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FAD News June 2014

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  • !Summer Safety Sun Safety: One in five Americans develop skin cancer. Learning about sun safety and dangers of sun beds is the key to reducing future health problems.!

    Water Safety: About 3,000 people die a year due to drowning, Many receive care for nonfatal submersion injuries. Be careful!!

    Heat Stoke: Heat illness includes a range of disorders that result when your body is exposed to more heat than it can handle. Stay cool and keep hydrated.!

    Impaired Driving: In 2010, 10,300 deaths in crashes involving a driver with a BAC of .08 or higher. If you are drinking, do not drive. If you plan to drink, designate a non-drinking driver.!

    Fireworks Safety: Summer brings picnics, BBQs, parades and fireworks. Summer also brings an increase in injuries from backyard grills, bonfires and fireworks. Stay safe!

    Summer Happenings!

    June 19-21 - Deaf Camp Out in Mio, Michigan - 810 515 8136 VP

    June 23-25/26-28 Extreme Ropes Camp for Deaf & Kodas - susan.lundy@deafcan.org

    June 28 - MSDAA Picnic at Elms Park, Swartz Creek - labudde1265@yahoo.com

    June 28 - FAD Softball Fundraiser at FAD

    July 12-18 World Deaf Golf Championships in Traverse City, MI - usa@ciss.org

    July 15 - FDSC Summer Picnic

    July 19 - FAD Annual Field Day

    July 25th RID Region III Conference - Lansing Michigan - dmitre-


    August 16th - FAD Old Fashioned Picnic (Members Only - contact Mel Frelich)

    August 29 - Sept 1 Deaf Arts Festival at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak -


    FAD NewsVolume 57 issue 6! June 2014

  • 2014 FAD OFFICERS President: Marty Galentine !

    Vice President: Ron Lanning!Secretary: Peter Virtue!

    Treasurer: Tom Vasas!Dues Collector: Steve Gemmill!

    BOARD OF GOVERNORS Ron Smith, Mark Woodworth, !Leslie Webber, Alan Haywood, !

    Jason Riedel, Jerry Beaver, - alt.!AUDITORS

    Ron Deschler (1st year)!Tim Hudkins (2nd year)!BAR COMMITTEE

    Harry Lewis & Alan Haywood!!FAD AUX OFFICERS President: Laura LaBudde!

    Vice President: Tammy Delikta!Secretary: Cindy Blackman!

    Treasurer: Andrea Riedel!AUX BOARD OF GOVERNORS

    Micki Lewis!Jules Chapko, Florida Wiclie!

    Hallie Smith, Miranda Kennedy!AUDITORS

    Miranda Kennedy (1st year)!Bonnie Jo Gemmill (2nd year)!

    Darlene Lewis (3rd year)!aux@fadarrows.org!!

    FAD NEWS STAFF Stevie Naeyaert, Editor!

    Tom Vasas & Peg Frelich, Subscriptions !Bonnie Jo Gemmill, Proofreader!

    Janet Deschler, FDSC News!!FAD NEWS is published once a month by the Flint Association of the Deaf, Inc. 4156

    Holiday Drive!Flint Michigan 48507!

    fad@fadarrows.org!!VP: 810 515 8545 www.fadarrows.org

    Kitchen Duties

    June 6th Euchre - Theresa Lov


    !June 14th Luck

    y 52 - NEED WORKERS!!

    !June 27th FAD

    Meeting - NEED WORKER


    !Contact Tamm

    y Delikta

    VP# 810 515 8394 to work in J



    FAD News Fees Sponsors link on website and flyers in FAD News - $50 a year!FAD News E-Mail Subscriptions FREE at www.fadarrows.org!Snail Mail Subscriptions Members $10/Non-Members $12

    DRIVERS!! Please drive SLOW when visiting CAC in the back of the MSD Campus. There are kids around and MSD !Campus Security says CAC visitors are

    driving way too fast!

    Volume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014

  • 4th AnnualVolume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014

  • Volume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014

  • Volume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014

  • Volume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014

  • Big apologies! !Cindy and Jim Bayer did not go to San Francisco for a ball game. They actually went to the Dodgers, San Diego Padres and Angels games. Cindy received a surprise from Jim for her birthday. beautiful pearl necklace. !!GLDBA Committee was Linda Scripter, not Laura.!!Alana Rich, daughter of past members, Ella and Allen Rich, has serious complications from diabetes and surgery. Thoughts and prayers go to her and her family for a speedy recovery. !Sheila and Bob Wollard became great grandparents for the seventh time. Son, Albert, is the new grandpa. Sheila said its possible great grand baby number 8 is on the way.!!Johnnie Hughes's great-granddaughter had a baby named Jayceon Garrison. He was born on February 4th. This makes her a great-great-grandmother! Johnnie is also proud of her grandson Tyrone Hibble who graduated from Georgia State University with Master of Business on May 11th.!!While Christina Mofield and Bob Alward were in Escanaba for Christines

    moms funeral around Easter time, they noticed a pick up truck sitting on Lake Michigan covered with ice.!They later discovered it was a fundraising project. A motor-less and seatless truck!was placed on frozen Lake Michigan. People then made bets on date and time the truck will sink. Whoever made the closest guess wins $500.00 A fundraising idea for FAD?!!Shirley Fritz was beaming with pride after witnessing her grandsons graduation from boot camp in California. Damien is now a member of the Marines.!!Emily and Ed VanBuskirk hosted a tailgate shower for their son, Eric and his fiancee, Taylor. They are getting married on July 12th. !!Dallas and Margaret Barker hosted a deaf coee hour with Senator Jim Ananich , State Representatives Pam Farsi and Dale Phelps. Many people were there to share their concerns for the PA 204 Deaf Persons Interpreter Act. We need this law and its rules and regulations to pass to protect ourselves and our future deaf children. !!If you havent yet, be sure to call your legislators and ask that they support passing the rules of PA 204 as written.

    You can find your legislators contact information online.!!Lucky 52 now has a Theme Competition. Mays theme was Detroit Tigers. Winners were Bobby Lewis & his fiance. 2nd place winners were Diana & Frank Hardenburgh. Theme for June Lucky 52 will be Golf and July Lucky 52 will be Flags. !!Flint Deaf Senior Citizens will have their annual Picnic on July 17th. The color theme will be red, white and blue. Wear patriotic colors! !!Fad will host 4th annual Old Fashioned picnic and 95 years as an organization on August 16th. See advertisement for more info. !!Big thanks to Mel Frelich, Mark Naeyaert, Ron Smith, Marty Galentine, Terry Misener, Fred Johnson and Leslie Webber for their help in upgrading the bar.!!The RID Region III Conference Committee is happy to announce that members of the community can purchase tickets to attend the Banquet and Entertainment on July 25, 2014 from 7p-11p in Lansing. Don't miss out on a fabulous evening! Contact Debi Mitre-Smith for more information. dmitre-smith@madonna.edu.

    Tidbits from FAD MembersVolume 57 issue 6! June 2014

  • Flint Association of the Deaf 4156 Holiday Drive Flint, MI 48507

    S M T W Th F SS M T W Th F S

    FAD Calendar now online! www.tockify.com/fadarrows

    1 2 3

    FDSC 11 am

    4 5

    MSD Grad


    Euchre 6:30


    8 9 10 11 12 13

    Aux Mtg 7pm

    14 Lucky 52


    Theme: Golf

    15 16 17

    FDSC 11 am

    18 19 20 21

    22 23 24 25 26 27

    FAD Mtg 8pm


    Softball Party at


    29 30

    June 2014

    Deaf Campout Mio


    FDSC 11 am

    2 3 4 5

    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Lucky 52


    Theme: Flags

    13 14 15

    FDSC Picnic 11 am

    16 17 18 19



    20 21 22 23 24 25 26

    27 28 29 30 31

    July 2014

    Volume 57 issue 6 ! June 2014