FAD News July 2014

FAD News July 2014
FAD News July 2014
FAD News July 2014
FAD News July 2014
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FAD News July 2014

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  • FAD News4th Annual

    Volume 57 issue 7! July 2014

  • 2014 FAD OFFICERS President: Marty Galentine !

    Vice President: Ron Lanning!Secretary: Peter Virtue!

    Treasurer: Tom Vasas!Dues Collector: Steve Gemmill!

    BOARD OF GOVERNORS Ron Smith, Mark Woodworth, !Leslie Webber, Alan Haywood, !

    Jason Riedel, Jerry Beaver, - alt.!AUDITORS

    Ron Deschler (1st year)!Tim Hudkins (2nd year)!BAR COMMITTEE

    Harry Lewis & Alan Haywood!!FAD AUX OFFICERS President: Laura LaBudde!

    Vice President: Tammy Delikta!Secretary: Cindy Blackman!

    Treasurer: Andrea Riedel!AUX BOARD OF GOVERNORS

    Micki Lewis!Jules Chapko, Florida Wicli!

    Hallie Smith, Miranda Kennedy!AUDITORS

    Miranda Kennedy (1st year)!Bonnie Jo Gemmill (2nd year)!

    Darlene Lewis (3rd year)!aux@fadarrows.org!!

    FAD NEWS STAFF Stevie Naeyaert, Editor!

    Tom Vasas & Peg Frelich, Subscriptions !Bonnie Jo Gemmill, Proofreader!

    Janet Deschler, FDSC News!!FAD NEWS is published once a month by the Flint Association of the Deaf, Inc. 4156

    Holiday Drive!Flint Michigan 48507!

    fad@fadarrows.org!!VP: 810 515 8545 www.fadarrows.org

    FAD News Fees Sponsors link on website and flyers in FAD News - $50 a year!FAD News E-Mail Subscriptions FREE at www.fadarrows.org!Snail Mail Subscriptions Members $10/Non-Members $12


    The legislators are home for the


    recess, but they're not sitting at

    home. And

    we're not sitting at home either.

    Here are this

    summer's hot activities. Share w

    ith your

    organizations and get involved in

    events near

    you.!Deaf Coees:

    Senator Rick Jo

    nes with hostess Elizabeth

    Bystrycki on June 27 at 3 pm

    Representative Charles Smiley w

    ith hosts Tim

    & Katie Johnston (date TBA)

    Representative Mike Shirkey (hos

    tess needed)

    Representative Tom Hooker (hos

    tess needed)

    Representative Wayne Schmidt w

    ith hosts

    Roger & Hanni Adams (date TBA


    !Fourth of July P


    March with Representative Mart

    in Howrylak in

    Clawson at 10:00 am

    March with Senator Dave Robert

    son in Fenton

    at 10:00 am!Let me know if y

    ou have any questions, or if

    you want to have a coee in ano

    ther area. You

    make a dierence!


    Carmen Johnso

    n, ASL Lobbyist

    586 495-8377

    Volume 57 issue 7 ! July 2014

  • Graduation time! !Congratulations are in order for the graduates -KJ Wears, Tammy Deliktas daughter, from MSD; Allie Liquia, granddaughter of Bonnie Liquia; Lexi Gemmill, granddaughter of Bonnie Jo and Steve, both graduated from Swartz Creek High School; Ricky Terwilliger, grandson of Cindy and Jim Bayer, graduated from Bellview High School; Kalin Leonard, grandson of Maureen and David, son of Cathy, graduated from Johannesburg/Lewiston High School. KJ is going to Mott Community College, Allie to UMFlint, Lexi to Central Michigan University and Kalin to Northern Michigan University. !!Micki Lewis spent almost a week with her sister, Cherish and her family, in Florida. They went to Orlando Disneyland and the beach during her stay. She had a great time with her nieces and nephew.!!Tina and Dave Takacs drove to Indiana to visit with their youngest son, Michael Steven, for a weekend.It had been awhile since they saw him and were thrilled with the visit.!!MSD's Drama show spearheaded by Jules

    Chapko and Emily VanBuskirk was a success. The name of the play was Once Upon A Crime. Performers included Tyler, son of Stevie and Mark Naeyaert, and Hannah & Kaitlin, daughters of Tammy Delitka.!!Singing Hands lead by Micki Lewis and her assistant, Noel was a sold out! Their theme this year was "Hakuna Matata". The songs included were the popular songs from Disney.!!Tim Hudkins won best dressed golfer for the month of June during the Lucky 52. He even had golf shoes on!!!Steve Whittington, former member, was in town for three weeks. He helped his mother do some maintenance work around her house and visited friends in the meantime.!!Cindy Blackman and Florida Wickliff went toBrooklyn, New York for a wedding. They rented an apartment through AirBnB for the short time they were there and loved it. They spent 4 days touring Manhattan, New York City, Times Square and Central Park. They loved their time there and can't wait to go back! There is so much more to see.!!

    Tom Inches' son, Tracy and his friend, Lucinda are back in Michigan. They are job hunting and family and friends are thrilled to have them back.!!There were many members who went to Mio for the Snowmobile Campout and had a great time!! Lucky winners from FAD were Bonnie Jo Gemmill, Stevie Naeyaert and Brenda Lanning. Many enjoyed tubing, kayaking, and rafting down the beautiful Au Sable River.!!Bobby Lewis and his fiance, Tina, got married in Las Vegas and had their wedding reception at FAD a week after their wedding. Congratulations!!!Tyler Naeyaert, son of Stevie and Mark Naeyaert will be spending most of July in Aspen, Colorado at the Aspen Camp for the Deaf. While there he will go white water rafting and go on a week long hiking trip up a mountain.!!

    Family and friends of Mike Gelaude (Peggy Gelaude) is

    hosting a Memorial Golf Event on July 19th at 1pm. $125 per person to play. !!

    For more information, go to http://www.golfoutingpro.com/


    Tidbits from FAD MembersVolume 57 issue 7 ! July 2014

  • Flint Association of the Deaf 4156 Holiday Drive Flint, MI 48507

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    Volume 57 issue 7 ! July 2014