolerC card to the dec". $hen this is dra#n, the turn ends immediately. nits that didnot activate may fire at any target in short range, ut may not other#ise ta"e any actions.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    8ather than use long lines of numeric entries, FAD philosophy is to use plain #ords to descrie a unitscapailities. $hile these do ultimately correspond to numeric values, I have found it easier to thin"aout units in these terms, and it 2uic"ly ecomes second nature.

    (uai&-7 This reflects the units training, fighting aility and competency.Rabble these units have little training and lac" e!perienceConscript The BdefaultC rating. ome training ut lac" e!perience.Regular "illed and seasoned men.Elite The est of the est. pecial forces and such li"es.

    Res#.e7 >overs determination and #ill to fight on, in face of casualties.Reluctant i"ely to flee at the first opportunity.ncertain ?esitant and not li"ely to fight to the end.!teady A -o to do, and #e3re the ones #ho3ll do it."etermined uccess of the mission is paramount.

    All units, #hether infantry or vehicle, are rated #ith the t#o aove stats. Their specific game impact#ill e detailed in the specific rules sections.


    $hichever turn se2uence is used, #hen unit is BupC, it is considered to e BactivatedC. This means theunit is no# ale to act.$hen activated, any unit may select one of three actions to perform

    Engage the enemyInfantry may move and perform either a close assault or shoot. Gehicles may move at cautious speedand shoot. $eapon teams may fire if they do not move.hooting may e carried out efore or after the unit moves, ut you may not oth move and assault.

    Move outInfantry may rush, vehicles may perform a standard move and #eapon teams may perform a normal

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    move. Ho firing or assault is possile.

    Command5nly availale for infantry. elect & different actions from the follo#ing list7 Demolition, >all fire,8ecover #ounded, cout, hoot.

    5nce the unit finishes it3s activation, remove any Bnder FireC and BinnedC mar"ers on the unit.


    $hen a unit is activated, efore any actions can e attempted, the unit must test it3s 8esolve. This isdone y comparing the unit3s current fighting strength to it3s original strength at the eginning of theattle.A figure is considered to e a casualty if the figure is dead, captured9lost or is an untreated #ounded.

    Res#.e 1rea2 *#i$&

    8eluctant 1 casualty

    ncertain &*0

    teady *'0

    Determined =*0

    If the unit3s current casualties e2ual or e!ceed the numer indicated aove, the unit is bro#enand musttest morale.Hote that even if the unit passes it3s morale test, it #ill still remain ro"en and must test again on it3sne!t activation.

    $eapon teams test as infantry does.

    Gehicles #or" slightly differently. A vehicle cre# #ill test morale if they have een the su-ect of aninfantry assault or had it3s hull penetrated y a shot.8esolve ratings are not generally used, though they can e assigned for dismounted cre# actions, ifdesired.


    To test morale, roll @D (do H5T add the dice together) and note ho# many dice e2ual or e!ceed theuality level of the unit. The target numer is indicated elo#7

    (uai&- Targe&


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    8ale *J


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    The rules #ill fre2uently call for a uality Test. This is performed e!actly as a 6orale Test aove, utmay use 1, & or more dice. imply roll the indicated numer of dice, count ho# many roll e2ual or overthe target numer, and consult the relevant rules section for the outcome.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules




    Infantry can move in t#o #aysM a standard M#.eand a hurried 8us,/

    A 6ove is a cautious advance #hile ta"ing advantage of cover. This may e used to enter close assault.A 8ush is a desperate sprint or a determined dash. 8ushing units are generally not ta"ing full advantageof protective measures and thus may not engage in comat at all (though they may defend if assaulted).

    I$4a$&r- M#.e! nless modified y traits, most humanoid infantry move up to C in a normal moveaction. There3s no re2uirement for everyone to move e2ual distances. If the s2uad is entering closeassault, it may add a J

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    Gehicle movement rates vary y moility type. Differences et#een specific vehicles is largelyastracted.

    M#5ii&- Cau&i#us S&a$%ar%

    Fly9/rav 1

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    Infantry s2uads may spread out, up to limits dictated y their uality rating. The indicated distanceelo# is the furthest gap permitted et#een s2uad memers.

    (uai&- Dis&a$ce

    8ale &C

    >onscript @C


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    6ost gaming terrain is considered to e open, meaning it does not affect movement. For e!ample flatground, city streets, gently rolling hills, lo# #alls, shallo# streams and light #oods.

    Terrain that is particularly dense, restricting or treacherous, such as deep streams, s#amp and marsh,

    thic" #oods, high #alls, oulder fields or dense rule are considered difficultground. Infantry mustdoule their movement costs in such terrain, #hile vehicles are affected ased on 6oility types aove.'ery difficultground ta"es up @C of movement for every 1C actually moved.

    >rossing an ostacle up to aout #aist height for an infantry figure ta"es 1C of movement. 5stacles upto man high ta"es @C of movement.?igher ostacles must e decided upon y the players.


    Entering a uilding must e done through a suitale opening. $indo#s count as a man%high ostacle,as does a arred or loc"ed door. $e3re assuming that a fully armed space marine can proaly find a

    #ay through the door, #ith a it of time and care.Enterprising players may use specific floor plans for units inside uildings, other#ise it #ill suffice toindicate #hich room the unit is in. /enerally & figures #ith small arms or 1 support #eapon may firefrom a door or #indo#.

    If a uilding is collapsed, troops inside are treated as if they #ere in a destroyed transport.

    [email protected]


    Terrain rules are almost impossile to #rite comprehensively, as gamers have #idely differing terraincollections and are often used to handling a given terrain piece in their collection in a certain #ay,

    from other games. Therefore, players are encouraged to ta"e a fe# minutes efore a game, anddiscuss the terrain effects of the attlefield in 2uestion.For players that #ish more interesting and unpredictale terrain effects, see the Appendi! on TerrainEvents.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules




    $hen firing, an infantry s2uad or #eapons team fires as a single unit, against a single target s2uad,team or vehicle.

    All the fire%po#er of the s2uad is condensed into a single attac" roll. upporting #eapons are includedin this fire.

    $hen vehicles fire, each #eapon system is fired independently, ut the amount that may e fired #illdepend on the vehicles fire control systems.

    ?eavy #eapon teams, >haracters and nipers fire independently as a unit in it3s o#n right.

    Li$e #4 sig,&! To fire at a target, you must generally have line of sight to it. For a s2uad memer to eeligile to contriute to the fire, the figure must have a line of sight to at least one memer of the targets2uad. Figures may fire through memers of their o#n s2uad, as they are trained to move and fight

    together, ut infantry or #eapon teams may not fire through friendly infantry s2uads, unless there is agap of at least

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    The tale lists the numer of units, starting #ith the closest, from #hich the shooting s2uad may selectit3s target. For e!ample, a >onscript s2uad must fire at one of the t#o closest targets.

    If none of the permitted targets can e harmed, the unit is unale to fire. This can happen if lo# 2ualityunits are eing overrun y vehicles.

    Ra$ge! uality affects effective #eapon ranges. The ase range is found elo# (and is the same as thes2uads coherency distance)

    (uai&- Ra$ge

    8ale &C

    >onscript @C

    8egular onscripts firing a #eapon #ith a 8ange of N* #ill have a closerange of 1*C6edium range is doule this, ong range is triple this.

    The rules assume every memer of a s2uad has the same asic #eapons. If this is not the case, use the#orst range numer given.

    Su**#r& 7ea*#$s! Each support #eapon has a range given as base9 close ( medium ( long) If the smallarms fire is #ithin the indicated range and, the support #eapon may e fired as #ell. This reflects thatsupport #eapons are there to support the infantry unit, rather than act as a primary #eapons system ontheir o#n.Each support #eapon re2uires one soldier to operate it, and they may not e operated unless there is atleast one BstandardC small arms e2uipped soldier left. In other #ords, the last figure removed as acasualty should al#ays e a normal trooper.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    R#i$g 4#r e44ec&! To determine the effect of fire, roll &D and pic" the highest numer (for a s2uad).8oll 1D for a #eapons team, vehicle #eapon or individual model firing.Add any modifiers that apply.

    Si&ua&i#$ M#%i4ier

    Target at ase range J&

    Target at close range '

    Target at medium range %&

    Target at long range %oncealed9soft cover < points

    ?ard cover * points

    This #ill indicate ho# many hits are inflicted on the target.

    A#ca&e ,i&s!?its are assigned to the closest visile figures in the target s2uad. pread hits out, only

    assigning multiple hits to one figure, if less figures are visile than the numer of hits.For e!ample, if & hits are inflicted, the & closest enemies in the target s2uad are hit. If only one figure#as visile, he3d ta"e & hits.

    $hatever method is used, ear in mind that the last figure remaining must e a small arms e2uippedfigure. For e!ample if a @ man s2uad (& rifles, 1 grenade launcher) ta"es & casualties, the grenade

    launcher #ould have to e one of the casualties.

    De&er"i$e Da"age! For each hit, roll 1D and add the damage rating of the #eapon eing fired. Thedefender rolls 1D and adds the armour rating of the target.If the attac" roll is e2ual to or over the defenders roll, the target figure is incapacitated or "illed (ee theAdvanced 8ules section for details on #ounded figures). 5ther#ise the attac" is deflected or other#iseineffectual.


    E+a"*eThe s2uad aove has no further modifiers (target is concealed, they are conscripts firing at close range).They roll a @ and a *. $ith a J onus they get a Fire Effect of 11. It ta"es < points to score a hitagainst a concealed target, so they receive & hits. If the target had een in the open, they #ould havehad @.

    O*&i#$a 3 Hi& a#ca&i#$ rueslayers may #ish to roll randomly for each hit, particularly in smaller attles. Alternatively the playero#ning the target s2uad may select #hich figures ta"es the hit. >larify efore starting the game.

    O*&i#$ 3 S)ua% 1ase% Da"age

    For 2uic"er game play or larger attles, the follo#ing rule may e used.6a"e a single Damage and a single Defender roll for the s2uad. For each point the defender rolls overthe attac"er, 1 hit is saved or avoided. Any unsaved hits are "ills.If playing #ith the rules for $ounded troopers, half the hits are #ounds (rounded up).

    O*&i#$ 3 Passi.e Da"ageAnother option to speed play is to simply assume that the Defender al#ays rolls a @ )

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Ve,ice %a"age! For each hit, roll for damage as aove. Hote that #eapons have distinct anti%tan"ratings. Do H5T use the normal damage rating.Do H5T roll for the defender. The vehicle3s armour rating is a fi!ed rating.$eapons that do not have an anti%tan" rating may not e fired at vehicle targets.This can result in one or more hits penetrating the vehicle armour. Gehicle armour varies y facing andvehicle design.

    For each penetrating hit roll & dice.

    I4 $ei&,er %ie r#s a 8 % Gehicle Oill. The vehicle is "noc"ed out and B"illedC for the duration of theattle. >re# is presumed dead.Any infantry #ithin

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    De&er"i$e I"*ac& Area!elect a target point #here desired. Each last capale #eapon #ill have a"ill +one measured in inches. Any s2uad, individual or #eapons team (including friendlies) that hasfigures #ithin this "ill +one is a potential target and has stri"e effect rolled against them.They are all considered to e under fire)

    De&er"i$e S&ri2e E44ec&! 8oll &D, ADD them together and add the Fire Effect onus for the #eapon.

    Ho other modifiers are used.Humer of hits and resulting damage is determined as per normal fire.


    In some cases, a unit or element may e permitted only scattered fire.cattered fire can only occur at ranges of 1'C or less. 8oll &D. Each indicates a single hit isinflicted. cattered Fire does H5T mar" the target as under fireunless a hit is inflicted.


    E+a"*eAfter successfully ranging in, the impact point is placed et#een t#o s2uads of infantry. The @C lastarea of the #eapon fired reaches at least one infantry figure in each s2uad, ma"ing them oth targets.The shooting player rolls for stri"e effect separately against each s2uad

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    >lose assaults are generally the province of infantry s2uads, and may e conducted against othinfantry and vehicle targets.

    Assau& i$4a$&r-! After ma"ing an assault move, at least one figure in the assaulting s2uad must ma"e

    contact #ith one defending figure. 8eaching contact is a condition for launching the assault, sopre%measuring is permitted. There are no accidental assaults.nits that are falling ac" are never moved into close assault, ut they may of course themselves eclose assaulted.

    5nce the assault is declared, the defending s2uad is allo#ed a free shot at their attac"ers. This isperformed against the attac"ers efore they egin moving at all that turn. Ho under fireorpinnedmar"ers are placed.

    5nce assault contact is made, every figure in an involved s2uad that has line of sight to a figure in anenemy, involved s2uad is assume to contriute to the fight.

    De&er"i$e Vicr!For each side in the assault, roll &D and pic" the highest. An individual modelfighting on it3s o#n rolls only 1D. Add any appropriate modifiers, #ith the highest total #inning theassault.

    Si&ua&i#$ Assau& "#%i4ier

    >harging J1

    Ketter Armour J1

    5utnumer Enemy J1 per e!tra figure

    ?igher uality J& per level

    o#ered Armour [email protected]

    Trait Konus ee Traits

    $eapon onus ee $eapons

    De&er"i$e Casua&ies!

    Each figure on oth sides that is contriuting to the fight may roll 1 Oill die, in an attempt to "ill anopposing figure.The target numer depends on #hether you #on or lost.

    Resu& Targe&

    layer $on @J


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    osses are removed y the player ta"ing the casualties. Figures in contact #ith the enemy must eremoved first, then figures in line of sight.If the losing side has any survivors, they must fall ac" C. 5n a dra#, oth s2uads fall ac" @C #ith theattac"er moving first.

    Troops in po#ered armour receive & "ill dice each. They may also BdeflectC any "ill suffered on a D

    roll of *%.

    O.erru$! If the assault roll total for one side is doule the opponents roll or etter, the loser has eenoverrun. In this case, the losing s2uad is #iped out, #ith no dice rolls.The losing player may manage to inflict a fe# losses. 8oll 1D per figure in the overrun s2uad forlosses, #ith a inflicting a casualty.


    Any infantry #ishing to assault a vehicle must test their nerve. This is a uality test on 1D. 5n afailure, the troops hesitate and ends their activation.

    If the unit "eeps their nerve, they may ma"e a normal assault move as indicated aove.

    De&er"i$e Da"age! 5nly figures in contact #ith the vehicle, and e2uipped #ith an anti%tan" capale#eapon, such as special mines or grenades, may inflict damage. Each such figure inflicts a single hit onthe vehicle. Damage is resolved as per the vehicle damage rules aove.

    Hote that if a transport is destroyed y close assault, any transported troops are "illed outright.


    ome vehicles are capale of inflicting assault damage themselves, #hether through articulated limsor various attachments. In such a case, if the vehicle moves into contact #ith an infantry s2uad, it mayroll a numer of "ill dice, #ith casualties eing removed immediately. Each die #ill result in a casualtyon a

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    Any unit fired upon, e!cept for scattered fire, has a mar"er placed ne!t to them to indicate that they areunder fire.This represents the unit eing suppressed, and operating less efficiently.

    An infantry s2uad #ith an nder *iremar"er in place #ill suffer the follo#ing penalties7

    P %@ to Fire Effect rolls #hen shooting.P %&C penalty to movementP 6ay 8ush move only if the move is conducted entirely in cover, the unit is moving into cover or is

    moving a#ay from enemy.P >onsidered one 2uality level lo#er for Target riority.P All fire against the unit is at %1 to Fire Effect.

    nder *ireimposes a %1 to Fire Effect for vehicles. This is increased to %@ for e!ternal #eapons, suchas pintle%mounted machine guns or from open%topped vehicles.

    5nce a unit completes an activation, the mar"er is al#ays removed.6ultiple mar"ers are not placed, and #ould have no effect.


    P,i#s#*,-It is the vie# of the designer that it is almost impossile for a human%li"e soldier to operate unhindered,#hen su-ected to fire, regardless of the volume of fire. This applies even to heavily armoured troopsand elite units, unless they are cra+y.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    FAD is a modular game. $hile many of the follo#ing Advanced 8ules are recommended for play,none are needed. layers should introduce these rules if they find them attractive, and should feel

    encouraged to play at the level that is comfortale for them.Hote that there is no need to al#ays play in a specific manner. A smaller game may enefit from usingmore of these rules, #hile a large action may #or" more smoothly #ith only a fe#.


    The environment must e classified as tandard, ?ostile or Gacuum. Hote that depending on scenario,#hat is ?ostile to one race may e tandard to another.

    S&a$%ar% The default assumption.H#s&ie 3 Troops must #ear protective gear. If using the rules for $ounded troopers, a figure is "illed if

    the Damage roll e!ceeds their Defender roll y & points (instead of @ as normal).Vacuu" All infantry must #ear at least Improved Armour.

    Flame and smo"e #eapons #ill not #or"Any damage roll that e!ceeds the Defender roll #ill "ill the target, unless the target is #earingself%sealing armour. If so, normal #ound rules are used.All range multipliers for #eapons are increased y 1.aser #eapons #ill doule their range.


    >haracters, also referred to as eaders function as an individual unit, and re2uire activation and action

    selection -ust li"e any other unit.They are represented y a single figure. >haracters may attach to and detach themselves from otherunits at #ill, ut they may only act once each turn.

    All characters are rated for eadership. There are four ratings, as indicated on the tale elo#7

    Lea%ers,i* Ra&i$g

    Hovice '

    E!perienced J1

    Inspiring J&

    ?eroic [email protected]

    Any s2uad containing a character may re%roll a numer of failed 6orale Test dice, e2ual to theeadership 8ating of the attached character.

    >haracters are also speciali+ed y ranch. They are classified as Infantry, /unnery (for heavy #eapons)


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    and >avalry (for armour) leaders. $hen a character is attached to a unit of the same ranch, that unitmay add the eadership 8ating of the character to any >lose Assault or Fire Effect rolls.

    >haracters may >lose Assault and hoot on their o#n, li"e any other unit, and participate in suchactivities #hen attached to a s2uad.

    For the purpose of >hec"ing 8esolve, any s2uad containing a leader #ill temporarily have theirstrength raised y 1. If the leader leaves the s2uad, they revert to their original strength.

    If the >ommand 8esponse advanced rule is used, characters of any uality evel #ill add J1 to the>ommand 8esponse tests of those units they have -oined.


    If the s2uad leader is "illed, the s2uad must e mar"ed as pinnedinstead of under fireon the turn theloss is inflicted.


    In the thic" of fighting, units do not al#ays hear or oey ne# orders. They donQt have the lu!ury of aperfect vie# of the attlefield, #ith enemy strengths and locations "no#n. They may e reluctant toleave cover, and hesitant to engage the enemy in close comat.

    nder these rules, a unit #ill act as the player desires until one of the follo#ing conditions occur. Ifeither condition applies, the unit must ta"e a >ommand 8esponse test.

    The unit activates nder Fire or inned.The unit activates 1'C or less from an enemy unit.

    De&er"i$e C#""a$% Res*#$se!To resolve the command test roll 1d, add any modifiers that apply,and compare the result to the uality evel of the unit, as sho#n on the tales elo#7

    C#$%i&i#$ M#%i4ier &arge& $u"5er

    Too" casualties lastturn


    ntreated #ounded %1

    2uad leader lost %1

    >haracter present J1

    If the roll e2uals or e!ceeds the level sho#n, the s2uad passes the test and may act as the playerchooses.If the s2uad fails the test they may hoot, 8ecover $ounded or call for Indirect Artillery Fire as usual,ut their movement is restricted as follo#s7

    The unit may only 6ove to improve cover


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    The unit may only 8ush if heading a#ay from the enemy.


    FAD assumes that troops are ale to communicate #ith each other freely. This allo#s the player toco%ordinate his forces effectively, even over a #ide distance.

    ?o#ever, if communications are interfered #ith, or proper comm3s e2uipment is not availale, troopson the ground are left #ith hand signals, veral communication and similar methods, causing a slo#do#n in tactical initiative.

    The game effect of this is that all units are su-ect to a command response test, unless they are not#ithin &omm3s e2uipment is rated from 1%< This is important if the opposing force is utili+ing -amming gear.A force #ith no communications e2uipment at all is considered to e -ammed automatically.


    A fe# targets are so heavily fortified as to e nearly indestructile. For these rare occasions, #hat youreally #ant is something specifically designed to reduce that structure to rule. $hat you need areDemolition >harges.$e strongly recommend that these #eapons only e included in scenarios created for their use, as theyare e!tremely po#erful. They are designed to destroy massive un"ers, dams, a spaceship on a landingpad,perhaps even sin" an enemy ship in harour.

    Infantry units must e designated as carrying demolition charges. They may carry as many charges asthe scenario re2uires.

    pon activation, a s2uad can elect to perform one Demolition action. There are t#o to choose from78ig >harges and Detonate >harges.5ne memer of the s2uad is usy performing the action, and can do nothing else. The rest of the s2uadmemers may perform one of the other >ommand Actions.Hote that any figure #ith the Engineer trait automatically succeeds on one of their dice #henattempting to rig or detonate demolition charges. 8oll one less die than allo#ed, and add one success tothe result.

    Rig Charges+5ne memer of the s2uad #ill attempt to rig the charges for detonation, and place themin a spot to cause the most damage. Ta"e a uality Test on &D.nits that are under fireroll only 1D.

    If t#o dice succeed the charges are rigged. If only one die succeeds the tas" #ill ta"e a it longerM thecharges #ill e rigged at the end of the ne!t activation for this unit (no die roll is re2uired), providedthe unit remains in place. If no dice succeed the attempt fails. The unit can try again on a suse2uent


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    "etonate Charges+Kefore the charges can e detonated, the placing unit must get clear of the targetarea, #ith no figure from the unit any closer than oherency. The s2uad may ta"e no furtheraction this turn.

    Sca&&er! For each dice that fails, the unit scatters 1dC in a random direction. Do this as a single dieroll.The unit lands centred around this ne# spot. lace the figures follo#ing the rules for >oherency.

    If all three dice fail, the unit lands inned.Any troops that land on uildings or in #oods roll 1d. If #earing o#er Armour, a result of meansthe figure is #ounded. 5ther#ise, the figure is #ounded on a * and "illed on a .

    De4e$si.e Fire! $hen drop troops are used, they #ill e su-ect to anti%air fire. This may e off%taleassets or local #eapons, ut is astracted in any event. Find the Density elo# ased on playeragreement and scenario considerations. AA presence is al#ays at least ight.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    De$si&- #4 AA 0i %ice

    ight &

    6oderate @

    ?eavy onscript 1&

    8egular 1lose Assault on ad roll of *J.


    O*&i#$ 3 Cr#ss4ires

    If a unit is fired upon from opposite directions in one turn, the unit must ta"e a uality Test on 1D.Failure causes the second attac" to in the unit.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Figures #earing po#ered armour receive t#o rolls each on the Oill Tale during infantry >lose Assault.Troops #earing po#ered armour #hich drop onto the attlefield and scatter onto uildings or in #oodsare only #ounded on a d roll of .nits #earing po#ered armour eing transported y a vehicle #hich is destroyed are only #ounded ona d roll of *, and "illed on a .


    ome soldiers are armed #ith more than the #eapons they carry into comat. They have the aility toshape the events around them using only their minds. They are psionics.sionics function as an individual, and re2uire activation and action selection -ust li"e any other unit.They are represented y a single figure. They may attach to and detach themselves from other units at#ill, ut they may only act once each turn.

    These #arriors have psionic po#ers, and they are rated for Aptitude and trength.Aptitude rates their s"ill at invo"ing their po#ers, #hile trength represents their aility to #ithstandinvocation attempts. A typical psionic starts #ith @ trength points. 5nce reduced to +ero trength apsionic can no longer invo"e their po#ers.

    As part of an Engage the Enemy action, the sionic can attempt to invo"e one po#er at any pointduring their activation. The psionic does not contriute to any ranged comat during the turn.

    I$.#ca&i#$7 To invo"e a sionic po#er, choose the po#er and nominate the target unit. Then roll auality Test on @D

    A*&i&u%e Targe&

    6arginal *J


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    P#7ers7 All po#ers have a ase range of 1&C. All psionics have access to every po#er listed.

    "egrade7 5ne enemy unit receives a%& penalty to their Fire Effect or Assault roll on their ne!tactivation. Ho unit can receive this penalty more than once per turn."emoralize7 6ar" one enemy unit nder Fire. If they are already mar"ed as such, replace that mar"er#ith a inned mar"er.Embolden7 5ne friendly unit does not have to ta"e a morale test the ne!t time they activate.Enhance7 5ne friendly unit receives a J& onus to their Fire Effect or Assault roll on their ne!tactivation. Ho unit can receive this onus more than once per turn.E2pose7 5ne enemy unit receives a penalty of %& to their armour rating until after their ne!t activation.Ho unit can receive this penalty more than once per turn.0arm7 5ne figure in an enemy unit is hit y a mental last. 8oll 1d. A result of

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    aid teams and treat their in-ured. $ith any luc", they #ill staili+e a #ounded figure, and perhaps evenhelp them return to fighting form.

    W#u$%i$g7 $hen using these rules, a figure is only "illed #hen the attac"er scores three or morepoints higher than the defender #hen rolling to Determine Damage. If the attac"er scores e2ual to, orone or t#o points higher than the defender, the target figure is only #ounded. This can e indicated y

    placing a suitale mar"er ne!t to the in-ured figure, or laying the figure do#n.

    $ounded figures are out of action. They cannot move or fight, and if #ounded again they are "illedand removed from play.

    F#r"i$g Ai% Tea"s7 Any t#o healthy memers of a s2uad can form an aid team. The s2uad can formas many aid teams as their healthy troop strength allo#s, ut each team can only aid one #oundedfigure, and each #ounded figure may only e treated one time.

    De&er"i$e Rec#.er-7 For each aid team, roll 1d, and add any modifiers #hich apply7

    8E>5GE8 $5HDED 65DIFIE8nit nder Fire or inned %1

    6edic resent J1

    The result is your recovery numer. If the value is J the trooper has recovered from his #ounds, and isale to resume his fighting duties.

    If the value is < or *, the #ounded figure is staili+ed. Ho further attempts can e made to recover thisfigure. They do not count as a casualty #hen >hec"ing 8esolve.

    If the recovery numer is less than ommand Actions.

    Lea.e N# O$e 1e,i$%7 2uads are reluctant to leave untreated #ounded comrades ehind. If a s2uad#ithout a medic #ishes to aandon any unstaili+ed #ounded, they must roll 1d first.If the result is * or more, they may leave their #ounded ehind #ithout penalty. If they roll less than *,they still move off, ut their morale #ill suffer. The s2uad is no# at one level less than normal #hen>hec"ing 8esolve for the remainder of the game.

    A s2uad #ith a medic can elect to leave the medic ehind #ith the #ounded. If this is the case, no dieroll is re2uired. The medic may not leave the #ounded until they recover, are staili+ed, or die fromtheir #ounds.

    M#.i$g W#u$%e%7 A s2uad may choose to carry their #ounded #ith them, rather than aandoningthem to their fate. For every fit soldier, one #ounded may e moved up to half the movement rate ofthe s2uad.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Any memers of the s2uad helping #ounded figures move may not hoot.


    ometimes, you need to send a s2uad memer on ahead to search for hidden enemy positions, and tospot for artillery.

    pon activation, a s2uad can elect to perform a cout action. 5ne memer of the s2uad acts as thescout.The figure is pic"ed up and placed any#here on the taletop, #ithin three times the coherency distanceof the s2uad. A scout from a s2uad #ith regular 2uality, for e!ample, could e placed up to 1&C a#ayfrom any other memer of the s2uad.From this position, the scout can e used to uncover ?idden troop mar"ers. The rest of the s2uadmemers may perform one of the other >ommand Actions.

    If the scout calls for Indirect Artillery Fire, this constitutes the second >ommand Action allo#ed y theunit, so the rest of the s2uad memers #ill remain idle this turn.

    The ne!t time this s2uad is activated the scout immediately returns to the s2uad and is placed any#here#ithin coherency distance of any other memer. This is done prior to the s2uad chec"ing resolve orselecting a ne# action.


    Automated sentry guns are a mainstay of military science fiction, and may e found guarding manyinstallations and fortified positions. Each emplacement is fitted #ith a single heavy #eapon. nlessscenario rules dictate other#ise, these #eapons egin the game in place and cannot e moved.

    Although any #eapon can e incorporated into a entry /un platform, the most common are rapid fireautomatic #eapons or precision eam #eapons.

    Each such #eapon system is designed to different levels of sophistication, ased on the level ofartificial intelligence, as indicated on the follo#ing tale7

    Se$&r- Gu$ AI Ma+ Ra$ge Fire Pri#ri&- PDS Success

    Anti2uated 1&C 1 *J

    6odern &

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    placed to protect important targets such as un"ers, uildings, and ridges. They only activatedefensively, ho#ever, in an effort to shoot do#n an incoming round, and are only effective against last#eapon shells or 8/s.

    $hen a location protected y a D is targeted, roll 1d and compare the results to the D uccessnumer, ased upon the AI of the D. If the roll e2uals or e!ceeds this numer, the incoming shell or

    8/ has een destroyed.


    Any s2uad e2uipped #ith rifle grenades or a grenade launcher is considered to e carrying smo"egrenades in addition to the usual e!plosive shells. Any s2uad so e2uipped may lay do#n one smo"escreen per game.

    A s2uad choosing to lay do#n a smo"e screen is essentially performing an Engage the Enemy action,ut #ith a t#ist. If they #ish, they can hoot (lay do#n the smo"e) efore they 6ove.

    To lay do#n smo"e, mar" t#o points, each one no further than 1'C from the s2uad, and no further than1&C apart. The line connecting these t#o points is #here smo"e shells fall, creating a thic" cloud thatoscures all lines of sight through it, and preventing any close assault charges or shooting through it as#ell.mo"e lasts for one turn. 8emove the smo"e mar"ers the ne!t time the s2uad is activated.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    nipers are an individual unit, and re2uire activation and action selection li"e any other unit. They arerepresented y a single figure, and cannot attach themselves to other units. As masters of concealment,if they didnQt move in their last activation, the enemy #ill suffer a %& Fire Effect penalty if they target

    the sniper.

    nipers 6ove and 8ush li"e other units, ut cannot initiate >lose Assault. They cannot hoot if theymoved this activation. They use the follo#ing special rules #hen shooting7

    $hen firing, a sniper must select #hether he is firing at targets of opportunity or trying to get a shot ata specific target.If firing at targets of opportunity, the sniper fires li"e a normal unit, ut rolls only 1D for fire effect.If aiming at a specific target, the sniper must attempt to get a >lear hot.

    De&er"i$e Cear S,#&!A sniper can target any enemy unit, regardless of Fire riority. 5nce a targethas een chosen, ma"e a uality test on 1D. If the test succeeds, he has a clear shot, other#ise, hecannot fire this turn.

    If the sniper has a clear shot, one hit is inflicted on any visile figure in the target unit.


    To encourage players to e more creative #hen developing scenarios, and to aid players #ho #ouldli"e to add a narrative style, role playing element to their games, the Tas" ystem #as created.

    This system #ill allo# players to handle special situations as they arise during the game, either yuilding them into a scenario, or thin"ing of them on the spot.

    An e!ample of the former #ould e to have a scenario #here an enemy defence net#or" must ehac"ed.For this, the scenario might call for a special technician to e attached to a s2uad #hich must fight its#ay to an access point, #here the hac"ing can e attempted.An e!ample of the latter is a player #ondering if he could someho# rig all the grenades in a s2uad todestroy a radar installation, after the engineering s2uad #ith the special demolition charges designedfor that purpose has een #iped out in an amush.

    nder general circumstances, the tas" roll can e made against the uality evel of the unit ma"ing theattempt. For specific actions as re2uired y the scenario, it is proaly est to assign s"ill levels tounits.

    A&&e"*&i$g a Tas2!6a"e a uality or "ill Test on @ dice.

    S2i Targe&

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    6arginal *J

    >ompetent an your engineer reroute po#er from the main coupling and reconfigure the emitter toproduce a po#erful force field #hich #ill surround your positionS 5nly one #ay to find outR Hegativeconse2uences of a total failure #ould e a po#er surge #hich destroys the e2uipment and the engineerin the last./earn7 our teams fought their #ay onto the enemy spaceship, placed their e!plosives, and #ere aoutto ma"e good their escape, only to discover their escape route is loc"ed. >an one of the team figureout the controls to the alien teleportation deviceS Hegative conse2uences of a total failure #ould eteleportation to the planetQs core, not surface.Repair7 If you could get that main attle tan" ac" on the move, the fortunes of #ar #ould turn in your

    favour. Hegative conse2uences of a total failure #ould e a spar" hitting spilled fuel, #hich overheatsthe ammo, follo#ed y a very large ang.


    Traits are special ailities #hich generally apply to an entire s2uad. They are designed to allo# playersto custom tailor their forces to match the figures eing used, and create the ac"grounds they prefer.

    layers can decide ahead of time to allo# a set numer of Traits to e chosen, or they can use these tofreely tailor their forces in a mutually agreed upon manner.

    Hote that the names of traits are intended as flavour only, and players should feel free to adapt these asthey see fit. ometimes the rules effect of a trait may do something you #ould li"e for a unit, ut thename doesn3t fit. In this case, simply change it as appropriate.

    AE8IAnits #ith this trait hover in the air #hile moving, and can clear any ostacles up to t#ice the height ofthe aerial figure. These troops land at the end of each move, and #ill incur any enefits or penalties the

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    terrain may provide.

    A//8EIGE$hen an aggressive unit mar"ed as nder Fire is activated, if it chooses to move it must e to#ards theenemy. Any >ommand 8esponse limitations are ignored.

    A/IEAgile units ignore movement penalties #hen crossing Difficult Terrain.

    AI8 65KIEThe unit may deploy from a grav or air vehicle #ithout the vehicle having to touch do#n. If deployingheavy #eapons the vehicle must touch do#n.

    AAT T855Assault Troops add J& to all >lose Assaults.

    KE8E8OA s2uad #ith this trait #ill automatically pass their 8esolve chec" and ignore the effects of eingnder Fire or inned if they activate #ithin close assault range of an enemy unit. They #ill charge intohand%to%hand comat #ith the nearest enemy unit, and receive a J& to their >lose Assault.

    KET5$ T8AITIf a character #ith this trait -oins another unit, he may esto# a specified trait upon them, as long as heremains part of that unit.

    K8AGEThis unit automatically succeeds on one of their dice #hen testing morale. 8oll one less die thanre2uired and add one success to the result.

    K/ ?HTE8nits #ith this trait are specially trained to fight alien species. $hen fighting an alien race, this s2uadreceives a onus of J1 to >lose Assault and Fire Effect rolls.

    >ATI5The unit must test uality to leave cover if it is currently nder Fire

    >56KAT D8/ (one use)A unit e2uipped #ith this item may use it upon activation. They temporarily gain the Kerser", Fearlessand #ift traits. They must charge into hand%to%hand comat #ith the nearest enemy unit. At the end oftheir activation roll 1d for each survivor. A result of indicates the trooper is #ounded y thepo#erful drugs.

    >566AHD AD$hen activated, this s2uad may also activate a suordinate unit at the same time. This permits the unitto e activated ahead of time.A command s2uad may not have more than * suordinate units.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    DEEHDEHT$hen using the >ommand 8esponse rule, the unit receives an additional J1 onus for having an leaderpresent. If the unit has no leader and loses its s2uad leader, it is su-ect to a %1 penalty to >ommand8esponse

    DETE>TI5HEvery time this unit is activated, all hidden mar"ers #ithin 1&C must e removed or revealed.

    D85ID T855E8Droid troopers can e treated as normal for most comat purposes. Their main enefit is that they arenot su-ect to normal psychology. This means they do not ta"e morale chec"s.?o#ever, due to limitations of programming, droid troopers may never e rated as Elite units.Droid troopers may e programmed to maintain asic self%preservation tactics. If this is not done, theyac2uire the 8elentless trait.$hen firing upon droids, you must eat the droids armour roll to have any effect. ?o#ever, any rollthat eats the armour roll #ill "ill, rather than #ound the droid.

    EIGE$hen an elusive unit is fired upon, they may fall ac" These s2uads never need to >hec" 8esolve.

    FEA8EA s2uad #ith this trait is afraid of nothing, and ignores any 6orale Tests caused y Terrifying units orpsionic Terror.

    FE8nits #ith this trait are considered airorne at all times. They may move over any ostacles, and neverreceive any enefit from terrain.

    F8EHIEDEach fren+ied model receives 1 additional "ill roll in assault comat. This is cumulative #ith any otheradditional rolls otained.

    /EHE T855E8/T3s or /enetics are uilt to e soldiers from the ground up, including physical enhancements, mental

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    conditioning and even psionic manipulations in settings #here this is appropriate.The physical capailities of /T3s can e represented #ith appropriate traits. Due to their uni2ue mentalma"e up, /T3s have an e!treme disregard for their lives. For this reason, they only test morale if theyare ro"en AHD under fire.

    /55H/oons may not fire eyond close range, e!cept to return fire, and suffer a %1 penalty to all Fire Effectrolls.Their Armour 8ating suffers a %1 penalty as #ell. They may never 8ush.

    /8IED2uads #ith this trait >hec" 8esolve at one level higher than their uality level.

    /H/ ?5If moving to close assault an enemy, the unit may ignore the effects of eing Bunder fireC

    ?A8DEHEDThese troops ignore eing nder Fire until they suffer their first casualty, and may al#ays leave#ounded ehind.

    ?E85This trait may only e ta"en y a single figure. ?eroes al#ays hoot individually, even #hen attachedto another unit. $hen firing at close range, they may choose the target figure. They are also Fearless,hoc" Troops. Hon heroes suffer a %& penalty #hen firing at a ?ero.

    ?EITAHTnless the unit is #ithin 1*C of enemy troops or is eing fired upon, the unit must ta"e a uality test on1D #hen activated. If the unit fails, it may not act e!cept to move to cover if #ithin one move.

    ?IGE6IHDnits #ith this Trait are Fanatic and 8elentless #hen they activate #ithin 1&C of one of their mindcontrollers. This controller can e the s2uad leader or an independent figure. The controller alsoenefits from this trait.

    ?5 (ITE6)This trait can apply to #eapons and armour. A ?oly $eapon gains a J1 damage onus. ?oly Armouradds J& to their Armour 8ating. This onus is negated y their nholy counterpart (?oly Armourreceives no onus #hen targeted y an nholy $eapon, etc).

    ?This trait may only e applied to a single figure. 5nce per turn, any one unit may re%roll a failed>ommand 8esponse test.

    ?/EA huge model may fire a heavy #eapon #hile moving, ut suffers a %& penalty to fire effect. In close

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    assault, a huge model rolls < "ill rolls. If the opposing unit fails to destroy the huge model, it must fallac", even if it #on the assault.?uge models do not receive any enefits of cover.

    I/H58E AIHThe model may continue to move and fight if #ounded. Each activation, roll a die for every #ounded

    model. Each 1 indicates the model is removed as a casualty.

    IHFE>T$hen a figure is "illed in >lose Assault y a unit #ith this trait, there is a chance the victim mayecome infected. 8oll 1d. If the result is *J the figure is infected. The nature of the infection #ill especified y the scenario.

    IHFIT8ATI5HAfter initial deployment, this s2uad may ma"e an additional 8ush move efore the game starts. Inaddition, they chec" >oherency at one level higher than their uality level.

    IHFENIKEThe unit may not fire on a turn #here it moved.

    E/EHDThis trait may only e applied to a single figure. egends have oth ?ero and Gillain traits. egendsal#ays count as rolling a for >lose Assaults and hooting.

    6E>?AHIEDAn infantry unit #ith this trait is partnered #ith a transport vehicle at the start of the game. $hen theinfantry unit is activated, the designated vehicle may A5 e activated at the same time if it iscurrently #ithin 1&C of the infantry s2uad. Either unit must perform all of its actions first efore thesecond unit is activated.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    HI/?T GII5HThe unit may fire #ith no penalties out to a range of &'C

    H5 /8EHADEThe unit does not carry grenades and is su-ect to a %& penalty in assault comat.

    5KGI5 TA8/ETThe model may not hide, and may al#ays e targeted, regardless of the Target riority rules.

    8I6ITIGEnits that are significantly elo# the assumed tech level are su-ect to future%shoc". The first time aunit is attac"ed y a #eapon outside their technological level, the unit must pass a uality test or epinned.Additionally, primitive units may only roll 1D for Fire Effect #hen firing at a technologicallyadvanced unit. 5n the upside, they are immune to Intruders and similar forms of hac"ing, as they tendnot to have systems to hac".

    8E>5H8econ units gain J1C to their >oherency. In addition, they are automatically successful on one of theirdice #hen attempting to call for Indirect Artillery Fire. 5nly roll &d for their timing test and add onesuccess to the result.$hen ta"ing the cout action, a recon s2uad may deploy t#o figures #ithin t#ice coherency distanceinstead of the normal option.

    8E/EHE8ATEAny figure #ith this trait #ill automatically heal their #ound y remaining inactive during their ne!tturn.They cannot 6ove in any #ay, nor can they hoot or >lose Assault. At the end of their dormantactivation, they are fully healed.

    8EEHTETroops that are 8elentless ignore the effects of eing nder Fire or inned. They never enefit fromany form of cover, and #ill leave any casualties ehind #ithout giving it a second thought.

    8EIIEHTEach model that is 8esilient must e given a numer of 8esilience oints. $henever a B#oundC resultis inflicted on the model, one 8 is removed. $henever a B"illC result is inflicted on the model, & 8are removed.$hen reduced to ', the model is considered to e #ounded. $hen reduced elo# ', the model isconsidered to e "illed. 8 may never e regained.

    AGE2uads #ith this trait roll 1d for every hit they suffer. 5n a result of *J the hit is negated. Troops#earing po#ered armour only receive one save in assault comat.

    EF 8EAI8IH/

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    nits #ith this trait have een infused #ith tiny nano medics. During a 8ecover $ounded action, thesetroops can ma"e a recovery roll as if an aid team #as present, #ithout the need to form such teams.

    ?AOThis unit automatically fails one of their dice #hen testing morale. 5nly roll &d for their morale testand add one failure to the result.

    ?5>O T855hoc" Troops add J1 to all >lose Assaults.

    I>OA slic" model may only e engaged y & opponents in close comat. Thus against a unit of * models#ith this trait, you could not count more than 1' opponents for assault onus and "ill rolls.

    5$lo# units suffer a penalty of %&C to their ase movement rate.

    5$ FI8IH/lo# Firing units roll only 1d to determine Fire Effect if they moved this activation.

    TEAT?A unit #ith this aility al#ays succeeds #hen it goes into hiding (see ?idden 6ovement). There is nodie roll re2uired.

    $IFTThese units add J&C to their ase movement rate.

    TAHO ?HTE82uads #ith this trait are e2uipped #ith special e!plosives used to deal #ith enemy armoured vehicles.They gain J1 to their Herves >hec" and a J& mod #hen >lose Assaulting vehicles.

    TE>? 8EGE8EH>EIn superstitious cultures, technology may have ta"en the place of religion to a large e!tent. For soldierssteeped in such mysticism, a tan" or other #ar machine represents an icon of divine favour.uch troopers receive the Fearless and Krave traits #hen #ithin 1&C of a vehicle.?o#ever, #hen a vehicle is destroyed, all units #ithin 1&C must test morale on their ne!t activation,even if not ro"en.

    TE88IFIH/2uads #ith this trait #ill stri"e fear in the hearts of any unit neary. An enemy unit #hich activates#ithin C of a terrifying s2uad must ma"e an immediate 6orale Test.

    TI6IDThe unit must test uality to launch a close assault.

    T5/?2uads that are Tough gain a J1 onus to their Armour 8ating.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    H?5 (ITE6)This trait can apply to #eapons and armour. An nholy $eapon gains a J1 damage onus. nholyArmour adds J& to their Armour 8ating. This onus is negated y their ?oly counterpart (an nholy$eapon #ould not receive the damage onus #hen targeting ?oly Armour, etc).

    IHOp lin"ed troops are in constant communication #ith a remote head 2uarters feeding them attle fieldinformation, positional analysis and tactical advice. rovided the unit is in communications, thispermits the unit to ignore command response as long as the unit has no untreated #ounded.The unit may also ignore the target priority rules, as priority targets #ill e pointed out to them. Thisapplies as long as there are no enemy #ithin 1'C

    GIAIHThis trait may only e applied to a single figure. Any time a Gillain is "illed, leave the figure on thetale.It remains in this state for the remainder of this turn. During the ne!t turn, the o#ning player mayactivate this figure. 8oll 1d. If the result is *J the Gillain #as really only stunned. ?e clims ac" tohis feet and may return to attle immediately. If the result #as less than *, the Gillain is truly dead andis removed from the tale, never to e seen again. 5r #ill heS 7)

    $EAOThe unit suffers a %1 penalty to close assault.

    56KIEomies are 8elentless and Fanatics. nless the scenario dictates other#ise, they may never 8ush.They have poor vision, so they cannot hoot eyond close range, and all fire suffers a %& penalty.


    Any time a trac"ed, #al"ing or #heeled vehicle attempts to cross a patch of difficult ground (such asthic" #oods, deep streams or s#amps), it has a chance of getting ogged do#n.For every C moved through such terrain, these vehicles must ta"e a Kogging Test.

    1#ggi$g Tes&!This is a uality Test on &D

    For trac"ed and #al"ing vehicles, as long as one die e2uals or e!ceeds the level sho#n then the vehicledoes not og do#n and may continue moving. For #heeled vehicles, oth dice must pass or the vehicleogs do#n.

    If the test is failed the vehicle must stop in place. A vehicle can e freed y passing the same test at thestart of any future activation.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    8I6ITIGEThe vehicle may fire only one #eapon system each turn.

    I685GEDThe vehicle may fire one main #eapon and one machine gun or chain gun each turn.


    The vehicle may fire any t#o #eapon systems each turn. At standard speed, one machine gun or chaingun may e fired.

    ?E8 TE>?The vehicle may fire any #eapon systems each turn. If moving at standard speed, any one #eaponsystem may e fired.

    T8ATE>?Any #eapon systems may e fired each turn. If moving at standard speed, any t#o #eapon systemsmay e fired.

    DEFEHIGEIf completely stationary, any #eapon systems may e fired. If moving, one machine gun or chain gunmay e fired.

    >5E 58TIf moving at no faster than infantry speed (C), may fire any numer of machine guns, chain guns orBlightC versions of #eapons. 6ust e stationary to fire missiles or heavier #eapons, and only one perturn.

    Ar"#ur Ra&i$gsArmour ratings are assigned to each BfacingC of the vehicle. The facings are Front, ide and 8ear.

    Each can e assigned an armour rating to indicate the vehicles toughness, thic"ness and slope ofarmour, composition of armour and any additional defences present.Armour ratings generally range from * (light personnel carrier vulnerale to most anti vehicle fire) upto 1' (for a heavy main attle tan"). 8atings could go as far as 11 ut almost no #eapons can penetratethat level of armour.



    A tan" capale of firing & machine guns and a main gun is manned y a >onscript cre# (target priorityof &). They could for e!ample, fire oth machine guns at the closest target (an enemy infantry s2uad)and fire the main gun at the second closest target (an enemy A>)

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Wea*#$ M#u$&i$gs$eapon systems can e attached to the vehicle in a numer of #ays.

    IHTEE!ternal mount operated y an e!ternal cre# man. %@ to hit if vehicle is under fire. Arc of fire [email protected]' degrees ut may e limited y model.

    Common for machine guns on top of a gun turret)

    ?$eapon is mounted in the hull itself. >an generally s#ivel #ithin a

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    5nce per turn, any one unit may re%roll a failed command response test. In addition, this vehicle canta"e a >ommand action to call for Indirect Artillery Fire.

    >KE8TAHOThe term cyertan" applies to any completely AI controlled vehicle, #hether a tan" or not. >yertan"systems are commonly installed in heavy tan"s and #al"ers. uch vehicles are occasionally "no#n as

    ogres, for arcane reasons.A cyertan" vehicle is completely immune to any morale effects. Additionally, any cre# casualty isinstead considered a Bsystems hitC.A cyertan" can sustain & system hits #ithout suffering any loss of activity. A third hit causes thesystems to shut do#n.>yertan"s may not e used for transport of infantry.

    EE>T85HI> >5HTE86EA8EE>6s can e fitted to vehicles to negate the effectiveness of advanced targeting systems. As such, avehicle e2uipped #ith an Advanced Targeting ystem receives no enefit from that system if the targetis e2uipped #ith E>6.

    EHE8/ >8EEHThe vehicle may deflect any incoming shot on a dice roll of *J.

    F58$A8D 5KE8GE8The vehicle is e2uipped #ith special sighting and communications gear lin"ed to an artillery unit. Thisvehicle can ta"e a >ommand action to call for Indirect Artillery Fire.

    F8A/IEThe vehicle is particularly susceptile to damage #hether due to flimsy design or vulneralecomponents.If the armour is penetrated, a fragile vehicle is al#ays counted as eing "noc"ed out.

    I685GED $EA5H >5HT85An improved #eapons control system allo#s a single cre# to fire t#o #eapons instead of the single#eapon normally allo#ed.

    ;6 ;ET6ay e fitted only to #al"ers. Instead of moving and firing normally, the #al"er may -ump up to 1'C,clearing ostacles up to C in height. The -ump may not end #ithin &C of enemy troops.

    6EDEGA>The vehicle and cre# are e2uipped to handle and transport casualties. $hen in contact #ith an infantrys2uad #ith casualties the vehicle may ta"e a recover #ounded action as if it had t#o aid teams. 2uadsmay leave #ounded #ith a 6edevac vehicle #ithout affecting their resolve.

    6IHE >EA8IH/If moving into contact #ith a mine, the mine is disarmed #ith no harm to the vehicle.

    8EA>TIGE A8658


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    E!plosives placed on the outside armour #ill disrupt the energy of anti%tan" #eapons such as roc"etsand missiles. Gehicles e2uipped #ith reactive armour may deflect any such hits on a D roll of ?A8/EDThe vehicle adds Jautious and tandard movement rates.

    HDE8 5$E8EDThe vehicle suffers a autious and tandard movement rates.

    8KAH $A8FA8E OITThe vehicle has een designed or modified to perform #ithin uran environments. It has the samearmour rating for the front, sides and rear, as #ell as the top and underside of the vehicle.

    $EA5H TAKIIE8Gehicles #ith staili+ed main #eapons may fire #hen moving at standard speeds. All other modifiersapply as usual.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    The Appendices mostly concern themselves #ith ho# games are set up and prepared. $hile this advicegoes for anything in FAD, it goes doule here. Do H5T feel li"e you have to use anything in thissection.For players that #ant a complete game e!perience, #ith rules for setting up the scenario, electing theirforces and resolving the game, these rules can assist.If you prefer using an army you have put together on the fly, creating victory conditions yourself or -ustseeing #hat happens, please do as you are most comfortale #ith.

    The Kasic force creation gives a fairly 2uic" #ay to roll up a human platoon #ith relatively standard#eaponry. The Advanced force creation is a much more involved system using a system of playerdetermined priorities, as #ell as random rolls.Finally #e also provide a fully fledged points system for calculating the value of any given unit.


    FAD includes multiple #ays to uild an army. The Kasic Force system is a 2uic" #ay to set up aplayale force.

    Hote that this system #ill very fe# options availale under the rules. It is intended to generatefairly regular human forces #ith reasonale variations, for use in 2uic" pic"%up games. It is also notdesigned to produce perfectly alanced forces. 8eal attles are rarely even affairs.

    This system is aimed at creating forces for a human centred, modern day or near future attleground.Kut donQt feel confined y the terms used. A Bgrenade launcherC can -ust as easily e a Bphoton lasterCor BiocannonC. Feel free to alter the names of the #eapons generated to get the game you #ant to play.

    Pa#$s! layers ne# to FAD should start #ith a single platoon each. 6ore e!perienced gamers caneasily handle t#o. If the scenario has already een chosen, and there is a definite Battac"erC andBdefenderC, #e recommend giving the attac"er one additional platoon.

    The numer of s2uads in a platoon varies y nation and time period, and platoons are not al#aysoperating at full strength any#ay. This means that platoons have a variale numer of s2uads. For eachplatoon in your force, roll 1d on the follo#ing tale7



    FAD ta"es great pains in providing a BreadyC e!perience, meaning you can use these rules to set up ande!ecute a game. $hile the preparation methods included herein can e time consuming, they alsoprovide a complete e!perience. In most cases, players are li"ely to reuse units et#een games,drastically reducing the amount of preparation re2uired.The use of inde! cards, a noteoo", spreadsheet or a similar system is recommended to "eep trac" ofunit information et#een games.

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  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Wea*#$s!The ma"e%up of asic s2uad #eapons #ill also vary et#een nations, ut #ithin a force, #illusually remain constant.Each player rolls 1d on the follo#ing tale to determine the asic s2uad #eapons for A s2uads inyour force.

    PLATOON 1ASIC WEAPONS1%& o# Tech 8ifles

    @%< Assault >arines

    *% Assault 8ifles

    All memers of the s2uad receive the #eapon rolled, e!cept one. That individual carries the s2uadsupport #eapon. To determine the nature of this #eapon for each s2uad in your force, roll 1d on thefollo#ing tale7


    1 Flame thro#er&%< 2uad Automatic $eapon

    *% /renade auncher

    C#""a$% S)ua%s7 Each platoon comes #ith a command s2uad. This s2uad consists of one platoonleader, and three regular soldiers. These s2uads are automatically considered to e 8egular, teady, and#earing ight Armour, and armed #ith the same asic #eapons as regular s2uads (ut no support#eapons).

    Re.ie77 Ky no#, oth players have formed the core of their forces. They "no# the numer of platoons

    involved, the numer of s2uads in those platoons, the strengths of the s2uads, their characteristics, andtheir #eapons. All die rolls have een in the open, since this is the sort of intel that any force #ould"no# aout their enemy.

    Kut from this point on, the selections should e made in private, and only revealed at the end. It is no#time to customi+e your forcesR

    Varia&i#$s7 Each player is allo#ed to choose one of the follo#ing variations and apply it to their force7

    Assault Troops7 All s2uads replace their asic #eapons #ith u machine /uns, and receive the AssaultTroops trait.

    Energy 8eapons+Any numer of s2uads may s#ap one support #eapon for a lasma 8ifle.0eavy Rifles7 5ne asic s2uad can replace all #eapons carried (including support #eapons) #ith /auss8ifles.0uman 8ave+All of your asic s2uads may trade in their support #eapon for t#o additional regularsoldiers.1mproved Command7 All of your command s2uads receive & additional soldiers, and are issued heavyarmour.


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  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Li"i&a&i#$s7 layers must no# choose one limitation per platoon. Hote that you cannot choose alimitation for a platoon that directly affects an enhancement (for e!ample, you cannot select ndertrength if you pic"ed 6anpo#er as an enhancement).

    1nfle2ible+ 2uad >oherency is no# &C regardless of individual 2uality ratings.

    1ne2perienced7 Decrease the uality evel of t#o s2uads y 1 level.Militia7 5ne s2uad is do#ngraded to 8ale, and #ears no armour.No 9renades+All s2uads receive a & penalty to close assault rolls.!horter Range7 All s2uad asic #eapons receive a range penalty of !1.nder 9unned+8emove one support #eapon from any t#o s2uads.nder !trength+8emove one soldier from each asic s2uad.8ar 8eary+The 8esolve for t#o s2uads is reduced y 1 level.

    Grea&er Varie&- Rue! layers #ho #ant even more variety #ith their forces may use the follo#ingrules7


    O*&i#$ : U$2$#7$ Res#.eInstead of assigning resolve levels to units efore the game, players can instead roll to determine theresolve level for each unit, the first time the unit ta"es casualties.

    O*&i#$ : S)ua% Lea%ers

    E!perience in #ar pays dividends on the attlefield. 8oll 1d for each s2uad leader. Ifthe result is a 1 or & the leader is Bine!periencedC, and the s2uad suffers a 1 penalty to 6orale Tests. Ifa @ or < the leader is Be!periencedC and receives no onus or penalty. If a * or the leader is a

    BveteranC, and the s2uad earns a J1 onus to 6orale Tests.

    O*&i#$ : Hea.- Wea*#$sIf the ?eavy $eapons advanced rule is used, each player receives one heavy #eapons unit per platoon.8oll 1d per platoon. If the result is a 1 or &, the #eapon is a ight Auto >annon, if a @ or hain /un, if a * or , the #eapon is a ?eavy 6achine gun.

    O*&i#$ : Ar&ier- Su**#r&If the Indirect Artillery Fire advanced rule is used, each player receives one off oard artillery unit. Ifthe scenario has een chosen, and there is a definite Battac"erC and BdefenderC, the attac"er receivesone additional unit. 8oll 1d. If the result is a 1 or &, the #eapon is a ight 6ortar, if a @ or annon, if a * or , the #eapon is a 6edium >annon.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules




    The follo#ing force generation system allo#s players to customi+e the #ay in #hich their force is

    randomly generated. Through the use of a uni2ue Force riority system, players #ill assign points toeach of si! separate categories. Depending on the numer of points allocated to a category, a priorityrating #ill e otained. This rating #ill influence the outcome of the force eing generated.

    The final result should e a force that is strong in some areas, #ea" in others. 5pposing forcesgenerated in this manner should e ale to face one another #ith a roughly e2ual chance of victory,arring a string of luc"y or unluc"y die rolls during generation.

    Asolute alance, ho#ever, can never e achieved, nor should it e e!pected. If one force is oviouslyoutclassed y another, the players may agree to allo# the #ea"er force to simply generate a ne# one,or perhaps choose their mission (if the scenario generation rules are eing used) rather than generate it.

    This system #as designed to create human forces for a generic near future setting, and assumes that anumer of the more common advanced rules are eing used. layers are encouraged to modify thissystem to suit their o#n needs regarding settings, miniatures, and rules usage.

    In a game #ith multiple platoons, players may apply the initial results to all platoons in their force, orcreate each platoon individually.


    Each player receives L Force riority points to allocate as they #ish to the categories elo#. Thenumer of points spent #ill determine the priority rating for that category.

    Manpo-er This determines oth the numer of troopers in a s2uad and the numer of s2uads in aplatoon.Fire%po#er This determines the types of #eaponry availale.9ear This determines the armour and specialist e2uipment availale.!upport This determines the types of support #eapons and artillery availale.Training This determines the uality rating of the troops, and the availaility of troops #ith specifictraits and s"ills.Aggression This determines the 8esolve ratings of the troops, and the availaility of troops #ithspecific traits.

    In addition, some categories #ill offer players a chance to otain specific onuses. $hen this occurs,players ta"e a uantity Test y rolling the numer of dice sho#n elo#, ased on the riority evel forthat category. Each result of *J is a success.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Pri#ri&- FP P#i$&s (T %ice

    Top @ *D

    ?igh &

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Aggressi#$7 8oll 1d only once to determine the 8esolve for all s2uads in the platoon. As an option, aplayer may elect to roll individually for each s2uad, ut they must declare this prior to rolling.2uad 8esolve

    Pri#ri&- Ou&c#"eTop 1 steady, &% determined

    ?igh 1%@ steady, haracters..

    Ta"e another uantity Test. Each result of *J allo#s you to improve the E!perience rating of a s2uadleader y one level. Hote that a s2uad leader may receive more than one increase if desired. Ky default,each s2uad leader starts #ith an Ine!perienced rating. ee 2uad eaders on page 11 for details.


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    O*&i#$ : Her#ic C,arac&ers

    8oll @d only one time for your entire force. For each result of *J the force #ill gain one independentcharacter. They can have the same #eapon and armour as any s2uad in the force. They are consideredleaders #ith an E!perienced leadership rating. They have the Agile trait. In addition, roll 1d todetermine their special nature7


    1 & Gillain

    @ < ?ero

    * egend

    O*&i#$ : Psi#$ics

    8oll 1d per platoon. If the result is *J one memer of that platoon is a sionic.

    Assign this aility to any figure. They #ill start the game #ith @ strength points. To determine theirAptitude roll 1d and consult the tale elo#7


    1 & 6arginal

    @ < >ompetent

    * E!pert

    O*&i#$ : N#& Li2e Us

    For those #ishing to try something different, the follo#ing rules #ill help turn an other#ise typicalhuman army into something BHot li"e us.C8oll 1d on oth tales elo# to determine the nature of your force. These traits #ill apply to everyfigure in your force.

    1 Aerial, #ift 1 Aggressive

    & Agile, Infiltrate & Kerser"

    @ Elusive, tealth @ ha"y

    < Fanatic, elf 8epairing < lo#* hoc" Troops, Tough * lo# Firing

    8egenerate, Terrifying 8elentless

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules




    The follo#ing system #ill allo# players to assign point values to any troops used in the game. Thesepoint values can e used y those players #ho prefer to uild forces from a set numer of points ratherthan generating forces randomly, or ased on a specific scenario.

    lease e advised that this points system aims at eing comprehensive and accurate, and as a result cane rather involved. ou #ill need a calculator. $e recommend preparing unit cards, for e!ample usinginde! cards or a spreadsheet, to prevent re%calculating unit costs each game.

    INFANTRYThis process is relatively easy. tarting #ith a asic figure cost, add and sutract points ased on thearmour, #eapons carried, personalities, and (for the s2uad leader) any leadership mods desired. Thenmultiply the cost ased on a comination of uality and 8esolve to arrive at the final point value forthat soldier.

    Do this for a s2uad leader, a asic trooper, and a support #eapons trooper, and you no# have thecomponents to uild a s2uad.

    S&ar&i$g C#s&7 The asic foot trooper has a cost of < points. For this, you get a soldier #earing ightArmour and armed #ith an Assault 8ifle. ?e is of >onscript uality, #ith teady 8esolve.lease not that every trooper in a s2uad should have the same uality and 8esolve.

    Ar"#ur7 Ad-ust the point cost y the value sho#n, ased on the type of armour desired7


    Hone %1

    Improvised %'.*

    ight '

    cout J'.*

    Improved J1

    ?eavy J&

    Kattle Dress [email protected]

    torm uit [email protected]



    All ase costs are indicated as J or (plus or minus) costs. These are all added up or sutracted eforeAH multipliers are applied to the cost.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    Kreach [email protected]*

    ight o#er J

    Kio 6ech Enhancement uit J*

    ?eavy o#er JL

    Da++le uits J& #orn in addition to armour.

    >old uits J'.* #orn in addition to armour.

    elf%ealing J'.&* #orn in addition to armour.

    1asic Wea*#$7 For regular troopers, ad-ust the point cost y the value sho#n per trooper.


    narmed %1.''

    o# Tech 8ifles %'.&*

    u machine /uns %'.*

    Assault >arines %'.&*

    ?igh Tech 8ifles J'.&*

    aser rifles J'.*

    /auss 8ifles J1.''

    Klasters J1.''

    tunners %'.&*

    in"ed #eapons J1.'' in addition to ase #eapon cost. (o#ered armour only)

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    1asic 7ea*#$ &rai&s!6odify the small arms cost as follo#s if any #eapon traits are assigned7

    Terror J'.*

    imited upply %'.&*

    >umersome %'.&*

    ong 8ange Targeting J'.&*

    Auto%Target J'.&*

    Su**#r& Wea*#$!For support troopers, ad-ust the point cost y the value sho#n, ased on the type ofs2uad support #eapon carried7


    Assault hotgun J1 Fusion /un [email protected]

    Flame thro#er [email protected] 6issile 8ac" J

    8ifle /renades J1 A6A$ [email protected]


    [email protected] 6ar"sman3s $eapon J1

    2uad Automatic$eapon

    [email protected] >omat Klade J1

    lasma 8ifle J< 6ulti%/un Jomm3s J&

    Onife Fighter J1

    uc"y J1

    6edic J&

    6otivator J&

    harpshooter [email protected]

    Trigger ?appy J1

    Tech J1

    Intruder J&

    For#ard 5server J1

    (uai&- ; Res#.e7 The cost of the trooper is no# multiplied y a factor that ta"es into considerationthe uality level desired, #hich is then ad-usted y the 8esolve7


    8ale !'.=

    >onscript !1.'

    8egular [email protected]

    Elite !1.


    8eluctant %'.*

    ncertain %'[email protected]

    teady '.'

    Determined J'[email protected]

    The end result of this calculation ecomes the Kase >ost for the trooper eing determined. In most

    cases this is also the Final >ost, ut not al#ays (see the sections on nit Ailities and nit Traits).


    E+a"*e 3 Reguar Tr##*er

    A soldier #earing Improved Armour, armed #ith an Assault 8ifle and #ith no ersonalities #ill have afinal ase cost of * points. 6ultiply this y [email protected] (8egular uality J teady 8esolve) and the final costfor this trooper is .* points.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules



    o#ered Armour s2uads are uilt li"e normal infantry s2uads, using the rules aove, ut have a fe#more options and considerations availale.>osts are per figure.


    E+a"*e 3 Su**#r& Tr##*er

    A soldier #earing Improved Armour, armed #ith a 2uad Automatic $eapon, #ith the Trigger ?appyersonality #ill have a final ase cost of L points. 6ultiply this y [email protected] (8egular uality J teady8esolve) and the final cost for this support trooper is 11.= points.

    E+a"*e 3 1ui%i$g a S)ua%

    imply add together the Final >osts for a s2uad leader, each regular trooper, and each trooper armed#ith support #eapons to determine the final s2uad cost.sing the previous e!amples to uild #ith, a s2uad #ith eight memers (1 leader e2uipped the same ashis men, regular troopers and 1 support trooper) #ould cost *=.& points.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    P#7ere% Ar"#ur u*gra%es!

    oldier Koys ight [email protected]

    oldier Koys ?eavy J*

    cout [email protected]

    Assault J*

    /unner [email protected]

    >ommand [email protected]

    6ar"sman J1*

    hielded J

    >rude %&


    tarting >ost7 A heavy #eapons team has a cost of @ points per cre# memer. This team may rangefrom a lone armed figure to a large cre# servicing a separate #eapon, depending on the miniaturesused. For this starting cost you get a team #earing ight Armour, armed #ith Assault 8ifles, of>onscript uality, and #ith teady 8esolve.

    lease note that there are no po#ered armour heavy #eapon teams. Instead, po#ered armour figuresmay e e2uipped #ith heavy #eapons from the elo# list, in place of a small arm or support #eapon.In effect, the po#ered armour trooper is in effect a one man #eapons team.

    If a #eapons team is part of a normal infantry s2uad, they must have the same uality, 8esolve and allTraits must e the same. >alculate the cost of team and s2uad separately, then add them together.

    Ad-ust this cost for armour and personalities -ust as you #ould for a regular trooper. $eapon teams donot generally carry any support #eapons. For #eaponry though, ad-ust the cost y the value sho#n,ased on the #eapon they #ill serve7


    Auto >annon ight J1' 8ail /un ight J&'

    Auto >annon ?eavy J1 8ail /un ?eavy [email protected]'

    Keam ight J1' 8/ J*

    Keam ?eavy J1 /rav /un J1'

    >annon ight J1' Herve Disruptor J1

    >annon 6edium J1 $e >annon ight J

    >annon ?eavy J&& $e >annon 6edium J1&


  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    >hain /un ight J $e >annon ?eavy J1

    >hain /un ?eavy J1' >onversion /un J&'

    /eneral urpose 6/ J* Anti 6ateriel 8ifle J

    ?eavy 6/ J Kurst auncher ight J1&

    6issile auncher J1' Kurst auncher ?eavy J&'

    6ortar ight J1' 6ortar ?eavy J1

    >ryotasis nit J* no #eapon traits possile.Despite not eing #eapons, >ryotasis units are uilt li"e#eapon teams.


    If any traits are applied to the heavy #eapon, modify the cost as indicated elo#.

    Terror J

    imited upply %@

    >umersome Already Includes

    6an ortale J*

    /atling [email protected] auto cannon, 6/3s only

    ?ypertech >ooling ystem J& auto cannon, 6/3s

    [email protected] Keam #eapons

    ong 8ange Targeting [email protected]

    Auto%Target J1

    tatic %onscriptuality, #ith teady 8esolve.Ad-ust this cost for armour and personalities -ust as you #ould for a regular trooper. Then multiply thease cost of the sniper y a factor that includes uality and 8esolve, -ust as you #ould for a regulartrooper.

    COMMUNICATIONSThe asic cost of a unit gives it 8ating 1 communication devices. A unit may upgrade its comm3s for &points per level. This cost is per unit. nits #ithout any communications e2uipment can do#ngrade fora & point saving.

    GADGETS< GEAR< A1ILITIESome units #ill have additional e2uipment and speciali+ed training. >osts e!pressed as a J are added tothe ase cost of the unit, efore any multipliers are applied.


    Field ro-ector J1' per pro-ector

    Drones J per unit

    8egen nit J1'

    noopers J per unit

    ?ay#ire Emitter J* per unit;ammers [email protected] per rating per unit. 6a! rating @.

    Thermal Imaging J1 per figure.

    hort 8ange $arp J1' per unit

    /uarded ystems J* per unit


    6ed%Kot J=

    upply%Kot J

    hield%Kot J1'

    pot%Ko J

    /un%Kot J* (plus cost of #eapon)

    pgrade to ?over%Kot J&GRENADES(cost is per unit, added to ase cost of entire unit efore multipliers)


    E+a"*e 3 S$i*erA sniper #earing Improved Armour, armed #ith a niper 8ifle, and no ersonalities #ill have a finalase cost of 1 points. 6ultiply this y 1. (Elite uality J teady 8esolve) and the final cost for thesniper is &*. points.

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    ?a+e [email protected]

    Defensive J&

    Improvised >harges J&

    enetrator J

    ;in! [email protected]

    8a+or field [email protected]


    Drop Troops [email protected]

    ;et ac"s !1.*

    Hote7 #hen granting several enefits to a single unit, multiply the Kase >ost of the unit y the firstenefit, then that results y the ne!t, and so on.


    ome units have traits. As #ith unit ailities, multiply the Kase >ost of the entire unit y the factorsho#n elo#7


    Aerial [email protected] ? !1.&

    Aggressive !1.1 Ignore ain !1.&

    Agile !1.& Infect PP varies

    Assault Troops [email protected] Infiltration [email protected]

    Kerser" [email protected] Infle!ile !'.

    Kesto# Trait !1.< J cost of traits egend !&.'

    Krave !1.* 6echani+ed !1.&

    Kug ?unter !1.& Hight vision !1.1

    >autious !'.L Ho /renades !'.

    >omat Drugs !1.& 5vious Target !'.

    Dependent !1.1 rimitive !'.

    Detection !1.1 8econ [email protected]

    Droid Trooper [email protected] self preserving 8egenerate !1.&


    E+a"*e 3 Dr#* Tr##*s

    sing the s2uad from page *@ as an e!ample (#ith a Kase >ost of @.= points)M multiply this y [email protected](Drop Troops) and the final cost ecomes &.1 points)

  • 8/12/2019 FAD scifi wargames rules


    N1. self%less 8elentless !1.&

    Elusive !1.< 8esilient !1.& for & 8. J'.& pere!tra 8

    Engineer !1.& ave !1.


    This is any e2uipment that is not carried y a specific unit.

    ?55 85;E>T58 J* per device. 5nly if scenario generator is used.


    ARMOUR!To design a vehicle, the first step is to determine the armour values of the vehicle. These are selectedseparately for front, side and rear armour, and the three values are added together to find the total costof armour.

    Armour ratings elo# @ essentially mean a soft s"in vehicle, and #ould e penetrated y any hit #ithan anti%tan" factor.

    Armour rating Front ide 8ear

    @ * @ &

    < * @



    nits #ith multiple traits #ill see their points cost increase drastically. This is intentional ut can causesome issues if one side is heavy on traits and the opposition is not. To prevent players having a ade!perience, it may e #orth discussing #hether yo