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Faculty Progressive Dialogues. Monday, September 10, 2007 3:00-4:30 pm Thursday, September 13, 2007 8:30-10:00 am. What is Your Vision for USF Sarasota-Manatee?. Vision Statement. We have a vision to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Faculty Progressive Dialogues

  • Faculty Progressive DialoguesMonday, September 10, 20073:00-4:30 pm

    Thursday, September 13, 20078:30-10:00 am

  • What is Your Vision for USF Sarasota-Manatee?

  • Vision Statement

    We have a vision to:1. Develop centers of excellence that focus on the distinguishing characteristics of our high-quality program offerings. 2. Be widely recognized in the South Tampa Bay region as the premier source of quality programs for intellectual growth, meaningful research results and an array of educational opportunities. 3. Focus on students, creating a home campus environment in a university town atmosphere, conducive to social, cultural and leadership development as well as intellectual growth. 4. Align educational programs with the community's business, economic and workforce needs. 5. Create an organizational culture that represents pre-eminent service quality.

  • What is Our Competition?

  • Ten Schools in AnalysisArgosy UniversityEckerd CollegeEverglades UniversityFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityHodges UniversityKeiser UniversitySt. Petersburg CollegeUniversity of PhoenixUniversity of TampaWebster University

  • Their Competitive AdvantagesEXPERIENTIAL LEARNING CREDIT

    Eckerd external evaluation & portfolioFlorida Gulf Coast Criminal Justice & in other areas through credit-by-examHodges portfolioSt. Petersburg College written/oral exams, portfolio, interview assessment, project/product evaluationPhoenix portfolio & essay

    Keiser Does not offer experiential learning credit, but does consider credit taken at a non-accredited school on a course-by-course basis.

  • Their Competitive Advantages ON-LINE DEGREESArgosy Bachelors in psychologyMasters: MBA & educational/instructional leadershipEvergladesBachelors: business admin, applied management, alternative medicine, aviation tech/mgt, construction mgt, professional aviation.Masters: business admin, aviation scienceFlorida Gulf CoastBachelors (upper division): criminal justice, health sciences, legal studies, nursingMasters: MBA, MPA, health science, geriatric recreational therapy, curriculum & instruction with concentration in educational techOther for K-12 Teachers: ESOL, Reading EndorsementHodgesBachelors: interdisciplinary studies, paralegal studies, health informationMasters: criminal justice, information systems mgt, management & public administrationKeiserBachelors: all programs they offer, including accounting, except elementary educationSt. Petersburg CollegeBachelors of Applied Science in: banking, dental hygiene, international business, nursing, public safety administration, technology mgt, veterinary technologyPhoenixAll offered, except masters of arts in education

  • Their Competitive AdvantagesDEGREE OFFERINGSAreas we have chosen not to offerScienceHealth careFine arts (Art, Music, Theater)Areas for considerationBankingCommunicationConstruction managementGerontologySecondary Education: English, math, social studiesSpanishSports management

  • Florida Gulf Coast University*On-Line ProgramsCriminal JusticeNursingMBAReading Endorsement for K-12 TeachersESOL for K-12 Teachers

    Experiential Learning CreditB.S. in Criminal JusticeOther courses by taking oral, written, or practical examinations.

    *8% of our incoming students considered attending FGCU

  • Face-to-Face Degree Programs

  • On-line Degree Programs

  • Our Competitive Advantages*Accreditation Adult Learner ProgramCost & Financial AidFaculty QualityHybrid CoursesResources of Larger SystemRetention

    *That our competitors claim as their own!

  • Tuition Costs Per Credit HourUndergraduate

  • Tuition Costs Per Credit HourGraduate

  • Undergraduate Retention RateSource: NCES College Opportunities Online Locator

  • Where Do Our Students Live?

  • Fall 2006

  • How Are We Growing?

  • Fall Enrollment: Student Credit Hours (SCH)+18%-11%

  • Resident Faculty Growth

  • Complete Programs

  • What Do Our Students Want?

  • Fall 2007 New Student Questionnaire94% undergraduates responded (n=375)Younger students tend to prefer morning classesOlder students tend to prefer evening classes

    2 types of undergraduates to serve nowYounger students represent our opportunity for growthWe have classroom availability in the morning. Younger students more likely to be full-time students. Younger students more likely to be working part-time.

  • TIME-OF-DAY PREFERENCE*UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY-ALL AGES. Could choose more than one time.*From Fall 2007 New Student Questionnaire administered at Orientations.

  • TIME-OF-DAY PREFERENCE*by College/School*From Fall 2007 New Student Questionnaire administered at Orientations.

  • TIME OF DAY PREFERENCE*by Age Range12 students did not specify their age.Under 25 Morning Preferred25+ Evening Preferred, but Morning an option for 27-33%.

  • Red Hot & Ice Blue MCC Class Times Percentage of Headcount Enrolled in Courses - Fall 2005

  • Manatee Community College: Our Main FeederFall 2007: 75% of our new students previously attended MCC MCCs MOST popular class time is morning.MCCs LEAST popular class time is evening.

  • When Did We Provide Classes & How Did Our Students Respond?

  • We had fewer morning classes in Fall 2007 but enrollments were higher.

    We had more evening classes and enrollments were higher.

    We had more afternoon classes but enrollments were about the same.

    Fall 2006 to Fall 2007 ComparisonNumber of Courses vs. SCH

  • USF Sarasota-Manatee Number of Courses by Time-of-Day**Undergraduate courses only.-6%+12%+5%

  • USF Sarasota-Manatee SCH Earned by Time-of-Day**Undergraduate courses only.+7%+

  • Process of Strategic Implementation

    USF S-M Strategic Plan2006-11 http://www.sarasota.usf.edu/ir/Strategic_Plan/Goals.htm

    USF Strategic Plan2007-12 http://www.ods.usf.edu/Plans/Strategic/goals-strategies.htm

    USF S-M Alignment & Implementation2007-08http://www.sarasota.usf.edu/ir/Strategic_Plan/Update_2007-08.htm

  • Progressive DialoguesFACULTY ISSUESGoal 1: Learner-Centered CampusFaculty Professional Development & WorkloadGoal 2: Learning TechnologyDistance Learning BoardGoal 3: Niche Programming & Program GrowthAcademic ProgramsGoal 6: Assessing & Developing the Standards for Enhanced Campus Autonomy That Could Support Criteria for Campus AccreditationCampus-Wide Assessment

    2 types of students we are serving. Older students still prefer evening courses. Younger students prefer morning courses. If we are going to grow, we need to attract more younger students by offering more morning classes.